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  1. Cannot wait to try your smoked salmon this weekend , excellent post . 

  2. Are you OK? You disappeared from the AR forum and it doesn't seem you've been active over here either. I just hope you're all right.

    If there's anything I can do to help just let me know.

    BTW, I'm awaiting delivery on a 22 Hi-Cap in Autumn Nebula/ Metallic Bronze Tweed. I never would have found out about the KK cookers if not for you, Sensei. ;)

    Best to you and yours, hope to hear from you soon!


  3. @xraydoc - nice cook and nice pic of the basket splitter. Kudos! Ibe found that since the arrival of my 19" TT, Beauty!, I haven't used the basket splitter in my KK BB 32, TheBeast, nearly as much. But you're absolutely correct, the splitter is a nice addition to the KK lineup.
  4. Thanks! This i gotta try.
  5. Even the gods like the KK! Nice pics. Care to post the Recipe for your souflima?
  6. Susan - beautifully done cook! I love fish (sans the head!) and this fills the bill. And you simply can't beat Acorn Squash cooked any where and any way. Great cook all around! Kudos to you!
  7. Very nice cook! All the best in the kg challenge. Love that money shot. Kudos!
  8. Wilbur! Great to see you back! Beautiful cooks you've posted here. Thanks and kudos! And I love your assessment … the KK makes every type of cook so easily reproducible. Nice post, my Friemd! Kudos.
  9. Tony, those pics are stunning and the cook is even better! Kudos on a great cook, my Friend! Big time Canuck Kudos!
  10. @HalfSmoke - congrats on the new arrival! She's a beauty and looks great on your patio. That's a really nice setting. Follow the instructions Dennis gives you and you'll be fine with those loose tiles. I'm looking forward to pics of your first cook. Again, congrats!
  11. @Stile88 - wow! What's not to like on this cook? Bacon … check. Sirloin … check. Eggplant … check. Done on the KK … check! What's not to like? Kudos to you.
  12. @MacKenzie - that tomato galette is killer! Absolutely beautiful. Kudos to you! Guinness is my favorite beer ... Smooth, great flavor, wonderful aftertaste. Can't be beat in my estimation. What amazes me is how lush and verdant your world is. Stunning pics. Down here in OKC were mostly brown and dry this time of year.
  13. Ditto! Black to match TheBeast.
  14. What about trying the new smoke generator? That piece of equipment has a very low airflow and that's what you're looking for. That should keep the fire under control if anything will. Let us know how things turn out!
  15. Shelly - that's one very fine butt cook. Great money shot and I love the tots idea! Very nicely done. Kudos!