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My 2019 Garden

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Bruce, as promised here are some pixs of my garden.


One radish plant went to blossom and this is the blossom.


Lettuce that was munched on by a groundhog.


Not much left of the peas after two groundhogs had them for lunch. I live trapped them and they are now no longer anywhere near my garden.


Global basil.


Garlic chives are in blossoms at the moment.


Peppers are starting to form.


Plum tomatoes. Should be a good harvest.


Potatoe plants are in bloom.


Rhubarb. :) 


Pansies in the corner.


Tomatoes are in cages, onions to the right.


Yellow beans are going to be ready very soon. I love those things. :)


Wax begonia in the ODK. 


This was the garden a few short weeks ago.





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We've already harvested 100 pounds of tomatoes this year, well ahead of our usual pace. Warmer nights in the early growing season.

Shown: A quarter of this haul, cooling after 30 seconds in boiling water to loosen skins. We slice, salt, partially dehydrate (to 25% or so by weight, still "gooshy"), and freeze in vacuum pouches. We haven't opened a can of tomatoes in 15 years; when I need coconut milk for cooking Thai, the hardest part is finding the can opener.

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21 hours ago, tony b said:

I'm having a terrible year for tomatoes. Plants were stunted due to all the rain and cooler weather we had in May. Most of the plants are barely over 2 ft tall and only a couple have started producing fruits. 

What a shame Tony.  At 2 ft you might be in range to try a trick that I use to beat blight.  You give up on expecting a long season and instead cut the leading shoot off, two leaf axils above the first set of flowers you get.  That means you get just one bunch of tomatoes per plant but they are forced to form early and quickly because you have stopped the plant putting energy into leaves.   Helps if you have a short season too. 

There is another trick that I have not tried: making new plants from the little shoots that you pinch out between the leaf axils.  Should accelerate new plant production if you want another round of plants before the season's end.  Might try it myself.  

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