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  1. @tekobo - hot dignity dawg! Welcome to the KK Family! You are gonna absolutely LOVE your KKs.
  2. This is gonna be good.
  3. @MacKenzie - your buns are beautiful. Those are really a work of beauty. And the pics of the finished Sammie's are stunning. How do you keep doing this so dadgummed well? Even the deer up at your place wanna know!
  4. Great plated shot if I ever saw one! Please pass the Tri-Tip ...
  5. Charles - that is a really delicious looking cook. I'd eat that 6 nights a week ... Every night but pizza night.
  6. @MacKenzie - WOWZERS! Simply WOWZERS.
  7. @Aussie Ora - that a very fine looking meal. I love cheek meat and that's looking like some kind of sumptuous feast. Kudos to ya.
  8. @MacKenzie & @Syzygies those are some downright clever and funny pics! Thanks for the smiles.
  9. That's some kind of gorgeous setup! Tough duty you've got to pull!
  10. Charles - I absolutely LOVE Savannah. Beautiful town. I've thought about moving there several times. That and Flagstaff.
  11. BINGO! So right you are, Charles. And as you so rightly put it, a kids movie for adults.
  12. @MacKenzie, @ckreef - you guys are killing me here. Just killing me. Just like Smalls. Now, name the movie!
  13. As my son says about HALO jumps ... "I don't have to enjoy or even like 'em. I just have to do 'em.". That's a BIG first step!
  14. @Tucker - I'm with @5698k on this one. Get the lift gate. I'd hate to see someone or something get hurt. It's just cheap insurance. Looking forward to seeing your new KK safe and sound in its new digs.
  15. +1^! Very nice write up. This article just tells all of us here what we already knew. Now let the orders start coming in.