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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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12 hours ago, Dono said:

Looks amazing!!  Going to have to try the Shio Koji. Seen you mention it several times before. How long do you marinade?     

Depends on the protein. Steaks I typically do for 2 - 3 hours. Chicken for an hour. It's a great tenderizer and flavor boost - liquid umami. But, back off the salt in the rest of the preparation. 

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Bone in Duroc pork chop. Rubbed with olive oil, Peruvian pink salt, black pepper, garlic powder, brown sugar & rosemary 

roasted baby potatoes with olive oil, truffle salt, black pepper & thyme 

Iowa sweet corn w/butter, salt & pepper 

roasted baby carrots with Momofoku savory seasoning 

served with balsamic Pinot noir red wine reduction sauce 





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Pizza night. Two large pizzas with pepperoni, canadian bacon, mushrooms and black olives, please.445679254_KKPizza1.thumb.jpg.b58fb4f01992f65002817586af18387e.jpg





I make 14" x 16" pizzas because it is the maximum size my baking steel will take. KK at 500°F, steel at 480°F, 6.5 minutes per pizza.

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@Troble - killin' me with that "Iowa" corn! I won't see the "real thing" until late July. 

Great cooks, everyone! Ya'll been busy! Can't compete with last night's cook - wings & fries. Half the wings were done Jerk, other half were Buffalo. Both marinated with Shio Koji mixed with the seasonings. Made a foil pouch for the pimento wood chips, leaves and seeds (aka allspice). Main grate, 325F.


Air fryer fries, sprayed with duck fat and dusted with Chippie salt. Green crack sauce on the side. Carrots, celery stix and blue cheese dressing to round it out. Served with my hoppy red ale.


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Great minds think alike, Tony.  default_icon_biggrin.gif I had wings and air fries last evening also. Used Frank's Hot Sauce.

Love wings…I probably eat them once a week whether I cook them or not.

My go to at home wing sauce is simmered Franks Hot, with some kerrygold butter, and a spoon full of chili paste. Definitely recommend. Franks and butter for the flavor the chili paste for a slight afterburn.

I usually eyeball the measurements, but can take a more scientific approach to share next time.

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Cheated and used Trader Joe's pre-marinated Carne Asada for last night's tacos. Skewered, on the main grate, post oak & mesquite chunks, 350F.



Plated, with tortillas, green crack sauce/guacamole mash-up, salsa and cheese. (Ended up not using the sour cream.) Cuban black beans and rice on the side. 


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Overnight Boston butt with smoke from hickory chunks in the big msr pot. My inventory of lump was pretty bad - ended up using the bigger pieces of jealous devil and royal oak with one piece of coco char. Now i have a few pounds of jealous devil and royal oak smalls and 2 or 3 pieces of coco char left.

Regardless, the butt was tasty! So tender it feel apart when i picked it up.




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