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  1. That's some kind of good looking cook. Very nicely done.
  2. Droolicious! Kudos to ya. Nice spin.
  3. Very nice KK and it looks great in its new home. Congrats! Now let's light some lump, get that KK conditioned with a nice burn in, and get some meat on the grill and on the table. Again, welcome to the KK family and congrats.
  4. @erik6bd - for a first time, that's one wonderful looking pizza! Kudos and congrats to you and your KK.
  5. Very nice cook. Kudos and congrats on what had to have been a very tasty spin.
  6. Aussie - I'd say you've just aout got this short rib gig figured out. Wonderful looking ribs! Kudos.
  7. @MacKenzie - dadgummit Girl! Talk aout your gourmet burger! Talk about droolicious. You don't have to cook another thing and I'll nominate you for the Burger Hall of Fame. Just a gorgeous cook! @tony b - hey Buddy ... Did ya notice? NO KETCHUP up above!
  8. I don't eat that much beef in a week! Beautiful cook. Very nicely done.
  9. @tony b - you ain't alone in that boat! I'm right there pulling oars with you.
  10. @ckreef - gorgeous plate of food there. Very nicely done! Kudos. And HFD to ya.
  11. I'm willing to bet that Steve Raichlen is dedicate to one thing above all others ... Steve Raichlen. Hs created one impressive franchise from smoke.
  12. That's an awesome cook. Congrats!
  13. Beautiful cooks, Men. Kudos!
  14. This should be good. That's more meat in one place than I eat in a week!
  15. @MacKenzie - another beautiful cook. Kudos, kudos, kudos to ya! I do have one question: ketchup? In just about every photo! Are you an heir to the Heinz fortune?