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Greetings from Johns Creek, Georgia

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I received my new 19” back in May but just got her set up this past weekend. Like everyone else, I’m so impressed with the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into these things. Dennis’s customer support is second to none! I've been cooking on a Primo XL for several years and love it but tickled to death to graduate up to this beauty. I was originally gonna put it on my deck but after arrival my wife(the boss)and I decided to put it on the lower patio. We weren’t big fans of the rolling cart so I built a platform for its final home. Here are some pics of the un-crating and set up. Looking forward to sharing cooks and learning from you guys on this forum. Happy Grilling!









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Welcome to KK cooking @Tuck.  Your wagyu steak on the other thread looks great.  I too have the rolling cart for my 16 and I like it.  That said, you were wise to build a platform if you don't expect to move your 19 around.  I did a very foolish thing - I tried to adjust the position of the 16 with the lid up and the inevitable happened.  Humpty Dumpty as Dennis called it.  He had already warned me to be careful when rolling so that was all on me.  Happily, just bust a few tiles which I have now repaired.  So...I hope that helps you confirm that you did the right thing by building that pretty platform.  

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