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Homemade BBQ! (Pic heavy)

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This will be seriously pic heavy. The challenge over on the guru is to do a homemade BBQ.....in which every component has to be homemade.  So this was a three day process and culminated in a very successful get together last evening.  It was my last big cook before school starts again. So after shopping at 4 different stores I got to starting on my rubs for pork butt and brisket.

Pork butt rub ingredients 


Brisket rub ingredients 


You may notice that I included Tasmanian pepper berries (in ample quantities) for both rubs...this was new for me. 20180809_164424.thumb.jpg.730ffae77b66c3657b2a7d84471cc73e.jpg

After preparing the rubs, I got to trimming and then seasoning the pork butt and brisket and then these babies went into the fridge for 24 hours20180810_090312.thumb.jpg.a02456bb820e411706fc2a70eed2ed40.jpg

Meanwhile after cleaning up I started boiling potatoes for my recently invented potato salad recipe. 20180810_094149.thumb.jpg.dcd1af17eda1ab2a1a1141f477be5220.jpg

I assembled the ingredients... It is a highly herbaceous and garlic tasting potato salad, the perfect counterpart to a variety of grilled meats.  I also sub a part of the mayo for extra virgin olive oil to make it that much lighter 20180810_102148.thumb.jpg.ff598b59e8ed1fa647d4e1212fbbfcf4.jpg

After all the chopping and the potatoes are done, I cooled the potatoes with ice then sliced them and mixed them together. 20180810_110755.thumb.jpg.b0e0cba95dcf35b4d8bef28a0ea7327c.jpg it looks like regular potato salad, but trust me the taste is dramatically different.  This was the thing that I got the most accolades for (well.... Other than the cake.  But I invented the potatoes and Stella parks invented the cake) 

Then I set to making a simple coleslaw dressing. 20180810_113949.thumb.jpg.1e475f72c4fccc2264907dac0154caf9.jpg


Then I fed my sourdough started the night before.... And lit my KK so it would be ready to go first thing in the morning. 20180811_071540.thumb.jpg.74a139876ff8dc4bebea099cdcb57fbd.jpg

In the morning I got my smoke pot going with two large chunks of pecan and then added my meat to the main grate.  I was thrilled that they both fit without having to use multiple grates... And shocked. 20180811_075216.thumb.jpg.bf8734d35867b4dd70361c3f57306dc4.jpg

Then I got to working on my sauces(and feeding the starter more) I started with brisket sauce which is from Aaron  Franklin's book and in my opinion is the only sauce that is acceptable on brisket.  All others are just gross. The only change is that I used liquid amino in place of worchestershire which I had done before and knew turned out great. 20180811_080806.thumb.jpg.065ef37c12a24f571f7e126403affe13.jpg

After all ingredients were measured out you basically stir together and simmer just to meld the flavors. 20180811_081604.thumb.jpg.9d3c5c9965a49795b28aa34313c324a9.jpg

Then I got to making the hot vinegar sauce which is my preferred style of sauce for pulled pork. 20180811_081958.thumb.jpg.a9d35b1eccba975d6030555dd4b887cd.jpg

This sauce is just mixed, not cooked. 20180811_083349.thumb.jpg.fc6fa08be8b91c9e738198e594aa0f86.jpg

Then I got to the cake.  OK small fact you will all thank me for.  I got Bravetart by Stella parks for mothers day and have been cooking through it this summer A LOT. I have made cherry pie, blueberry pie, key lime pie, lemon meringue pie, dark chocolate cream pie, yellow cake with fudge frosting cake, this chocolate cake (and the English muffins) and they have all be fabulous, I mean really really good.  I'm not so into the gimmicky things like homemade oreos and I made her scones and chocolate chops cookies that were pretty good, but not like her cakes and pies.  Her cakes and pies are so flippen good. If you like to bake sweets you NEED this book. I have made this chocolate cake 3 times this summer. Anyway, you start with the frosting which is the easiest thing here are the ingredients20180811_083754.thumb.jpg.5ea0c43b6808fddac0a5339b2a88a5cf.jpg

Yes, heavy cream and milk Chocolate.  Heat up the heavy cream while chopping the chocolate.  I used the food processer and saved my fingers this time. 20180811_084145.thumb.jpg.0293fde3b31caf69a30107a498772b55.jpg

Then pour the super hot cream over the chocolate in the mixing bowl of a stand mixer and stir until smooth. Then cover and stick in the fridge... You will whip it after about 6 hrs in the fridge 


Then I assembled the rest of the ingredients for the cake itself. 


I had to go flip the meats at 2 hrs. Cooking time (oh yeah and spraying every 30 minutes) so I neglected to take the would be riveting pictures of the cake batter.... But I have proof I flipped my meats! 


And then of course, here are the cakes cooling


Then I got to slicing and grating for the coleslaw 



Of course I didn't toss with the dressing until about an hour before party time. 


Meanwhile I was working on my sourdough bread. Assembled all the ingredients. 20180811_114825.thumb.jpg.3833da6fce5d1b7f8d960ebde49fb768.jpgand set for the first rise. 20180811_115958.thumb.jpg.5ac53256ff4c05ac13d359292792a4d3.jpg

Then I went about checking the meat and got ready to wrap20180811_120453.thumb.jpg.2589ea5e3d7d901f73baff35538be0fa.jpg

This was actually the first time I tried this method with pork butt to see if I could get more consistency in cooking time. (Spoiler alert... It worked) 20180811_120849.thumb.jpg.98d185bae92d1802f726be8493efb004.jpg

Then put the bread into the loaf pans and waited for their second rise. 20180811_130906.thumb.jpg.abf51c648543a9643ff7a5afecfcff0e.jpg

After about an hour we were ready to bake. 20180811_142643.thumb.jpg.0f116204717033c5b603129131e638f0.jpg

I don't think I can over state hoe much my family loves this bread. 20180811_151225.thumb.jpg.2a6b42830a20b2ba04fe93de77a53231.jpg

Then I got to whipping the frosting for the chocolate cake. 20180811_160641.thumb.jpg.56e8cfba72b76a75b71112f24162c254.jpg

And decorating.... Yes I know my cake decorating skills aren't the best but I'm practicing and it tastes amazing. 20180811_161736.thumb.jpg.94be4685817d88e7bdcb36af5ddc5d2c.jpg

Very shortly before guests arrived I planned to do something different.  Well different for me... I'm ALMOST a non drinker, but I decided to batch make a cocktail that made use of all of the beautiful limes on my tree and found a great recipe. 20180811_152111.thumb.jpg.6635d4e125432e823832c10fa1a9923e.jpg

Into the blender.. After this was blended more water and a cup and a half of vodka was added. This was a super good summer drink, and I'd definitely make it for gatherings again. 20180811_154018.thumb.jpg.5a27d7921e7dce3d5ae62c840854feac.jpg20180812_122017.thumb.jpg.aed283390ffa73abf65d65f6811fc6f1.jpg

After guests arrived, had a drink and a few snacks. 

Then I unveiled the pulled pork.



Shredded the pork, sliced the brisket and set everything out. 


This was my plate with each meat with the appropriate sauce. This was a huge success.  I didn't take pics of the cake sliced (I was busy and sticky!) but everyone was raving.  One of my friends texted me as soon as she got home that it was the best food of her life LOL.  I wouldn't go that far but it was a dang good dinner.  I probably wouldnt have done another big BBQ right before going back to work if it weren't for this challenge, so it was good to have friends and family over again. 20180811_180427.thumb.jpg.5b323d29ea490aa2323aaa95ab3f2fa1.jpg

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13 hours ago, tony b said:

Hey, Jon!! :hello2:

Where have you been hiding? 

Hey Tony!!!  Don't want to steal this thread..................so quickly...........I'm a boat nut.  Have been my whole life.  Bought a 1960 Chris-Craft Roamer (barn find) and have been working on rebuilding it this summer. Ton of work but a labor of love. 


Not much time to put together a wonderful meal like Shuley :).  That was FANTASTIC!!!!!

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8 hours ago, Jon B. said:

Hey Tony!!!  Don't want to steal this thread..................so quickly...........I'm a boat nut.  Have been my whole life.  Bought a 1960 Chris-Craft Roamer (barn find) and have been working on rebuilding it this summer. Ton of work but a labor of love. 


Not much time to put together a wonderful meal like Shuley :).  That was FANTASTIC!!!!!

But ya still gotta eat?? 

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On 8/13/2018 at 3:48 AM, Bruce Pearson said:

Shuley what a feast! Everything looks deeeelicious. That potato salad really looks yummy. Nice bunch of photos, thanks for posting.

Thank you!  8 am particularly proud of my potato salad recipe because it is a Shuley original! 

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