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    Made this mop sauce last night. Didn't exactly measure anything but this was basically it: 40 oz or so cider vinegar A little yellow mustard. A bit more more ketchup. 2 fresh squeezed lemons A decent amount of fresh cracked Tasmanian Pepper Berries Some fresh ground pink Himalayan salt. Brown sugar for a little sweetening. Bring to a boil then simmer and reduce to the consistency of chocolate milk. Let cool overnight then strain and mop away tomorrow. Put it on at 7am with average temp of 260*. Mopped once an hour to slowly build a bark. This is after 4 hours. Wrapped in foil at 160* internal then cranked it up to 300*. Pulled at 203* internal. Total time 10 1/2 hours. Only pulled about 2/3's of the meat. Have a nice chunk left in the refrigerator for Brunswick Stew.
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    My neighbor is a chef and has a catering business. She had to make 30lbs of pulled pork for an event. So we loaded up the KK with 9 pork shoulders and smoked them with cherry wood.
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    I cook some naan bread. This is Raks recipe. I used almost the exact recipe. I just cut the amount of yeast. Using the CI Pan was so easy. I didn't loose hardly any heat during my putting them in the pan, flipping them or getting them out. This will be our go to recepie and method of cooking for now on. They were chewy.. Love that. Also I used Ghee to grease the Pan. Worked Perfect.
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    Hello to All, looks like a great group, enjoying posts and recipes and, of course, new 23 KK. Notice that many have names for their new family members... mostly seemlingly male... Here are some photos of the dragon landing...if you will notice in pic #5, the new KK, she spoke to me, "I will be called Daenerys, Mother of Dragons... and I will live by the pool...". So must obey my new queen, and feed her frequently... Fun learning what she likes so far, and appreciate all the good advice already online- Best to all, Barry
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    Done and family fed. All enjoyed. The vote was that the rubbed were better than non rubbed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got a nice hanger steak thought I would reverse sear gave it a sprinkle of purple Crack lolthen some twisted Qa couple of wine barrel chunks for smokeon it goesready at 125 for a wrap whilst I ark up Ora to 600on for the seara quick restand carvedand plated Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I picked up a 2.5 lb. pound brisket on my Fri. day trip. Normally I wouldn't do this but knowing the KK there would be no worries about drying out this small piece of meat. On the grill at 225F at 9:45 AM. BTW, this beef was organically raised without hormones, etc. and was only grass fed. Several hours later when the IT was 165F I wrapped the brisket in brown paper. No pixs but was I surprised at how much it had shrunk before wrapping. Done 203 F and 10:45 PM. About 15 mins later, unwrapped. Sliced. Plated. In some pixs the brisket may appear dry but it was not. I'd do this one again.:)
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    Ck, posted last night a delicious pasta dish and I just had to have one to eat today. Use some of the spaghetti I made a few days ago and added whatever I had that seem appropriate. Made a fresh tomato sauce, cut up some olives, and pimentos, more fresh off the vine tomatoes, sriracha sauce, three cheeses, etc. Ready for the grill. Thanks for the inspiration, ck.
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    Well, I finally got around to making another batch of bacon, but this time I used Purple Crack instead of the juniper berries called for by Ruhlman in his brine. All rubbed down and rested for a week. Onto the KK for cold smoking. I initially had some charcoal going in the bottom of the KK to bring it up to 150F, but it eventually went out and I didn't bother relighting it. So, this was truly mostly a cold smoke. I used a combo of small pieces of Fruita wood chips and pellets. Both were a blend of fruit woods. Had a sheet of aluminum foil on the lower grate to be a heat shield. Tried the new trick of several lit small chunks of charcoal into the cold smoker - worked great, never went out, but I did tap the sides a couple of times which seemed to kickstart heavier smoke production when it started to wane. Total smoking time was 4 hours. Rested overnight in the fridge wrapped in plastic. Then sliced up. Can't wait for breakfast in the morning to try it out.
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    Over on the guru there is a copycat challenge in which you are supposed to pick a cook and copy it. There were a few things I have been wanting to try, but DerHusker's paella has been something I have wanted to try for a while. My mom wanted to make paella last Christmas- but she isn't quite as into cooking as I am so she wanted to take lots of shortcuts- which made me so interested in what I could do taking DerHusker's recipe and only slightly altering it. I did have to make a few changes due to ingredient limitations. So I gathered my veggies and most other non protein ingredients. the rice is calsparra rice, by the way. Which is considered authentic in addition to Bomba rice. Then I began chopping i didn't dice my tomatoes and I used plum tomatoes because I remembered a technique from a Catalonian stew. You take the plum tomatoes, and use a box grater to remove the pulp from the skins, then that is cooked down with the onions for a while and thought that would apply nicely here. Then I got to working on my saffron broth. This was taken word for word from DerHusker. Crushed up saffron in a glass measuring cup then boiled with some white wine then I got to working on the proteins. First, some shrimp including some insanely HUGE shrimp. I couldn't get any prawns, so I thought these would sub nicely. I included a picture with my finger in for scale because they were definitely the largest shrimp I have ever seen i pulled off the shells, threw in a hunk of butter, seasoned and let them cook a bitadded water to cover and now let it cook for a while to make a shrimp stock after a while, I strained out the shellsThen I started prepping some of the other ingredients and started heating the paella pan I did the rest of the cooking from here on on my KK. I seasoned some bone in chicken thighs with smoked paprika, garlic powder, and salt and pepper and then put some color on them with some EVOO after they had cooked a while, I added in some of the linguisa to cook as well then I removed the chicken and linguist and Began to cook the onions and red peppers. then after a few minutes I added the tomato pulpafter that cooked down I added the rice in the shape of a cross then added my shrimp and saffron broths and stirred together then I added the linguisa and submerged the thighs shut the lid for about 15 minutes and got the shellfish ready. Pulled out the clams and mussles. Went back out to my KK and this is now what it looked like- most of all that flavorful liquid was absorbed then I added some peas and the clams. on go the mussels I closed the dome for a few minutes before adding some more ingredients the monster shrimp, regular shrimp and calamari after that cooked a while I added the lemons the clams and mussels were taking forever to cook so I ended up putting them directly on the grate and they opened within a minute so it kinda ruined the picture but by this time my mouth was watering uncontrollably but did I get the socarrat? YES!!! And it was delicious too my great surprise, even with all the expensive ingredients the most amazing part was the rice. This was an absolutely fabulous meal. So glad I tried it!
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    One of my friends learned this week that her 21 year old son has a tumor on his pelvis. It has been devastating to say the least. I decided to make her a couple of tri tips so she didn't have to worry about cooking meat for a few days. As it turns out it is one of her son's favorites as well! getting better but still not the best at trimming then seasoned them up then put on over some pecan wood for about two hours to pick up some smoke then seared. all really easy and hopefully will slightly brighten their day!
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    Not exactly but sort of. Some of you might remember me posting about me breaking my ice maker in a fairly new really high end refrigerator (read that as really expensive). When it happened I was pissed as hell but it was all my fault. Anyway Hurricane Irma came along and I lost electricity for a few days. The refrigerator got a full cleaning out. Before the electricity came back on I took my ice maker apart and retrieved the warped plastic piece that was causing the ice maker not to work. I took a hair dryer to it to soften the plastic. I bent it back into the correct shape then trimmed about 1/4" off of one edge (it was a screwed up design from the get go as far as I was concerned). Put it all back together and when the electricity came back on I turned on the ice maker. Well my $6k ice maker is working once again. I won't really know how the fix/modification worked out for another month or two but I have my fingers crossed. For now I have ice again.
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    These carne asada street tacos turned out great[emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Recently, there have been an above average request for me to do pork butts. Us KK-ers know that pork butt is about as easy as it gets, so I don't think twice about doing them, but I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. Well, I'm at MIL's house last night, she's serving pulled pork. When I arrive, she asked me to check it and see if it's ok. She informs me she got it at Costco, so it should be pretty good. It was in a crock pot, and there was a bottle of terrible BBQ sauce next to it. Well, it was about the worst thing ever, in every respect. It was all I could do to choke one down, keeping a straight face, saying how surprisingly good it was. UGH! The lesson I learned is being my own worst critic I have to appreciate what other people are used to. We are spoiled being able to produce foods that we sometimes consider mediocre, but the rest of the world goes crazy over. Keep grilling, and let's enjoy ourselves! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Well, that and napalm. 15.3 lb SRF brisket on the kk since yesterday afternoon at 4:30. Hopefully should come off in about an hour or so. It went unwrapped until I got up this morning at 7am so I wrapped in pink butcher paper and will stay that way until I slice it.
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    So sad but I have been having so many issues with heartburn that are only getting worse despite medications and all the testing. I do have a hiatal (sp?) hernia so that's probably to blame. Anyway I asked what a good game day option would be that didn't cause heartburn and someone mentioned kabobs! I thought that sounded great. That along with the homemade sourdough bread I've been making. Served over some sushi rice. So nice and I got to sleep as well!!!
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    "mostly it's just mediocre" I find that hard to believe.. Just saying! I have a friend I'm here visiting from the states and I reverse seared with smoke some 5-6 wagyu Tri-Tips with salt, pepper, garlic and parsley.. Then slathered in Best Foods to brown up.. BF worked great in fact by accident it made amazing grate marks.. When we finally sliced it up, watching him eat it was almost comical.. Food Porn for sure and his face was saying Oral Orgasm to say the least. He was a career manager at Four Season Resorts and said it was as good as any beef he's ever put in his mouth!! KK does it again!
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    Finally got my Roti locked and loaded for the first cook and decided to go for a beef roast. Salted overnight, rubbed, roti for 3 hours at 225 to IT of 120. Pulled to get the heat up and went for 15 mins at 450-500. As you can see this was clearly too long and needs to be adjusted for my next cook. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm starting to think that Tri Tip is my new favorite meat[emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    I hate to use my kk as a fire pit but hey if you need a fire pit why not do it in style! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What an amazing lunch. I put the butcher paper wrapped brisket in a cooler for 3 hours and just sliced it up.
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    Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork Collar rubbed with Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple for dinner tonight. Apricot splits in the smoke pot.
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    Now that my son is off to college me and Mrs skreef eat lite meals for dinner these days. This was one of those lite meals. Was just winging it a bit last night. Shrimp and Basil Bruschetta. Accompanied by French Onion Soup. I've made Bruschetta a few times in the past but this was definitely my best so far. Will have to make some more soon and post it as a recipe. Just a few ending pictures.
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    Just made a Hickory smoked BBQ meatloaf stuffed with red peppers and cheese. Now in not a big meatloaf guy so I added a nice thick 2 1/2" Ribeye just for me[emoji16] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Successful in uncrating !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My evolution from beer can, to spatchcock, and now rotisserie is complete with a fantastic first cook! Dry brined with salt and baking powder overnight and a simple rub of onion power, garlic powder, oregano, parsley, pepper, paprika. Only a KK can get chicken as moist as this. The team was too hungry for plated pics's! My big debate was whether to use a drip pan / deflector and I opted to use none. Pleased with the color this yielded but would welcome other thoughts on this topic.
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    I used the last of two sauces I had and added some sugar,bourbon and some dijon.gave it a quick simmer then let it coolthe drumsticks got some purple Crack and Himalayan rock saltthen put in a zip lock to marinateon they go at 400 on the extender racklooking goodveggies are nicely doneand plated not the best pic but it sure tasted great Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    with corn on the cob, broccoli salad and a nice martini. No complaints
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    Looking good pulled it apart burger time Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    I recently got a new grill. A 2 burner, table top griddle. Perfectly sized for 2 people. I've played with it a few times. I love griddle cooking. I have been doing them on my KK's since day one. I actually own a different sized CI griddle perfectly fit for both my KK's. When I saw this 2 burner table top griddle I just had to have it. It's just easier and faster for a griddle cook than using CI in a kamado and the results are the Same. Anywho the griddle and tonight's dinner.
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    Looks great. Here's a plug for Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking by Masaharu Morimoto. For the most part easy authentic, with noted improvisations one can use as models. His teriyaki sauce is good bang-for-buck to make fresh. One could swap in a more interesting sugar, or add homemade Sicilian tomato paste, or a bit of good fish sauce, to vary the flavor. For chicken teriyaki, he fries the chicken bits golden, adds bits of sauce along with a bit of cornstarch/water slurry, in a few stages. I'm finding this sort of thing a very quick dinner, working alone away at my Manhattan apartment.
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    Just some quick yummy Smash-burgers today[emoji16] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    So my husband and I stopped at a BBQ shop when we were on a trip and I picked up a couple of rubs- meat church's honey hog and john Henry's summer peach. I thought I'd do a side by side taste test along with my homemade rub as you can see I kept them straight by number of toothpicks overall, they are all good. I will use all of them. I was a little disappointed that my rib was in everyone's top two and has the most number one picks. However, I did like the peach a lot except I think it was stronger than I expected it to be. I'll use less next time. I also learned that I like ribs even without sauce.
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    Weekend with the Queen- success with brisket, bread, cheese tomato galette (thanks McKenzee!), squash caserole- all did great! Starting to fall in love...now if I can just get the rotisserie setup...
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    Papa Del's inspired (NOT Chicago style) deep dish. A little more work to do on the crust, but the sauce is now spot on.
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    Ready to go no smoke ring but juicy as Outback Kamado Bar and Grill
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    Just thought I needed some comfort food today. Made some homemade spaghetti and sauce with tomatoes and mushrooms.
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    Ok. First day with new KK 32. Doing quick first cook. Fire started At suggestion above I pre charred some hickory. And here it is loaded up. 2 St Louis racks, 2 larger "spare rib" racks and a 5 lb shoulder butt roast So far it's been going 3 hours ...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll start off by tell you there's no finished or plated pics. Darn beer! The son requested some Q the other day so we started off with chicken wings. Then I did a Flank Steak stuffed with prosciutto, basil, and provolone cheese. Rolled and tied. And some prosciutto wrapped asparagus. As I said, no finished shots but, it was delicious.
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    I thought I'd check in to say thanks to all for the tips on running the cold smoker. Everything when fine, ran the cs about 7 hours on the medium chips and didn't have to relight it any. I did have to run the pump about 75% to keep the airflow up enough to keep it smoldering. I was surprised at the bark and smoke ring it created. Here's a couple of pictures, you'll have to ignore the green overcast, the cutting board affected the white balance and I didn't take time to correct them (their straight out of the iPhone).
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    One of my summer time favourite sandwiches, cucumber and mayo but this year there is a special ingredient, purple crack.:)
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    Got some shorties trimmed them up and gave them some purple crackon they go over cherrythen I made up ckreefs vinegar mopribs are looking goodwrapped and rested them slicedand plated Outback kamado Bar and Grill
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    Wondered what cooks everyone has planned for the long weekend? I'm about 1/2 way into a 13# full brisket cook. Had it in a marinade for 2 days and put it on last night at 240F with a full smoke pot of coffee splits. The pic is at the 9 hour point. I separated the point from the flat, sprinkled more rub on the cut and put in back in. Will wrap the flat in butcher paper here in a couple of hours and let it soak. Taking the point to the black and crispy stage to make burnt ends.
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    They are amazing little birds and their aerial antics are second to none! A modern jet fighter could not do those maneuvers.
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    I have been wanting to make homemade chicken noodle soup and today was the day. Made the noodles and used some of yesterdays rotisserie chicken thighs, vegetable stock, along with pimento, a touch of sriracha and purple crack. I could have eaten a second bowl. Yum.
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    Made fresh homemade pizza sauce & a few pizza's tonight on the KK[emoji7] Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Nice job on that virgin cook. And, NO, it doesn't stay pristine and white for very long - maybe 2 cooks at best. I was going to say that you're family will think you're crazy only until they've eaten your food - and now they've tried it, I bet they're changing their tune! Now, Dad's crazy like a fox! Looks like you got your ribs right, but in the future, use the "bend test" to check for doneness. Only sure way, as time is not a good indicator. Grab the rack about 1/3 of the way from the end with your tongs, pick it up and give it a slight bounce. If you see it crack, like in this picture, they're done. Also, when the meat pulls back on the bones sticking out of the sides about 1/2" inch or so, is another sign of doneness. Excellent choice of wines for BBQ. Big, spicy, reds like Zins and Syrahs are great with smoked meats.
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    Hi - thanks for the feedback and all the guidance on getting me set up and though the cook It took a little longer than I thought and with the feedback I will put the Thermoworks sensor more in the middle next time to see if the temp readings are more synched. I can't comment on the effectiveness of charring the hickory since this was my first time using chunks of wood (previously with my gas grill I would head the ribs in the oven at 225 for several hours and then finish on the grill (no wood chunks, I would use some liquid smoke in the sealed pan during the oven step). Another lesson - I cooked too much food so we will have having leftovers - I also definitely like the St Louis cut - very meaty and less fat than the full spare rib cut (not sure if that is universal or just the packaged ribs I got (Smithfield vacuum pack I think). For the wine pairing fans - I had a nice 2008 Syrah that went very well (both during the watch the grill and the eat the ribs phase) Cheers
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    Good advice from the others, nothing to add here. Haven't used my deflector stone in years; I use either the drip pan or some aluminum foil on the lower grate - easy, peasy! One new trick that I used for the first time last night - if you have a MAPP/Propane torch, pre-scorch your wood chunks. You'll get to good smoke faster.