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After over a decade of desire, I finally ordered my KK

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Coming right along.  I have friends coming over to get it off the pallet and I have all the wrapping removed now and everything removed from the inside of the grill so it is as light as possible.  Man these things truly are amazing.  It is difficult to put into words.

So the picture I attached with the "foot" of the grill ---  I am assuming I just remove the front piece of wood there and then I bump this thing down off the blocks.  I don't see how else to do it.  Anyway - it's coming down the ramp tomorrow!

Sorry I couldn't provide more - I have kids running around and my wife is gone for the weekend.

Ah yes - food.

I am planning to fill up this firebox for low and slow and just keep the grill going at low and slow temps all weekend.  Friday night: 3 racks of baby back ribs.  Saturday - 2 briskets.

Also saturday - got a friend coming over who was interested in smoking a whole chub of bologna so we are doing that for saturday lunch.  The briskets shouldn't mind a little company.






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I am sooo excited for you [mention=3336]johnnymnemonic[/mention]!  KKs are great in the flesh aren't they?  Looking forward to seeing your KK in all its glory and to seeing your first cooks this weekend.  Don't put too much pressure on  yourself though - you want your first experiences with your new friend to be good ones.   

Thanks so much! I am not feeling too much pressure. I am counting on my experience with other Kamados and all my watching and reading on Kks to make this good, but also I have a couple of my oldest friends here who I am not trying to “impress”. I have a feeling it is going to be really good but regardless, a lot of fun.

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Don't forget the bottom of the KK body is also resting upon a small wooden box to keep the weight off the wheels during transit (at least on the non-42s). If it doesn't bump off reasonably easily, one option is to collapse the box, then roll it off the pallet.

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