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    Quick dinner during the week Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Made carne asada street tacos they turned out great. So juicy and tender[emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Started a 7.5 lb, bone in, pork butt this morning (7:30 am) on the KK, indirect @ 250F (with Guru), with the smoker pot loaded with peach and pecan. Injected with a dozen Seasoning Stix - 4 Garlic, 4 Sriracha Garlic, and 4 Blend X and rubbed with mustard & Dizzy Pig Crossroads - rested overnight. I had hoped that it would be done in time for me to go to the hockey game tonight. Plan was to wrap in foil, beach towel, and into the cooler until I got home to pull it. However, when my friend arrived at 4:45 pm to go to dinner before the game, the butt was sitting @ 175F. Dilemma - take it off the smoker and wrapped it and hope that it finishes (target IT was 200F); or, let it go and cross my fingers that I don't come home to jerky? So, I rolled the dice and let it ride. Got home from the game around 9:30 pm to find the butt sitting at 199F - Woo, Hoo!! Perfect Butt!!!! Sometimes it pays to be lucky more than it does to be good!!
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    Every once in a while I like to make a loaded pizza and tonight was one of those times. Dough is ready- Pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions are among the toppings. All dressed. Baked. Plated.
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    I've been wanting to do this for some time now and the weather is miserable, rain and wind all day, so what better way to pick up my spirits.
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    I needed to make a visa run to Bangkok and while browsing thru meat counter in Bangkok these unusually thick cut bone in rib eyes won me over.. The vacuum packed two bags of crushed ice so they were flat plates and then vacuum packed the meat between them like a sandwich.. Great service. Can wait to cook this.. the one I grabbed was 3.2lbs!! The were labeled: Australian Wagyu MS 5/6 Dry Aged 6 weeks Prime Rib
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    In my post about the SRF gold grade ribcap I explained how high quality the meat was and how happy I was with their customer service (they sent me another one when the first came thawed, even after I told them I was still able to cook it. The second ribcap came fully frozen and I am waiting for a special occasion to cook it). With my initial order I also got a prime cowboy steak that I cooked this weekend. then I slow cooked this baby (just shy of 2 and three quarters of a pound) at 225 over some pecan till I got an IT of 125 then I seared it in ghee and topped it with a compound butter (it's dark so I didn't even bother taking on grill pictures this time. yeah- this turned out super well i highly recommend SRF and may have to make it a birthday tradition. (My parents are the ones who gave me the gift card in the first place)
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    Time for some chicken and veggies, just dug the carrots from the garden. It is getting close to freeze up, very close I actually had to break through the upper soil crust. It's party time, actually it's pitch dark on the deck. Brined the drum sticks for about 4 hours, then marinated for an hour or so in Frank's Original Hot Sauce. Ready for the grill. Veggies are coated in olive oil and pepper. Everything is on the grill, put the veggies on first for about 30 mins. then added the chicken. Plated.
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    .I followed eggary's Santa Maria rub but used purple Crack instead of pepper and lemon pepper instead of cayenne and Himalayan salt instead of kosher ..it needed a good trim... gave it a sprinkle..and on it goes with a mixture of wine barrel and cherry..ready to rest I took this to 135. then threw it in the belly of the beast lol..ready to slice . cut it in half so I could cut across the grain it's funny the grain runs different. .and sliced.and look out plated with a macadamia salad lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    We had another record breaking hot day here so I took advantage and did some garden work. Cleaned up 80% of the tomatoes and decided to make a Bon Appetit recipe for pasta sauce with a few changes. I can't believe this fish hater actually went out and bought anchovies for this dish.;) Ready for the grill. All that white is butter and smashed garlic 12 cloves. On the KK at about 400F for a few hours. Done. I did fish out the onion and carrot and will find another use for them. They were only there to add a little flavour.
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    Got a nice sized chook mixed up some carrot,Brussel sprouts,spuds,and some red onion. mixed up some butter with this rub i got from ckreef . spached the chook and put the butter mix under the skin and on it goes. . this rub crisps up the skin so well . .I wrapped the chook to rest and gave the veggies some parmesan cheese ..looking good..the chook loved the rest in butchers paper chopped upand served check out the crispy skin you got to love being able to get some nice bark Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I was so low on bacon that it ran out. It has been cured and washed. Now it is drying overnight in the fridge. Ready for the KK. On the grill to smoke for a few hours, grill is about 220F. The smoking wood is whiskey barrel. Smoked. Looks like candy. Sliced. All but one package is vacuumed sealed and in the freezer. The for a hot chocolate, especially this one. A friend gave me some chocolate curls and I used 3T in a cup of milk to make an awesome hot chocolate.
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    Did a 7 hour chuck roast and it turned out amazing. Melts in your mouth and so tender [emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    The bacon passed the taste test with flying colours. Plated.
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    These look amazing the tip I nearly 2 kg . I thought I would do the ribs today and keep them simple .added some purple Crack .Himalayan salt some garlic and onion powder and a sprinkle of bush spices .on it goes..4 hours in and it's retracting nicely. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Finished pics, flat was a little over done but the burnt ends were money!!
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    Look what the nice UPS person showed up with today...................Christmas in October . Been slacking all summer on my KK cooks but really looking forward to spinning some larger chunks of protein, roasting up some ribs and trying a couple pizzas this fall & winter. Rookie question...............do I need to season the baking stone? (guess I should have been paying better attention to the pizza threads ). Too much fun!!!!!
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    Cheeseburger night here. What to do when there are no cheese slices- Make your own- Pork beef burgers searing- Loading the bun-
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    This cabinet is just what I needed and looks awesome. Just got the cover for it and now I'll be protected from the elements. Never one to skip a challenge, when I saw the empty crate I wondered what I could do with it besides trash it. It occurred to me that I could use some pull-out shelves in the cabinet like some of you have, only you bought them with the cabinet. I was able to salvage wood from almost all of the crate, plane it down and cut it to size to make two shelves. They are on full extension slides and I lined each with a sheet of brushed stainless, like the top of the cabinet. It was more work that I had intended and of course it took longer than I wanted, but it wasn't too expensive and I think it looks ok. Certainly not furniture quality and I had to make some compromises to stick within my inventory of salvaged wood and I am proud to say I only needed to buy 1 piece of 2x2 and I had another on hand to make the cleats to mount the slides on, inside the cabinet.
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    Thought I would weigh at the start before trimming. . ..after my dodgy clean up lol ...time to weight. . Made up a pepper berry Santa Maria rub with a twist..and on it goes smoked over plum wood . Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    The transformation has taken place and the pastrami is just out of the sous vide bath. First slice - Second slice - Can't wait until tomorrow when it has cooled. I did bump up the temp. from 136F to 138F and took it out of the water bath after 49 hours, seemed to be perfect texture and tenderness.
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    Fall is here, there was snow on the ground again this morning. I dug up the rest of the carrots and the garden is now closed for 2017.:) Browned some ground beef, then onions and garlic, add some of my homemade tomato sauce, oregano, fish sauce, salt, pepper and partially cooked macaroni. Cooked at 350F for about 45 mins. covered, then took the casserole to the kitchen oven to brown the cheese. Ready to add the cheese and put the casserole under the broiler. Ready to plate. Plated with corn and beets.
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    Thanks. I will make this for Game Day, " Pats vs Oakland " in Mehico this week. Very appropriate, can't wait.
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    Did a packer brisket 16 pounds before trimming. Stuck the probe in the point wrapped in butcher paper at 160 degrees took off at 200 degrees point was great flat was good but a touch dry towards the end. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    An almost perfect butt! The LAST tomato that I got off my plants before the frost hit. I just couldn't resist posting this!
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    Uncle, Uncle, Uncle! Today's lunch - Perfect Butt sandwich! I even threw in the zip bag, just for MacKenzie -
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    I wish I had a perfect butt, thanks to Tony, I don't even know what one looks like.
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    Nice burger, MacKenzie (no beets!) LOL!!!
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    Pizza night, I’ve yet to nail a good pizza cook on Charlie Murphy...but tonight I think I finally did it. Opened up the dampeners and let the KK heat soak for 90 mins. 650*
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    They tasted great Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I am getting ready to fire up Charlie Murphy for an afternoon Brisket tomorrow. All trimmed up and rubbed with salt/pepper and a smidge of Black Ops. 225* I’m shooting for with some Hickory in the smoke pot.
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    No. I use a Looftlighter.. that's is for the firepit...even I'm not that dumb
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    Decided to grab my son from college and take him and Mrs skreef on a surprise Brunch Road Trip. Drove up to Atlanta for Chinese Dim Sum. Even in the parking lot they still didn't know what we were going for. I just told them, "Keep an open mind and don't ask questions, you might not want to know the answer!" - LOL Back in my early 20's me and my friends use to do Dim Sum a couple of times a month. Mrs skreef and Hawke never had Dim Sum before so I thought it would be an interesting adventure for them. Went to the Oriental Pearl restaurant. The Dim Sum was good. Mrs skreef and Hawke got to try a bunch of different dishes. A good time was had by all and we left stuffed. If you've never eaten a true Dim Sum brunch search one out. It's a fun way to explore the different side of Chinese food.
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    Yum looking goodapplied the bend test lol they look broken but are still bending .gave them a wrap ready to go Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    It turned out great . after the rest. and sliced. . and served with a bit of salad . Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Thanksgiving came a little early and I had some pics of Chicken eggplant parm and a Pork butt. Love the schredded butt on nachos and cheese with a couple of beers on game day. Sorry, no money pics, once the fork is in the hand the camera is forgotten. I've got to have better discipline.
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    Finally got around to mashing up my peppers from this years crop. Now to let Mother Nature do her thing and ferment them out. Left to Right: Dragon (Red), Aji (Yellow), and Chocolate Ghost (Brown). Once they are done fermenting in 4 - 6 weeks, then you puree and strain the mash and add whatever variety of vinegar you'd like to finish up the sauce. Then into the bottles.
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    I would be happy to eat those.
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    I did some fine dining last night and thought of all you duck fat fries lovers so took this phone pix just for you.
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    This recipe is found at https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/carrot-pizza-with-fontina-and-red-onion-56389448 Seemed like it fit in as Halloween is just around the corner. No mascarpone cheese in the area so I found this substitute on the web. 16ozs cream cheese 1/3C sour cream 1/4C whipping cream Cream the ingredients together. Started this adventure with a trip to the garden for the carrots. It is pitch dark outside and it sure makes it difficult to get descent pixs. The pizza is baked. Plated. When I started this I thought it would be a one time cook only but it's a hit. I am going to make this pie again very very soon. Think I'll start my dough recipe today for another batch. That means within the next 5 days I'll be making at least one more carrot onion pizza. Maybe I'll get it done in the daylight where pixs are possible.:)
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    I made 2 more carrot and onion pizzas today. I am going to freeze one and see how that goes, it should be fine. I skipped the step in the recipe that says bake for 5 mins. after coating the dough with oil then load it up and cook for another 15 mins. I did it like any other pizza but did spread oil on the top of the dough before adding the carrot puree, cheese and onions. It worked just fine. Dressed. Plated.
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    It has been a long time since I've used the sous vide circulator to cook dinner but we had a huge nor'easter blow thru today so it was perfect for a SV dinner. Double baked potato in the air-fryer, creamed the potato with mascarpone leftover from the carrot onion pizza. Used the dripping from the mushroom cook, some white wine, espresso balsamic vinegar an rice flour to make the sauce. I still have tomatoes, peppers and cukes fresh from my garden to make a salad.
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    I prepared some shorties yesterday whilst I was marinating my Tri Tip I decided to experiment on making a a home made coffee rub .brown sugar,smoked paprika,ground pepperberry, sea salt,ground coffee,cinnamon,allspice,garlic and onion powder and some cumin ..and vacuum sealed them the pepperberry was starting to leach out its juices. .took them out of the fridge today ..and gave them some more rub .on they go at 250 over cherry.the rub had a nice bite to it will be interesting if it mellows out during the cook whilst I'm waiting I need a drink and a snack lol. Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I posted this on a local site and people said I burnt the hell out of it and suggested ways of how to cook ribs lol my reply was have you ever used fresh pepper berry .the feed back was what I expected no what's pepper berry lol Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Separated the point and both are resting before guests arrive. I’ll take some sliced picks and burnt ends shortly!!!
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    I know your Tri Tip will come out really tasty. Here is a Rub I use for Santa Maria Tri Tip. Might want to try this in the future. Santa Maria Rub (enough for a 4 pound roast) 1 Tbsp Kosher salt 1 Tbsp finely ground black pepper 1 Tbsp garlic powder 1 Tbsp onion powder 1 teaspoon cayenne 1 Tbsp dried oregano 1 teaspoon dry rosemary (or fresh, finely minced) 1/2 teaspoon dry sage Read more: http://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/santa_maria_style_tri_tip/#ixzz4wqEU1SUQ
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    Life has been hectic lately business is doing wellI work in the event industry. I usually have the time to partisipate in this and other forums .but this year has been hectic .I've had no time and it's just starting to amp up as summer hits .the Jr done well with some of tonys lamb rub.. I like it's home.on they go.threw on a bit of peach..looking good.and plated. Outback kamado Bar and Grill