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    Going to post WFO money shots in this thread. If anybody has a WFO/pizza oven please feel free to post your money shots if you just don't feel like doing a complete cook thread. Had a long day cooking in the WFO yesterday. (while low-n-slow in the KK's). Had the WFO fired up for about 8 hours.  3 pizzas followed by artisan bread and then buns (for the low-n-slow pulled pork). The pizzas needed a slightly higher temp (and no more using pizza screens). The bread and buns needed a slightly lower temperature.   For a grand finale Mrs skreef put together a lasagna in my new terracotta pan from Portugal. I love this pan. It has a nice glazed interior. Lasagne went on covered in foil. WFO was cruising along at 400* with a hot bed of coals. Rotated at the 20 minute mark. At 40 minutes it was looking right but it needed the top browned. Threw a couple of small logs on the coals. Waited about 5 minutes for the smoke to stop. At this point I had some nice flames dancing across the dome. Mrs skreef reached in there (with a welding glove) and pulled off the foil. 3 minutes later a nice browned top. Sure glad I didn't wait for my 5 minute timer to go off. This instant broiler action worked really well. Next time I'll set the timer for 2 minutes. 
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    Got another one of my "bucket list" cooks under my belt yesterday. Based on the results this won't be the last time for this one. 3 bone, 6 lb, beef short rib plate. 1/2 load of Coco Car, full smoke pot of coffee splits. Had the rib plate on the cool side over a drip pan. Used the hot side for the sides and other cooks throughout the day. I've gotten to the point that I score anything with a fat layer. Just like the way it holds the rub and renders with a little more crispy bits. Kept the KK thermo at about 300F. The cool side grate temp was right at 250. Took about 7 hrs to hit 200F on the slab. The rub/crust was parts 2 parts brown sugar, 1 part salt, 1 part black pepper then 1/2 parts of onion powder, garlic powder and red pepper flake and 1 part of a good espresso grind coffee . Found come coffee syrup at Trader Joes. (you are probably seeing a theme here by now) This stuff is awesome! Rubbed the rib with the syrup then did a very heavy pack on the rub. Let it set for an hour before the cook. The Maui onions are in season now so had to do a version of Raichlen's from his Project Smoke recipe. At about hour 4 I added the top rack and put on some pit beans. Coffee Char Beef Short Ribs:
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    Peruvian style chicken on the OctoForks with a whole pineapple on traditional forks in the BB32. Seemed appropriate to spin the pineapple head with Dizzy Pig Pineapple Head. Get Spun!
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    Great pictures ckreef. Well, not quite money shots but my in laws built their own Pizza oven. It's huge! When we are around, they will make 12-15 pizzas for the family... yes big family. Below is a picture of the ciabatta they make in one batch. Also check out the Salami. 260kg from 2 pigs, a lot of effort and arguing resulted in 130kg of cured sausages and 60kg of cured pork. That was fun making that. The result was very tasty!
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    My friends know I love pork and regularly buy me piggy cards and ornaments. However, even The Husband thought I had gone a bit over the top when I told him I had bought a half pig in order to get pork shoulder for a Chicago Southside Thin. Here are the two boxes I picked up last Friday. Lots of chops and steaks for a summer BBQ, cheek to try to turn into guanciale and fat to turn into lardo. Bonus! We are now on a driving holiday in Italy and I succumbed to my bulk buying gene when I came upon this hoard. Tee hee. No, I did not buy the lot. Just one and they boned it out neatly so that we will have lovely proscuitto for pizza for months to come. And finally, a gratuitous Mangalitza photo for @tony b. I had wanted to try meat from one of these wooly pigs for a long time and pestered a Welsh farmer for a couple of years to get one sent to me in the post. It took us a whole day to process it and turn it into sausages, fat and joints for cooking. We liked it but not as much as the 55 day hung Middle White pig that we buy from another farmer so the only repeat is the blood sausage that they make with bits of fat and bacon. Pig with extra pig. Yum.
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    Going once, going twice...Sold! Dan great deal thank you so much. I’ll PM for details, and color this Bad Boy sold! Paul
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    In preparation of my new Big Bad 32 arriving, i done one of the final “farewell” cooks on my Saffire, it’s been a great Kamado but can’t wait to get the KK experience. I picked up some meaty ribs from Urban Griller when the BBQ team got together to cook a whole pig. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I confess I did not get my wife any flowers for Mother's Day last weekend but she liked this better. 2 inch thick rib eyes reverse seared on the BB32. First steaks I have cooked on the KK. Pretty basic, just Worcestershire sauce, sea salt and ground black pepper. Also served simply, with baked potato and fresh cantaloupe. Really hard to beat.
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    Did a brisket flat. Took almost twelve hours and it came out to be my best brisket yet. Crunchy candy like outside and super moist on inside.
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    Started the dough last night and allowed it to ferment in the fridge overnight. Sauce made with last summer's tomatoes, salami, onions, red sweet pepper, mushrooms, anise, fennel and spicy Monterrey Jack cheese- Added some Parmesan cheese. KK is heat soaked. Almost baked. Basil from my starter plants in the greenhouse.
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    Forgot the most important pic. Had a prime grade brisket for the first cook.
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    So Sunday my son, his coworker, and myself made the trek to Reno. Not too bad, about a four hour drive and well worth it. We meet Dan at his storage unit We brought a 20' plank and rolled the cooker up it into the back of my truck. No pics because all four of us were pushing, pulling, balancing, etc... But here's one of Dan and I loading the cabinet. This next pic will make Dennis cringe. I used the loader to get the KK out of the truck and on the patio. The cringe is because the cooker is only sitting on two feet. Haven't named her yet but here she is in it's new home next to the 16" KK.
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    Ubon's of Yazoo City - 6th place Whole Hog
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    Lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I’ve been baking bread and pizza for a few years now but had never tried baking a loaf in a Dutch oven, tonight that changed. Baked at 235c in the Kamado for 35 minutes with the lid on, and another 10 minutes to finish it off, not bad for a first attempt! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm just back from a terrific two weeks in Morocco, keen on new ideas for using my KK. Tangia is a specialty of Marrakech. The pot shown has a two quart volume, but is intended for only a half kilo of meat. The idea is that others will handle the pot, not knowing the contents, but trusting that the pot can be placed at an angle. For example, the top photo shows tangias being reheated over charcoal for serving, at stall 97 in Jemaa el-Fnaa square in the Marrakech medina. A typical recipe that fits nicely, if one isn't going to tip the pot shown (two quarts capacity), is: 4 cloves crushed garlic, 1/4 preserved lemon seeded and finely chopped, 1/2 tsp ginger, 1/2 tsp ground cumin, 1/4 tsp turmeric, pinch saffron, 1 Tb butter, 1 1/2 Tb olive oil, salt and pepper, 800g beef (chuck roast from the end that becomes rib eye?), 1/2 bunch tied cilantro, 3/4 cup water. Mix all but the cilantro and water, marinate in the fridge overnight (I vacuum packed), then add the rest and cook all day till melting and sauce reduced. One will surely need to adjust the water to one's technique. Tangia is traditionally made by men. The idea is that they own the pot (or they buy a new one for $2). A butcher that provides the beef or lamb will also include the rest of the recipe, in a matter of seconds. One then takes the pot to a bathhouse, where for 10 cents the person handling the bathhouse fire will also tend these pots in the ashes for the day. This is in the same spirit as the communal ovens I saw everywhere (and where I baked the bread from one of my classes), except at a lower temperature. My KK was still 200 F from last night's chicken. It was easy to add more lump charcoal in a pile against one side, set the guru to 275 F for now (to turn down once the pot heats), and leave this for tonight's dinner. In the footsteps of Dennis our spiritual leader, who teaches us by example the confidence to embrace life and see everything through to its logical conclusion, I'm signed up for pottery classes nearby in Concord, CA. If one isn't going to tip a tangia, one would prefer a modified form to use in a KK. There are many other shapes I'd need to commission if I didn't learn how to make them. Earthenware in the KK is a great way to invoke the holy trinity that birthed our species of food, clay, and fire. After learning partially glazed earthenware I hope to move to New Mexico mica clay, which is close to indestructible. This is the same clay as La Chamba pots, or Moroccan Souss tagines. The Pueblo people of New Mexico perfected this form of pottery, and the clay is available now.
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    Got of early yesterday had a rack of ribs that I got on Saturday was going to freeze them but luckily I did not have to. .scored the bottom and gave them a purple Crack mix ..then cleaned up the top ..sprinkled on some plow boys. .smoked over cherry looking good. .sliced .and plated . Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Tonight I tried out a new Trader Joe's pre-marinated meat - Chicken Shawarma Thighs. Folks, this one is a "keeper." On the grill, basket splitter, with a chunk of peach wood. Dome @ 375F. Served with pita pockets, homemade tzatziki sauce, red onion, red leaf lettuce, and purple crack seasoned diced cherry tomatoes.
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    @Aussie Ora, subliminal pusher?? I was stood in a shop in Padova kicking my heels while The Husband looked at grog and pasta, waiting to get to the next bar with yummy snacks when I saw this: Really? Vegemite AND Marmite in the heart of Italy? I think I need a drink...
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    Bizarrely, marmite has a role to play in my access to this beautiful lump of rump. The restaurant that served us the wonderful marmite butter also served mutton. My friend's teenage son said the mutton was "life changing" after he had eaten it. I asked the chef for his supplier's name. And so began a long saga. The supplier only sold to restaurants and his website said sales were "by invitation only". I badgered and begged and even threw in a bit of needle by telling him that I regularly buy from one of his main competitors. Eventually he gave in and has been supplying me with ever more wonderful old sheep for the last couple of years. When I asked for another sheep a few months ago he sent me a note about a scheme they have going to improve the welfare and sale value of old dairy cows. Once dairy cows become unproductive they rest and feed them a special diet for a further 7-8 months to get them in tip top condition and then sell the meat at a premium. Under normal circs I might have thought this was a wheeze to con me out of my money but I had seen the Netflix programme about steak which included the mad Spaniard who specifically breeds bulls/cows to an old age to deliver what they considered to be the best steak in the world. I was all in. The supplier managed to persuade me that I didn't need half of a 440kg cow and that I should try a rump first. Hung for 60 days, the aforesaid rump arrived last week. Here it is with most of the mould rubbed off and cut into steaks: I know the green from the ageing process looks off putting but I tell you, these are some of the best steaks I have ever seen or smelt. We ate some chopped up raw and had an off cut with chips for lunch yesterday. Both very very good. KK action tonight. Will report back.
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    Grilled some sweet Sriracha glazed jumbo shrimp, garlic bread, squash and carrots on Saturday. And some yogurt marinated lamb kabobs and bread on Sunday.
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    I’ve been off the forum for a while and decided to show y’all something: https://youtu.be/pd3P31eCmBI
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    Got a nice picanha from my local dodgy butcher . Gave it a trim. Them some dizzy. On it goes .looking good. It just melted yum . Outback kamado Bar and Grill