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    I think the neighbors were more excited than I was for the arrival of the KK the other day. I had told them I was going to low and slow some ribs in my own rub. The day after she gets in I did the burn all night. Ended up really getting to know my neighbors really well. Dozens of beers all around later we were listening to some classic rock. Apparently playing spoons where they are from ( Saskatchewan) in Canada is a huge thing so that’s what we ended up doing all night while burning my baby in. Went to bed 3:30 LOL Fast forward and I end up with two more racks of ribs, 8 pounds of wings, two backs of raw uncooked kielbasa, and two Frenched racks of lamb. The lamb and sausage were delivered too late for me to throw on. More on that later. For the ribs I made a home made rub. Same ingredients as my first coin on the chops I posted. To reiterate: Rub: garlic powder, onion powder, brown sugar, crushed fennel seed, cumin, paprika, black pepper, salt, red pepper flakes, mustard powder and celery salt Here we have the rub being mixed together. I’ve been cooking by taste my entire life. I wish I could give y’all some measurements but I emulate my mother in the kitchen and she always cooked to taste as well. All her recipes have been passed down through the generations. I used the Kharal (oval mortar and pestle) for the fennel seed and celery salt. There the rub is in its final form. There they are in all their glory. Off with the membrane! First layer of flavor is just garlic powder, salt, and black pepper. Once I rubbed some yellow mustard on the first layer of flavor, I generously applied my rub. Close up! My set up outside! Took the butcher block downstairs and set it up on my cart. While I was setting up with the ribs I was given the 8 pounds of wings. So I ran upstairs and tossed them in the remaining rub. So on the KK it goes for the ribs!!! Oh yeah!!! You can see the evidence of my first cook off to the right. I had done some center loin chops while the KK was regulating temp. That stuffed pepper though. I dream of it still. About 3 hours in. Starting to show a lot of happiness with the color and smoke. Time for the yummy juice: Yummy Juice is raw apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and sweet red wine. Poked some holes in the cap and boom! Spray bottle! Or squeeze bottle? Five hours! Time for take off and slicing!!! Oh baby!!! I put a ring on it! This beast of a KK sure can cook. It was just SO intuitive. Like I was supposed to have one my entire life. Some bonus shots of the wings, which were a hit! The skin was crisp and tight and the wings were bursting with flavor with every bite. A dinner for two turned in to a party for twelve, and with how it became an impromptu potluck everyone was fed with plenty of meat left over!!! 20 minutes in at 300. yes. The tasted as good as they look. Thank you everyone for for joining us! If y’all enjoyed this then I’ll do the same kind of post with the lamb sometime next week. Have a good one! Nomad, out!
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    With all these chook cooks I needed some Road Kill.spatched it. went sth African with the rub really like Ina Paarmans rubs .used some [email protected] on the bottom...then put some homemade garlic butter under the skin..then some chicken rub .this will definitely be in my next care package lol...and on it goes..and ready love the bark the chook rub gives..and chopped up ...nothing will compare to how juicey a chook cooked on kK is.and plated with a simple side was not that hungry . Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Ok here they are sorry only a couple pictures.ok the first pic is thepork with dizzy dust and vacummed sealed, the second one is prep, third one is grilling and the forth is my friend and me enjoying the fruits of my labor lol. Tony I teally like the dizzy dust, thanks for suggesting it. For some reason I had a hard time getting the KK up to the temp I wanted. The pork turned out very tasty.
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    Greetings from central Wyoming everyone! Some of you may know me from the Kamado Guru forum... I joined here a long time ago, have lurked a fair amount, but have never posted. I've been dreaming of a KK for quite awhile now... and finally pulled the trigger when I saw a 21" Supreme that caught my eye last month to the point that I couldn't stop thinking about it. When it finally came down to it, and I told my husband I seriously wanted to do it (after a year or more of joking about it) his only response was that he was surprised I hadn't already bought one. I took that as a green light.... and here I am. Had to do my first cook in the driveway. Going to be a few weeks before we make the trip through the house to the back deck. No worries - that is "brrr" chilly cold and not "eek" screaming hot.... Will do the venting once landed on the deck. Thanks for having me!
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    ...tri-tip, of course! Tri-tip is hard to come by in these parts. If you find it at all, it’s likely to be hacked into some unrecognizable shape that leaves you wondering whether it is, in fact, tri-tip. Or perhaps it is possum...or some other varmint. I’ve tried the $80 Wagyu tri tips at Snake River Farms and, frankly, I’m not all that impressed. So, decided to take a chance on a recommendation I got on tri-tip at some forum — Harter House. Tri-tip is their specialty, $20 each with free shipping for orders over $125. Decided to give them a go and ordered up a pile. Here’s one of them. Seasoned with Dizzy Pig Raising the Steaks, then sous vide at 131F for three hours. Immediately after, chill in an ice bath for one hour to get the temp down to under 40. Then onto the indirect side of the BB32 at low temp with some oak for smoke. If you haven’t tried this technique of chilling after sous vide, then smoking...give it a go. Using my MEATER. Love that thing. Once it reached internal temp, pulled it and cranked the vents. Two zone is easy peasy for the BB32. Gotta have Chimichurri as your board sauce. Gotta say, the Harter House tri tips are excellent. Highly recommended!
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    Ordered a WFO from a company in AR. Delivery was going along as expected until it got to a local delivery terminal/company. There it sat for 3 days. They wouldn't answer their phone or respond to emails. Not a peep from them. Yesterday about 1:30pm they called. We're about to deliver your pizza oven in an hour. I laughed at them since I was 2 hours from the house. Ohh - they decided to deliver it today instead (so much for delivery appointments). I would be the last on the truck making it the first to deliver. I stayed home from work today patiently waiting. Around 9:30am got a call. The guys screwed up and put it first on the truck making me the last delivery stop. Fine! As long as it delivers today. I went to work for a couple of hours then once again came home and patiently waited. At 3:30pm got another phone call. We have a problem, the delivery truck broke down on the exit ramp to your house. I have the part needed to repair it. Any mechanics near by? Otherwise we're going to have to tow the truck out of there. WOW, not so fast! I know I can solve my problem and I'll try and solve yours. Bring the part to the truck and I'll bring tools. So basically using my tools, me and the driver fixed the truck and my WFO finally arrived at the house. The bright side of the story is the owner of the delivery company gave me $80 for helping fix his truck and the WFO was sitting in the yard just were I needed it - LOL Here is the broke down truck. That's my orange tool box. Also notice the trailer behind my car. That oven was coming home one way or another. So here it is finally arriving about 6pm. Look at the determination. I didn't know Mrs skreef was snapping pictures. I was a little preoccupied. The red thing is a 4' level for size reference. The inside. The door, thermometer and free ceramic baking dish. This thing is huge. Can't wait to build a stand and get it fired up. I also ordered a SS chimney extender and rain cap. More to come over the next month or so.
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    It has been miserably cold with a wicked wind so I decided to do the pizzas in the kitchen stove although I knew they would taste better done on the KK. Then I got to thinking, remember how tekobo added smoke to her rice KK cook? I thought what can't I do that in my oven then it hit me use the smoking gun and smoke the uncooked pizza. Last night I made the dough up- Then let it proof in the fridge overnight. Make the pizzas. Smoke them with hickory using the smoking gun. Boy my kitchen does smell nice. Baked. First cut- The crumb- First bite.
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    Just a tri tip and some baby backs over the weekend.... Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    The timer was stopped at six years and a few odd months when we finally pulled the trigger the other day after a few weeks of talking to Dennis who is a true gem of a human being. Our 23” inch Terra Blue with almost all the accessories it can come with will be arriving on Friday the 13th! I wanted to say that we are very excited to finally be a member of this awesome worldwide family and look forward to posting pictures of the arrival and virgin cooks next week.
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    So I can find it lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Our new Cobalt Blue BB32 arrived 03/16 and got it set up that evening. Had to cook the next day. First Boston Butt, 8 pounds, cooked at 275 so we could eat that evening. It was the best bbq one guest had ever had. We did the burn in yesterday, total of 9 hours, temperature to 650-700 F for about four hours, and went well. There was no reason to waste the heat so we made a couple of homemade pizzas near the end of the burn. Very tasty. It will get even better from here with experience, but it is hard to believe it can get much better
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    Smoked and roasted a pasture raised, heirloom chicken that actually tasted like chicken. Spatchcocked, Dry brined, butter under the skin, and coated with oil. Lightly smoked with applewood and pecan.
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    Enjoyed a simple Saturday night dinner. Wagyu flat iron steak and fresh asparagus from the farmers market. Used a couple of the new seasonings I got from World Spice. "Montreal" on the steak, for the asparagus I used "Voodoo" with olive oil and butter oil. Really turned out tasty. Yes, we like our asparagus well charred...
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    Went and bought my "counter top". Almost a perfect size, I'll have to cut 8"-12" off the far pointy end. Nice and rustic and no issues putting hot CI items down on it. Best part only $23 Beech Tree Supply, Warner Robin's, GA. A totally awesome landscaping supply company, I'm just not into landscaping. Sounds like too much work to me - LOL
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    @alimac23 I can just see it now. 15 years down the road and the wife will say, "Do you know what today is?" and you'll reply, of course...It's the day we decided what KK to purchase!! On a side note, today is the wife and my 30th anniversary. Been together so long we're starting to look like each other...her mustache is phenomenal!
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    I saw this and curiosity got the best of me. My intuition said this is just a gimic for someone who doesn't bake bread. I just couldn't let it go and had to try it out. First don't believe the recipes that come with it or those on the web, the translation is bizarre. I started this loaf of rye bread only to find out an hour and a half later no that was not supposed to be baking powder it was supposed to be yeast. Since my motto is never give up, I kept going and going just like the EverReady battery, expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Every thing is done in this silicone container, it opens to a bowl and the bread is baked in it too. I put the loaf in to brown for another 10 mins. Those are rye berries that I flaked for the topping. What a pleasant surprise, guess I need to write up the correct recipe so I can reproduce it. Where is the pastrami?
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    Desided to do some burgers.made the patties and gave them some key lime rub..prepend some pineapple with some pineapple head.then gave some bacon a sprinkle of red eye express..prepped some beetroot,lettuce,tomatoes and the buns..on they go..looking good..added some cheese..then the bacon..yum..then the pineapple..and plated with a dash of lanes sweet and spicy..best burger I have had in ages Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Yes Jon we did it in my VW beetle. We went to the Grand Canyon, Roswell, Four corners, and Meteor crater stayed with some friends in Las Cruces New Mexico and of course my friend in Florida, what a beautiful place he has. My friend from Hawaii and my friend in Florida are my best friends and I have known them since 1957. Our next trip will be the Yellow stone, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Hourse monument and more.
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    And I present...... Driveway Tacos: Made a satay type marinade as I was going for an Indonesian flair.... And thin sliced some beef and chicken - chicken not pictured since I don't touch much once raw poultry is in play. Thought a peanut sauce slaw would go well with the satay tacos.... was lazy and didn't make my own peanut sauce - but this wasn't bad.. Then onto my taco shells - used egg roll wrappers spritzed with oil and baked on my taco rack in the KK. Did the beef and chicken in the pan... honestly since it's not where I want it yet, don't really want to dirty it too much right now. My teaser photo from the KG forum. I had a lot of fun with my big reveal over there. @ckreef helped - I had been dropping hints all month long and he would comment on them. Cracked me up while I patiently awaited the big day when it arrived. Brought in and chopped up more... And I present.... Indonesian Driveway Tacos as my KK's maiden voyage....
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    After almost 8 years the first Komodo Kamado in Singapore, an OTB 23, leaves en route for Scotland. Dennis kindly supplied the engineering drawings for the crate. A return to Europe after 30 years. Simon
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    And I'm lucky that you're mine! I was looking for a good recipe for Easter lunch and came across five different recipes in my books for tea smoked duck. The trad method required a 6 hour marinade, followed by a 6 hour air-dry, then 30 minutes smoking over tea leaves, then steaming for about an hour before leaving to cool prior to a deep frying the whole or half duck, depending on your capacity! In spite of my love of deep frying I didn't have the capacity or the inclination to be frying half a duck while my guests hung around so I opted for the Pitt Cue Co adaptation. Brined the birds in a tea brine overnight. I quadrupled these quantities for two birds: 1.5 litres water, 50g tea leaves, 2.5cm ginger, 1 bulb of garlic (just used one), 2 star anise, 100ml soy sauce, 60ml honey and 50g smoked Maldon salt. They only called for one hour of air drying but that just didn't seem like enough so Mr and Mrs Ducky got a blow dry for about 8 minutes each. This great Chinese implement is used to puncture pork skin to make it easier for the fat to leach out and become wonderfully crispy. I figured it couldn't do any harm with a duck so I used it, more gently, on these two. Rubbed with a home made rub, again from the Pitt Cue Co book, 100g Maldon sea salt, 38g maple sugar, 12g black peppercorns, 5 g toasted fennel seeds, 5g star anise, 5g stick cinnamon and zest of half an orange all blitzed in a blender. Then onto the KK to smoke over cherry for about an hour and a half at 170C (ish) until internal temp got to 78C. The drip tray was essential and I added a bit of water periodically to reduce the duck fat smoke. Finger licking good with a gravy made with chicken stock, duck giblets and finished with the pieces of foie gras that were too small to fry. Not the same as the traditional tea smoking but very good nonetheless. I am not really into dessert but we had some Maraschino cherries to get rid of so I looked up a clafoutis recipe. This one https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/basic-clafoutis-51208430 was nice and simple and recommended using a cast iron pan. it was perfect for a KK and they tasted great. A lot of similarity with Yorkshire puddings and I will definitely try this again soon.
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    Can't get enough off these meaty as...gave them some purple Crack and salt on the bottom this has been my go to .I love the taste gave it some sweet lanes kickstarter that tony .b sent me with some red eye express .on it goes over some local jam wood..ready to give it some sauce...looking good to me..ready to rest..salad is ready look out lol..and ready to go...and plated yum..it's nice to be able to get some decent ribs Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I'm going to use this thread to document my WFO Installation for anyone interested. It'll probably get an update once or twice a week as progress is made. I'm guessing this is going to take 4-6 weeks before we have ignition. Let's get started. I figured we need to start with a before picture for future comparison. I scrounged around the yard and came up with some extra pavers. This should be enough for a small work area in front of the WFO. If I come up short I could probably scrounge up a few more. Removed a fence section and relocated Mrs skreef's rose bush. Just outside of that opening will be a 3' deep work area using the pavers from above. The WFO oven will sit behind that with a small counter top off to the side to put hot items on. On Saturday we went by a large landscaping supplier. We have our building blocks picked out and will buy them towards the end of the week. I do have an underground electrical cable (for the pond pump) that I need to dig up and reconfigure. In the end I'll have electricity out at the WFO. This is going to be a pain in the rear but it basically needs to happen before I can really move forward (hopefully next weekend). Stay tuned more to come.
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    Did a Dizzy Pig Rub chicken tasting along with paleo stuffing. The pineapple was too sweet for me on the chicken but I like the heat on the ghost rub. My favorite on the chicken was Raging River. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cooked a t bone, roasted vegetables, yabbies and prawns. The family was getting hungry so I had to put on the rest of the food on the grill. Don’t laugh at the next photo. Just shows that bonfire and alimac made the right choice on the 32 [emoji3] Family enjoyed the outcome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Haha the joys of marriage hey! Happy 30th anniversary, that’s a great achievement! Couple of Maldives pics for you all, we decided to upgrade to the over water villas for the last two nights, absolutely stunning! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I tried to get a 5 pound slab of pork belly but the best I could get was 3.5 lbs. Cured and ready to smoke. Smoked with cherry, maple and wine barrel woods. Flip side- It smelled so good I couldn't resist a taste.
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    Did a simple spatchcock chicken today. Turned out great. Chicken is definitely better on the KK!
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    I had a package labelled Beef Short Ribs in the freezer but when I opened it there were no ribs, all meat, bonus. I used that meat to make this stew. It had a ton of black pepper, a whole ounce of ground pepper with 1.75 pounds of beef as well as 1 and 2/3 Cup of a nice Chianti. Took this seared meat shot with my phone as camera was dead at the time. Here it is after about 6 hours in the oven at 250F. Plated. Then I added a little more of that oh so rich sauce.
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    Made two loaves of ciabatta today. Child’s play for the BB32 baking stone. Here is the photo shoot. Funny how I don’t have many pics of my kids, but loaves of bread...yeah! We’ve got those! First, washed and waxed the winter grime off my KKids today, so here’s the BB32 shining. Made the biga last night and mixed the dough this AM. Ciabatta is a very wet dough. This one was 84% hydration. The results. Posing. I used @Syzygies steam oven technique. If you have a KK and you aren’t baking bread with it...well...let’s just leave it right there...
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    Adam Perry Lang Peach Rosemary pork tenderloin on the 23
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    Morning everyone. Reporting in on first cook. Made a homemade rub for the spare ribs I’ll be doing today for a small crowd (no pressure). Used the left over rub to season these beautiful loin chops. Ingredients: brown sugar, salt, black pepper, celery seed, fennel seed, sweet paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, cinnamon,mustard powder. I sprinkled a very light amount of salt, pepper, and garlic powder before rubbing on some mustard followed by the bbq rub. Had a bell pepper. Instead of roasting it I decided to STUFF IT. had some goat cheese laying around so I diced some tomatoes, onions, crumbled the cheese. Splashed a little olive oil in there with oregano, salt and pepper. SO DAMN GOOD! Beautiful cut.
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    She arrived in great form without a scratch. The Dragon Egg is so gorgeous! I can’t beleive how much better it looks and feels in person. I will be posting the unpacking photos later on today, but here she is in her spot inside the garage. I have about a half an inch drop from garage to pavement, I’m buying an aluminum door threshold from Lowes today to fasten to the floor for easy roll in/roll out. - 2 side tables - teak grate grabbers - 8” rotisserie rack - pizza stone - charcoal basket splitter I also carefully removed one of the “Komodo Kamado” signs with my wife’s idea and put it up on the wall! Badass! More pics to follow! Doing the burn today after work to be ready for my Spare rib and pork belly weekend festival this weekend.
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    It's finally strawberry season in Georgia!
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    If you are trying to sous vide your pizzas, you are doing it wrong.
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    Some real nice cooks going on here. I had a guest come for dinner who likes bbq so I did some ribs. Hope everyone is well. I’ve been a bit under the weather with a bout of migraines recently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have been busy today, started to cure a 3.5 lb slab of pork belly. Next on the list were chicken drumsticks and airfryed sous vide potato wedges. What a miserable day, cold and wet- The sparks are flying- SV potato wedges ready to coat with ghee and airfry. Plated with the airfryed SV potatoes, I wish I had gone another 2 mins. on the potato wedges. And just a little of the action.
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    First overnight KK cook... Two 8 lb. butts, I put them on at 8:00 last night - No heat deflector - aren't y'all proud of me for listening? Six in the morning, they were at 155 degrees Took them off at 2:00 at 194 degrees. The card game was happy!
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    I tried Syzygies' fried potato wedges today. SV the potatoes wedges for 70 mins at 185F. Let them cool and dry off then pan fried with Ghee and served them with smoked meat on rye. The smoked meat was previously done on the KK sliced and frozen for days just like this one. One thing that stands right out is the creaminess of the inside of the potato. I sprinkled with cayenne pepper and salt. They are delicious. The creaminess does not show in the pix but it sure does in the mouth, awesome. Thanks Syzygies. The lettuce is looking a little ragged but that's from being in the oven under the broiler when I melted the cheese.
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    Dennis introduced me to the concept of smash burgers while we were discussing what accessories to get. When he realised I was completely ignorant of the subject he sent me this link: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/the-ba-smash-burger My KKs arrived and I forgot all about smash burgers until, by chance, I came across this short but fabulous post on the forum: I have now had smash burgers two weekends running and they are great. Still working on getting those edges super crispy but The Husband and I are happy with the results so far. Introducing the burgers to the KK. First batch done Topped with pan fried foie gras Second batch topped with bacon and cheese. In honour of @Aussie Ora's Wagyu fries and Dennis' foie gras fat popcorn, we fried the bacon in the foie gras fat and dribbled some on the buns for good measure. Yummy!
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    First the meatballs, the pork:beef ratio was about 45:55. Added onion powder, garlic powder, mustard, Fish Sauce, cayenne pepper, organo, an egg,oregano, thyme and anything else that was handy. Formed the meatballs and they are ready. I needed a cool place to put them while the KK heated up to about 375F, no room in the fridge but fortunately the temp. outside is about 32F and there are no critters that I need worry about so - On the grill. Done. Now for the spaghetti. Decided to grind some Durun wheat berries into some tasty flour for the spaghetti. Spaghetti is done and it's time for plating. Those are micro greens that are growing in the house at the moment. There are 3 meatballs in that sauce, trust me.:)
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    Another good year. Another 1.3 million raised for the kids. 3rd place ribs, 6th place shoulder, 8th place fundraising and induction into the Hogs of fame. 9th place overall out of 90ish teams! Go Ubons #BBQFamily
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    We were very excited to take delivery of our cobalt blue BB32 last Friday, 03/16. My wife and I picked it up from the trucking terminal, got it home and set it up, just us mind you! Very excited. Cooked a Boston butt the next day, had to push the grill temp to 275 because of time constraints, but one of the guinea pigs, I mean guests, said it was the best bbq she had ever had. Doing the burn in now.
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    My plans for my wife's return from her work trip to Vegas, and her birthday the next day went really great. @MacKenzie, I went medieval on my spice cabinets - tore everything out, threw away the older stuff that didn't smell fresh anymore, added some new three level shelves, and managed to fit in all my new stuff from World Spice with a little room to spare! Whew. When I threw open the cabinet doors with a flourish to show her what I had done, I got a satisfying "wow" from her. She was also greeted with a nice bouquet of birthday flowers I had picked up from the florist the previous day. For dinner Thursday night, I had spatchcocked a chicken the previous day, dissolved salt, sugar and poultry seasoning in hot water, then chilled that with a couple cups of ice, then added a quart of buttermilk and dropped the bird in there for 24 hours. I cooked the bird on the upper grate with a drip pan under on the main grate, at 265 degrees until the breast read 159 degrees. When the breast is around 130, I like to take bacon straight out of the fridge and lay it on the breast. It slows the breast down and ensures the dark meat is fully cooked when the breast comes to final temp. Plus, it gives us a couple delicious pieces of bacon to nibble on while the chicken rests! For Charlane's birthday dinner on Friday night she got her favorite meal - Korean BBQ. I had ordered some flanken cut Wagyu short ribs from Wiens Waygu, and had them marinating in bulgogi sauce for 48 hours. Grilled down low, hot and fast, because of the awesome quality of the beef and because of my magnificent cooker, it was maybe the best Korean BBQ, I've ever cooked. Fresh corn just showed up at the farmers market, must be from Florida, it was great with the beef. It was such a nice day we decided to eat outside on the porch. My wife said it was a wonderful birthday, and that made me a very happy husband!
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    That bacon looks really good Mac! I’ll have to get mine out and make some bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches. i received my dizzy pig rubs today and have attached a picture Wow this should last a long time. The two on the left second from top and top are not dizzy pig. The one on top is my go to rub in the past. Now where to put them lol
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    It has taken me a while to get around to trying out a Nigerian/West African recipe in the KK. The arrival of my La Chamba pots encouraged me to try this rice dish in the KK while it was heat soaking for pizza. Ingredients (approx - it is different everytime) 2 cups of long grain rice 14oz can of plum tomatoes 4 scotch bonnet peppers, seeds and all (too hot, even for me, will dial back next time) 1 red capsicum pepper 1 red onion 3 teaspoons of Carribean curry powder salt, pepper Some vegetable oil A slug of chicken stock Method Parboiled the rice in IDK for about 10 minutes so the grains still had a bit of bite to them. Made up the tomato sauce by blending all the other ingredients up to but not including the vegetable oil. Heated the oil in the pan and added the tomato blend. Cooked for about 15 minutes or so. Mixed the rice in with the tomato sauce. Added in a bit of chicken stock. The stock probably wasn't needed as the rice came out a bit softer than usual. Here is the pot in the KK after about 30 minutes. And now for the "party" bit of the recipe. I didn't know this until I started researching recipes but, because food at big parties is cooked by caterers over wood fires, the smoky taste of Jollof rice at parties is distinct from that which you cook at home. I asked my mother about this yesterday and she said yes, she had a friend who would always go to any party that was on just because she loved the taste of smoky Jollof rice. My mum then lamented the fact that caterers generally use gas cookers now and so that taste is not so common. Well, I got to reproduce it last night by putting the cooked rice into my other KK with the cold smoker for about 40 minutes. Yippee, it tasted just like it should.
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    Spent a bit of time cleaning Gossamer today and then did a spatchcock chicken. I used some Dizzy Pig rub which I really loved. Got the skin nice and crispy. Broiled some veggies in olive oil and had a very nice meal. All in all a good day. .jpg[/img] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My pizzas take about 5-6 minutes when I’m the 500-600 range. I do thin crust. I just read Ken Forkish’s pizza book and I’m thinking of adding the cheese when there are only a few minutes left. My cheese cooks way quicker than everything else. I’ve had such a swing of experiences with my pizzas it’s my nemesis right now. Limiting my carbs so pizza night is only once a month so it’s a long wait in between victories or failures. Literally launched my failed pizza into the meadow next to my house last time. The pizza wheel makes a good launcher [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Epilogue: Burley Hurley, cap’n of my moving crew, is now my future son-in-law. My daughter disagrees, but we all know it was the steak that did it. KK’s deliver more than food, folks. Just sayin’!
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    Double-Smoked ham rubbed up with Lane’s Sweet Heat. And now glazed...