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  1. Howdy KKers! Below are just a couple of simple, quick cooks done recently here at ChezChef. Hope you enjoy! First are spiral cut jalapeƱo sausages and hot links smother in chili, cheese, a few chopped onions, garnished with Fritos, Franks Hot Sauce, and LandShark Lager. Wonderful meal. Now for the healthy choice, hamburger steak, salad, Brussels Sprouts, and last summer's corn. A sumptuous repast each and every one! Thanks for looking and enjoy your weekend!
  2. @dstr8 here I am on a diet to lose my last 20#s and you post this? Dang your dinghies anyway! What a feast and all I can do is look. Kind like going to a strip bar! Beautiful pizza and wonderful dessert. Kudos to ya!
  3. @Pascalpro - - GORGEOUS cook! Kudos to ya.
  4. I'd call Dennis. He ships KKs to Australia all the time. In the alternative, I'd contact @Aussie Ora as suggested above. He lives there in Perth.
  5. +1^ and +1^^!
  6. Uhhhh .... every time I climb these hills it costs me BIG time! What's the take home price? Can I just lease? How about a short-term rental agreement?
  7. I especially LOVE that heavy set long haired bearded guy! Gives all us big boys hope! Let the imbibing begin!
  8. Octopus used to be one of my favorites until a buddy of mine had an octopus for a pet. Those octopi are some kind of SMART! I got kind of attached to the little guy. Now I can't eat 'em. Beautiful cook, @Pascalpro! Kudos.
  9. @DennisLinkletter - It's now confirmed and undeniable - you are 24 Carat Crazy!
  10. And here I was thinking "How is he gonna pin and spin pizza on those OctoForks?" Great vid and even better pizzas.
  11. @GASMAN - now that's the way its done. Talk about bread done right! Kudos!
  12. @tony b - OUCH! I just gouged out BOTH eyes over one. You are one sick and twisted puppy! I think you've caught one too many wayward neutrinos over your career!
  13. Dennis - I thought it strange it couldn't get on here this morning (CST). Rest easy, nothing is bleeding, nothing is broken, and nobody's barfin'! All is good here this afternoon. Here's to ya!
  14. @GASMAN - That is a beautiful KK. What's its appellation?
  15. Yeah, I'd be interested in this. Thanks for posting it , Dennis. I'd really be interested in your opinion. Thanks in advance.