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    The Husband is compiling a list of things that you should be told when you leave home. It includes spending a bit more to buy commercial kitchen equipment - the kit is more efficient and lasts you forever. He added grilling sweetcorn in its skin to the list last year. He now has something new to add: eat slow cooked, smoked brisket, whenever and wherever you can. I have embarked on a journey to explore the American BBQ lexicon. We had pulled pork the other day. It was good, but it confirmed what I already knew. I don't like soft, slightly sweet meat. So I wasn't that excited about my brisket experiment. We don't do much with brisket here in the UK. It gets rolled into a joint and roasted slowly and that's about it. I normally get it to make salt beef and enjoy the novelty of a sandwich made with a thick warm slice of salt beef and pickles and things. My mouth is watering as I think about it. Anyway, this time, I got the butcher to leave the brisket flat so that I could try it on the KK. It came from a small breed of cow called a Dexter so it weighed in at just 2kg (approx 4.5lb). Here is the brisket with its beautiful yellow fat cap on. Trimmed up and ready to go. I followed instructions from the Meathead book for how it should look and House rub recipe from the UK Pitt Cue Co book. Here is the gorgeous baby after it had rested. You will have to take my word for it, I didn't remember to take a photo while it was in the KK. As you will see, there is no sign of the pointy end in this next photo. The Husband and I just stood at the counter and devoured it with our fingers. Awesome. We've checked in the freezer and we have one flat Dexter brisket and two rolled Longhorn briskets. We now know what their future holds!
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    Had to smoke some thighs after seeing Mackenzie’s smoke at 310 to get bite thru skin using apple and cherry wood my own rub and sauce
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    Dirty Rotten Dinner Guest Steals My Peach Balsamic Vinegar!!!!! We have some really good friends that were over for dinner last Saturday night. Mrs. B is the salad queen and brought over a really nice tossed lettuce fruit salad which we used the Peach Vinegar Dressing on. Needless to say....it was a hit. So this morning I was looking around the kitchen for the bottle of goodness and couldn't find it? Asked Redhead Sue if she stored it away........no she didn't??? Turns out my practical joker buddy Mr. B decided that he could protect the valuable nectar better than I could............. and seeing as how we were coming to their house for dinner next week, why not just save us the trouble of having to bring more dressing. Think he stole a seasoning packet also. Dirty Rotten Scoundrel !!!! I have a key to his house and know their schedule. I will be sneaking over there to rescue the fair bottle of goodness and will be leaving a bottle of cod liver oil in it's place!!!!!! Disclaimer - I can assure you that I have done nothing in the past to deserve this travesty
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    Low Country Boil - a nice winter treat. The basic setup. The ingredients. Everything is added over time depending on how long they need to cook. This is at the end. Everything is down in there somewhere. What a great way to bring a little summer to a cold winter night.
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    As promised, a series of pics showing the various steps to the duck cook for tonight. First, get a duck, duh! Loved the name! Then, when thawed, blow up yer duck! (Separate the skin from the flesh) This is the fun part! Then, rub the skin with equal parts Baking Powder and Kosher Salt. Note - NOT Baking Soda, Baking Powder! Put into fridge and let skin dry for 24 hours (or at least overnight) It will have a noticeable texture difference. Now, bath time - shower the duck with boiling water, honey, hoisin sauce and Chinese 5 spice powder. Back to the fridge to dry for another 24 hours (or at least overnight). Then we oil it up (canola with a few drops of sesame oil), then dry rubbed. I used Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin and Purple Crack. Into the rotisserie rack. Onto the pre-heated KK @ 350F direct with cherry wood chunks (no smoking pot). Cooked to an IT in the breast of 160F. Took about 90 minutes. Notice the MEATER probe sticking out the left side of the breast. Worked great. Resting. Good color and most of the fat did render out. Skin was only slightly crispy. Probably could have used another 15 - 20 minutes? But was concerned about overcooking the meat. Plated, with coconut rice and roasted carrots (orange oil with tarragon and purple crack) The things we do for food! Pulled it off, despite outside temps around zero and wind chills around -15F. But, after 3 days of prep, I wasn't about to wuss out now. Happy New Year, Ya'll!
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    This is the first time I have sous vide a whole chicken but it won't be the last. A friend and I decided to cook ourselves a fun dinner. She did the appetizer and the dessert and I did the main course. This is the recipe for the chicken- https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/sous-vide-whole-chicken The trussed chicken goes in the bag with stock, celery, leeks, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, thyme, bay leaves and soy sauce. Here are the veggies ready to go into the bag with the chicken- The whole works goes on for 6 hours at 150F. But we end up with a snow storm and decide it is not safe for my friend to come out. I finish the chicken, cool it and put it in the fridge for overnight. The next day about 2 hours before dinner the bag is put back in the bath at 150F to heat up. We received a good foot of fluffy snow, it was very pretty. Appetizer, toasted bread with blue cheese, slice of pear and prosciutto and a little thyme. Chicken and veggies out of the bath- You have to love sous vide to appreciate that pix.. We removed the skin, dried off the veggies and coated them with olive oil and baked at 450F until they were cooked and a little charred. Reduced the sauce. We didn't take any plated pictures. Dessert, maple cheese cake, rich, rich, rich. Finished dinner off with a specialty coffee, no pix This morning for breakfast it was leftovers for me with purple crack. Then for dinner more leftovers except I cooked carrots. We found we didn't like the roasted veggies but the sauce was killer. We both loved the chicken, it was tender and juicy. I would do this again in a heart beat the chicken and sauce were sooooooo tasty. There was another piece of pie for dinner.
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    I'm wondering now if I sent the bottle to the wrong person lol.https://www.wildfirechilli.com.au/pineapple-express.html .starting to think Tony b might have liked it I'm sure ckreef will let me know but used sparingly it will work .people down here on the chilli train have been making some local sauses with some funny names. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Thought I would try the keylime white balsamic ckreef sent me decided to marinate some hanger steaks with it mixed some orange juice and lime juice and blended the key lime with some olive oil ..prepared the hanger steaks..and marinated them.. I then got on to the salsa .chopped up some red and green capsicum ,red onion,some corn and a jalapeño with some purple Crack and salt ..I then added some thyme..chopped up a couple of peaches..mixed it all up . .then poured some of these over it. ..and left it in the fridge to meld together with the marinating steaks later on I decided to cook the steaks on max . ...and plated lol. .the key lime marinade worked a treat and the peach salsa was awesome I had to stop eating it or I would not have had any left for the tacos lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I've never made this before and Mrs skreef has never even tried brie so after some Guru inspiration I figured I would try it out. I started by straining out some berries. I cut the brie in half and scooped some out making a pocket to hold the berries. I'm about to wrap it in puff pastry. After wrapping it I gave it an egg wash then put it in the freezer for an hour before baking. Baked in the oven (Yea I was being lazy) at 425* for 25 minutes. Not a bad first attempt. Will do this again.
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    Update: Loved Tony's idea but my buddy double pranked me. I was the last to know (Redhead Sue was a co-conspirator), he didn't take the bottle home but instead hid the bottle inside the KK in the garage. I did have to laugh at the irony.........stolen gift from KK friends, hid inside the cooker that brought us together. Planning my revenge on all of them............after all.....what are "mates" for???? Too funny
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    I just ordered a kilo of 10 to 12 + wagu at $260 a kilo something similar to this Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Decided do these on the Asado got a nice pichana..sliced the pichana with the grain and added some salt and purple Crack. .and put them on high up not to high though for a reverse sear ..Dee was right on to the salad. . Found this down the store but just ended up using the wraps lol ..and time for the sear and a bit for me lol . and rested I'm getting the hang of this thing check out the juices yum..I cut the picanha steaks with the grain to cook because I wanted to cut across the grain to get smaller slices for the wrap .just melted in my mouth..on goes the salad..then the meat..thought it needed a boost . Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    First I of all Happy Holidays to all.. and of course I hope you are all cooking for your friends and family and eating great food.. This month in Bali started out rather unusually with a rather large 9,944 ft volcano interrupting about 50-60 miles from my house. This closed the airport and left my wife and son stranded in Bangkok for a week and stopped the flow of almost 30,000 tourists a day from coming and going. While the ash was not very apparent because it was raining multiple times a day, and there was no noticeable smell from the smoke. I suddenly had pretty severe respiratory issues. I had never heard of VOG before but VOG is created when volcanic gases mostly sulphur oxides mostly sulfur dioxide (SO2) react with sunlight, oxygen and moisture. The result includes sulfuric acid and other sulfates that cause lots of problems. Common symptoms are Headaches, watery eyes, sore throat, breathing difficulties / asthma attacks. It caused havoc with my asthma and I needed to retreat to Surabaya to the factory but it seems that I had unknowingly breathed enough sulfuric acid that my cough stayed with me.. NO fun at all to say the least. The next problem is the ash is silica and basically glass.. also dangerous to breath and bad for your eyes.. Best to just leave, I flew to the States mid-month and am hoping the volcano either erupts and blows completely relieving the pressure, or just goes back to sleep before I go back after the new year. Still taking meds to stop my coughing every 12 hours but am feeling much better.. How has your month been?
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    What a great day. I am so happy that I didn't wait to get everything just right before I started to cook. I love the way the KKs look, I respect and adore the engineering but they are here to provide me with food and I don't want to be scared of them. We lit coals in the 21" and after first stabilising at about 140degrees C I took it up to 160 and put the chicken on. I had hoped to get it hotter but went with it anyway. What did I learn? First: step away from the damper! Leave it alone and let the temperatures settle. Second: put more char in the bowl. The KK's efficiency may be legendary but it can't cook on a grapefruit sized pile of coals. Dad and The Husband bailed out at about 9:30pm and I put their wings, drumsticks and thighs in the indoor oven. I held out until 10:30pm by which time the wings were more like they had been in a long slow sous vide than a BBQ. Very tasty. I have left the rest in to cook in the ambient heat from the remaining few coals. Will "pull"(?) them soon and shut the machine down. The 21 feels like a good size for a greedy family of 2-3. I look forward to trying the 23 tomorrow. The photos reflect a less than perfect cook but I am OK with that. Any advice on corrective actions to take gratefully received. @Grant, I will definitely show you some detail on the 21. I think it is worth a separate post, comparing it to the 23 and generally getting to know it. Come on baby, light my fire: What was left after the rest of the chicken went into the IDK Plated in honour of our Brazilian holiday, with fried rice, beans, farofa and chilli.
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    One of my best friends asked me to cook Japanese for her birthday. I know she loves tempura and that she wanted me to cook her favourite, black cod, but she got none of that. Instead she, and our other friends, got a KK adventure. It was fun to do and really delicious on the night. No plated shots and there would have been no shots at all but for the fact that one of our number is young and took these photos for one of those social media sites - Snapchat or Instagram or something. Started with a drink from my favourite bar tender, The Husband. It is from the PDT book and uses red pepper and shiso. Unusual and really delicious. Here's how to make tofu delicious. Smear it in white miso, add chopped shiso to some and ground up black sesame seeds to others and grill real hot on the KK. Throw in a bit of seafood. We live near the sea and the local fish market did us proud with some super fresh fish. We were going to try to do lobster sashimi but the weather had been too bad for lobster fishing so we got some langoustine instead - super sweet raw. I know this all looks expensive but it isn't in the small quantities you need for each course and when you get your stuff from the source. The Japanese grill book says to throw the clams on the grill. I wasn't so brave and used my tagine instead. So good. These baby squid were marinaded in soy sauce and we lost a couple as they dropped between the bars at the start. Cooked super fast - 2 mins each side - they were a delight. One of our number loved the charred one I was able to rescue from the coals! For the eagle eyed amongst you, the crud on the bars is from the prawn course that we don't have any photos for. Broke up all that fishiness with a bit of mushroom. And finally, a spicy sizzling scallop dish to finish. Thank you KK. It really was fun to do and eat. Everything had to be done quickly, reliably and on point and the KK did not let me down.
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    Well my son came over before heading out on a lobster and crab trip so I cut it earlier then I wanted to but all in all not bad juice tender great pull lacking smoke ring .My son took all the of the point for a meal for him and his crew on the way out to the fishing grounds
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    My butcher got in some new 4+ score ribs thought about doing them on the kj jr lol but my deflector plate needs replacing did lot like being dropped..cleaned them up..and thought I would try the dizzy pig on some beef .on they go over some pecan and cherry..starting to draw back nicely. .getting there..salad is ready to go ..time for a rest..and ready..sliced up..and plated tasted so good really moist . Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    When you all were giving me advice about my KK purchase, a few of you said you mainly use your ODK and not your IDK and so needed more than one KK to deliver a total meal. I'd read your posts out to The Husband and we'd tut about the mad Americans. I now know you are not all Americans but you are certainly mad and I seem to have joined your number. Here I am, in an English winter, cooking most of my meals outdoors! On to the business at hand. When I was googling to find out about the relative collagen content of different types of meat a couple of weeks ago I came across this recipe for 48 hour cooked beef https://www.washingtonpost.com/recipes/48-hour-beef-ribs/11890/?utm_term=.28849b63b32b. I was willing to devote my oven to this experiment for two days but wondered if I ought to try it out in the KK. And then I remembered that this sort of cooking is what the water bath does best and so I googled further and found this sous vide recipe: http://www.instructables.com/id/Beef-Ribs-Cooked-En-Sous-Vide-135-F-for-48-Hours/. It was easy to do - file the short ribs in your water bath and forget for two days. I didn't have the opportunity to eat them straight away so I kept them in the fridge, still vac packed, for a few days. I thought it would be fun to cook a "typical" English roast dinner in the KK and so started with some veg in a Chinese clay pot and potatoes rolled in goose fat. Here they are part way through cooking. While they were cooking, I warmed up the vac pack with the ribs in warm water. Here they are in their "boil in the bag" format. I cranked up the KK to about 350 degrees C to brown the ribs quickly - approx 3 mins in total. They came out nice The cabbage with red onion was good too A very brown but very satisfying meal. The sauce was made with home made veal stock and the juices from the sous vide bag - very rich. And just perfect for watching the Philadelphia Eagles, against all the pundits' predictions, beat the Atlanta Falcons. Hurrah!
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    Tried two rubs and one marinade, all good. Finished with White balsamic mixed with a little honey. Scallops sauteed in butter and garlic, sweet potato fries with broccolini. Hey, I like salmon with just salt and pepper but always looking for something different
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    It's been almost a month.. of very much needed family vacation in the US. We had not been there in 4 years and so had much to do and many people to catch up with. We've been staying with my momma in Corona Del Mar CA most of the time, beautiful place but not really the real world.. LOL Highlights.. We visited a close friend in Montecito just a week after their neighbors were evacuated for the fire but 10 days before the mud slides.. Talk about just missing two huge disasters. I set my son up in Las Vegas to study at CSN and then he'll transfer to UNLV. He's studying hospitality so that's the place.. Took the family to Big Bear where they all saw snow for the first time (and skied) Communication blip.. My momma gave me an iPhone X for Christmas but the install left out some passwords and I may have missed mail in some of my email accounts.. My staff has been wonderful in covering emails and I've been taking calls and handling mails they are unable to.. but I'm guessing there should have been more. Happy Belated New Year to you all.. Going to be great to sleep in my own bed again, sometimes holidays can be soo much work that you can hardly wait to get home to get some rest..
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    About -34C this evening so perfect time for sous vide and air fryer dinner. Earlier today I baked a couple loaves of 40% whole wheat bread that was proofing overnight. Yesterday ground up some hard winter wheat berries to make the whole wheat flour. 600g regular white flour and 400g of fresh whole wheat was used to make 2 loaves. The crumb-
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    So, as you may or may not be aware, on the guru there is a challenge to cook anything you want so long as it comes in at under $3 per plate. I thought this was going to be super hard, so I started watching the circulars for ideas. When chicken quarters went on sale for $.79 a lb my husband waved me down and said he wanted that. So I got to looking through the other circulars to find what else was on sale that would go with chicken quarters. The makings for mango salsa (amazingly ever item necessary was on sale) and brussel sprouts were on sale at sprouts so I headed on out. Here is my sprouts reciept i used everything except half of the onion and half of the cilantro. Then I headed to get the chicken and some bacon. Truth be told, I always have bacon at home, but I didn’t have a reciept from the last time I purchased it. If I do another cook that involves bacon I will just use this price. I feel a little silly buying a new pack of bacon when I had one in the fridge and another in the freezer (although that one is from SRF so I shouldn’t use it in a cheap challenge cook) I used all the chicken and four strips of bacon. Total cost 10.50 when making four servings it averages out to 2.62 a plate. Even though my kids didn’t eat full plates I accounted for them as if they were adults. Got on the salsa right away. seasoned the chicken with salt, Tasmanian Mountain pepper berries, garlic powder, ground mustard and paprika got them on the grill at about 375 then started the Akorn jr for the bacon and brussel sproutsthe chicken was finishing up i brushed them with a little peach jelly mixed with lime juice. I wanted to use honey, but I realized we were out! Oh well the jelly worked well. And dang do they look good brussel sprouts are finished. the risotto was done in my instant pot. I love this thing for risotto. All together now my husband says this was bomb doggity. I have to agree. This was so good and I can’t believe how cheaply I can get food when I really keep an eye out for it.
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    I think you should take over a separate container, empty out the good stuff into it and put the cod liver oil in the original bottle. Jokes on him if he tries to poach any of it!!
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    Amongst other things, my husband got me a mini Kurobuta ham from SRF for Christmas. I decided to do a side by side comparison. And of course this wouldn’t have been enough ham for 10 people. I separated the two hams with Mac n cheese on my plate hahaha. As you can see the ham on the right is far more deeply pink than the one in the middle. The kurobuta was not only more pleasant in appearance but it had a much stronger flavor. It tasted like meat more than whatever preserves ham. It was clearly the favorite. So good.
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    Yes, one of many!!! But one of my favorites, by far - not having to get out in bad weather just to get to work!! You know me, plenty of beer/wine/spirits to tide me over through just about any stretch of bad weather. Oh, and I usually have plenty of provisions in the pantry too. But, the nice thing about adult beverages is that they don't require water, electricity or gas to be consumable!
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    No water molecules were harmed in this meal, chili and cheese on a bun. One with a little colour and one for Tony.
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    Not the best shots but turned out great.injected with an orange apple sauce mix..... Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    My new friends arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. This is a short picture story to introduce you to them and give you a feel for the differences between the 23 Ultimate and the new 21 Supreme. First, I have to cede to Dennis and refer you to his photos and announcement here: Here is a picture of the two of them installed at our home in England. They are looking pretty and our "ODK" will get a lick of paint or tiles in the summer to provide a more suitable setting. Here is a shot to show off the 21's manly shoulders And the 23's rounded belly by comparison The main grates don't look too different to each other in terms of surface area But the baking stones do! I've left the heat deflectors in their packaging for the moment because so few of you seem to use them! And here is a comparison between the fire baskets and the drip pans And finally, the view that I am so lucky to have just outside my door I will post any additional differences as I find them. Do ask if there are any photos you would like or things that you want to know about them.
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    It didn't take much pushing to push me over the edge this morning. It is extremely windy and very cold so why not make some whiskey kindling. It is not for the wood stove but for my new toy, the Smoking Gum. Took the cleaver to some whiskey barrel wood chips. These are really just slivers, about the size of a tooth pick. That was enough slivers to fill the hopper. Cooked the egg and took the shell off. Put it into the bag and added the smoke, left it for a few mins. That's it. The smoke can clearly be seen on the egg. Served with some Purple Crack and Sriracha Sauce. Very pleasant change. [emoji4]
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    Loving this argentinian style of cooking got my butcher to cut up some beef ribs in strips. .gave them some salt and pc ..made up my own version of chimchurrie. ...then I gave the ribs a coating..got the coals happening an threw on some butter corn on the outer..on go the ribs with a couple of snags..then threw the corn on direct looking good..and plated quickest beef ribs I've ever done lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    First homemade pizza dough from ckreef's tutorial. We used 100% KA pizza blend for this dough. The pizza turned out awesome. We had been using store bought dough from Trader Joes and this was much better. It was also extremely easy to do. I may start to mess around with different flour combinations but this one is a keeper for sure!
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    I am so excited about an up coming event that I thought I have to have a special breakfast. Made some latkens. Here are the mixings before frying- Frying first batch. Breakfast still on the grill. Plated.
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    Finally getting a cook in the new KK also first rotisserie cook ever in my life
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    KK Rotisserie Cornish Hen, served with honey balsamic, rosemary, carrots and NY Salt Potatoes. Awesome meal for sure. An interesting boiled potato cook. The salt as supplied was super fine ground. Wasn't overly salty.
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    Success is within sight..............Sent a Taste of Syracuse Care package to Reef's Bistro on Thursday Jan 4th - 2 day delivery. Suppose to arrive Monday the 8th. Somehow the mail truck ended up in West Palm Beach, Florida on the 8th. Guess the sun was not shining, so on the 9th it went further south to Opa-Locka, Florida . After soaking up some rays, it headed north, taking a leisurely sightseeing trip and arrived in Macon, Georgia early this morning, January 13th. Macon sent the package to Jeffersonville, GA for delivery. Last Wednesday, while we were tracking the package, I sent an e-mail to USPS in hopes that they would locate it and make sure it didn't get lost. About 30 minutes ago I received a phone call from the Jeffersonville Postmaster. In a smooth & sweet southern accent, he apologized and assured me that the Reef's would have their package by noon today!!!! Very nice touch by USPS....personal phone call. The postmaster didn't mention that any juices were leaking from the carton, so hopefully the extra handling didn't break anything. Typical Snowbird..............headed for Florida in the wintertime!!!!!
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    Lol.. Yes we make the dressing early to give it the necessary time to come divine. Can't go wrong with these vinagars. Love'em.. One of the few things I encourage to buy. Yes been a while. As yall know, ckreef hogs the cooking.. Lol. That might be a conspiracy.. Lol.. But I love it when he cooks. I have more chores to do than cook. I still love too tho. Did cook this the other day. Flat Iron Steak with tri-color Potatoes steamed and then pan fried with Ghee. Serve with Greenbeans with Pearl Onions and added some homemade Au-Jus.
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    I am having a peachie day, thanks to SK and CK. It arrived cold but not frozen, in perfect shape. Thanks to your fantastic packaging. You two are sooooo thoughtful. and that is purple crack on the right, it goes on my egg every morning. I just had to taste it immediately, ahhhhhhh what a great peachie flavour, love it.
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    I swear I can get the cut of tri tip so easy in Perth since the rise of American low n slow then most places in the U.S funny .marinated it for a few hours ..on it goes.after the sear..and sliced . Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Unbeknownst to ya'll, theres a blizzard a blowin out there. But the beast { Colossus } sits contentedly in his house waitin for his duty call and I have a date with a snowblower. Hope your day is going well, Pip Pip ol Chap
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    Started on the veggies..ready to go..gave them a sprinkle of this great spice..gave the bottom some purple Crack. .then decided to do something different which worked out well melted some blue cheese.added some spice .and mixed it with a cup of apple sauce and a dash of cointeau and inject the chook..gave the chook a lather of the injection and some dizzy pig Tony b sent me this can't believe I have not tried it yet was stuck at the back...I then gave the veggies a slash of truffle oil..and ready to go..give it a rest. .the veggies look good ..ready to carve..and just a nice simple plating lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    This past November 24th I took delivery of my terra blue Komodo BB32.The truck pulled up backed in my driveway and dropped it on my driveway.I stood there staring at the crate for a moment admiring the crate how well it was crated.I got my tractor out of the garage and put the pallet forks on and proceeded to move the grate to my patio. I removed the 8 lag bolts and lifted the grate up and over, I was at awe at the sight I saw.I started to unwrap it everything was protected to the max unbelievably thought out and designed to protect your grill not a scratch or ding anywhere.My wife and could not believe the weight of the grates the beauty of the KK the fit and finish.I own many grills and smokers been BBQ for over25 years this was the best experience.That we have ever had smooth as silk from talking to Dennis to ordering to delivery.amazing experience.I got a chance to do the venting on the grill before the temps here went artic very easy to control compare to my oth kamados very stable once you reach your desired temp and holds rock solid with out playing with the dampers.Iam not used to that my BGE,primo and KJ needs vent adjustment as charcoal burns.Forget my big reverse flow offset constant fire management on that unit even my 2 custom drum smoker need watching for temp management.When I vented it I was increasing the temps slowly very easy to control then I raised to 550 and sat there for 10 hours with out touching a thing it was about 25 degrees and windy that day filled charcoal basket twice. Then I raised it to 650 for 2 hours amazing temp control.Now Customor service wow amazing call Dennis many time on advice always there early morning late night he is truly amazing guy.If you are considering on purchasing one do it you will love it.If you are on the fence and not sure I invite you to my place to check one out and we will cook on it then you will see for yourself. I have other cookers that you can compare to for yourself just message me and I’ll make the time for you. I want to thank Dennis Linkletter again
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    And now for the pix. I didn't have time to take very many but these will give you a flavour. I tried to keep the fire focussed for the low and slow cook in Milk (21"). The two lamb shoulders fitted in nicely side by side on the main grate. I started off with two water filled pans underneath the lamb on the lower grate but quickly decided that the potatoes should go in sooner rather than later. Boulanger potatoes prepped. I normally grate nutmeg into the mix so I tried Purple Crack instead for a clovely, peppery flavour. Filled the pans with water once they were safely on the lower grate. Seven or so hours later I had been testing the potato dish nearer to me and did not realise that the dish on the far side was getting much drier. Happily, some people loved the crunchier ones. I would probably put a drip pan in below this next time and cook the potatoes for five rather than six hours at 130C. This was the first batch of skewered drumsticks and thighs from Meat (23"). Again, learning point that the part of the grill furthest away from me appears to be a lot hotter. At the very least need to check if there is a variation. Partway through I slipped a foil covered drip pan in above the fire to reduce fat drips and burning. There were people who loved the "burned" bits and the second batch, twice this much, looked very impressive. No photo, just dived in! Lamb getting shredded And the sake panna cotta and gooseberry jellies that we finished off with!
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    Sorry to hear about your water issues, MacKenzie, but had to LOL about the ketchup! Too cold here to grill out right now (wish I had your ODK!) Hoping it doesn't wreck my plans for the Peking Duck for NYE. Duck is thawed out in the fridge. Tomorrow is the inflating step (as I call it - Blowing Up the Duck!), with a rub of baking powder and salt on the skin. 24 hours drying in the fridge. Then, the honey/hot water/5 spice shower on Saturday and another overnight dry in the fridge. Sunday on the rotisserie with cherry wood. Pics to follow, assuming I don't freeze to death in the meantime!
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    My nieces gave me a smoking gun for Xmas so I just had to try it out. I will say right up front this is no way a replacement for smoking on the KK but it is fun, quick and easy to do in a pinch. I have cheese and salami in the bag that is filled with apple smoke. It only takes a few mins. to do this. Served with some extra tasty beer made by a friend of mine. The salami was actually improved by this little addition of smoke.:)
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    It turned out pretty warm to day so went to the beach for a swim and decided on just ham and salad .it's just the two of us but I got fresh cherries that need using so decided on a cherry cobbler. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    While I am on the Xmas theme, this was my Xmas dinner at my brother's. Cranberry pudding for dessert, not a great phone shot but it is the best I have.
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    Started baking, got the first round done; 6 dozen 'pin-wheels' (pic attached), 7 dozen Italian wedding cookies, 8 loaves friendship bread.. the pinwheels are a baking powder biscuit dough; cinnamon/sugar & brown sugar - super when heated w/ butter.
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    An oven loaf of Pain au Bacon. That’s right, Bacon Bread! Keeps the vegetarians away...
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    Sorry family was hungry I forgot to take pictures but have left over pictures