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  1. Lamb isn't a staple of the American diet. I'll occasionally bone out a leg of lamb or throw a rack on the grill, and every time I eat good lamb I always wonder why I don't do lamb more often. Finding good lamb in most meat markets is nigh on impossible. I think one of the problems is that not much lamb is raised in The States.
  2. There is a reason I choose to live smack dab in the middle of the country. I live way under my means. My brother lives in north east OK and has a home that exceeds the last "mansion" and he paid way under $10 mil for it. What those guys call closets I call phone booths. Not one of my exes could make do with anything that small ! Closets!? HA!
  3. Beautiful cook! Congrats on a sumptuous cook.
  4. Not a CostCo here in Oklahoma (YET!) because of our antiquated liquor laws. Can't get refrigerated high point beer, wines, etc. However, we just passed laws that will allow for such in the near future. I've heard of Kirkland from friends in TX. Looking forward to trying it soon.
  5. And that Sports Fans is exactly why KK has the reputation it has! People ask me how I could spend so much on a cooker and I tell them "Two Words: Dennis Linkletter." That ends the conversation. Thanks, Dennis!
  6. Right now I'm a KK purist and frankly, I see no reason to expand my horizons. What do I gain by putting something else on my patio? After all, our KKs are unparalleled at baking, smoking, roasting, grilling, low & slow, etc. It would just be a duplication of function for me to add another piece of equipment to my patio.
  7. I don't know why, but I never even thought of a jerked butt. Maybe it's time I start being a bit more unconventional and think a little outside the box. Let's do a little fusion cuisine! Sounds like a good idea. Thanks, @Garvinque!
  8. I'll just take the Vodka, thanks! I've lost 40 pounds in the past year and all that grease just means I'll have to let my belt out another notch! No thanks! Hey, anyone here try a relatively new vodka ... Tito's vodka. It's out of Austin, TX and is one of the best values in vodka I've run across. You can spend a lot more for Great Goose, etc. but when all is said and done, Tito's is my go to. Cheers!
  9. Ditto. +1^^
  10. Good stuff, @primeats.
  11. BIG Bro and Little Sis? I really do like that pebble finish. CONGRATS!
  12. Yeah! What he said ^.
  13. Sounds mighty toast.y! Thanks!
  14. Yeah, @Shuley, what he said! +1^ Beautiful cooks.
  15. Mickey Dee's has the best fries in the universe followed by Arby's seasoned curly fries. Hands down the top two. After those guys is a long way down to 3rd place.