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Incredible KK Bacon

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I experimented with curing bacon the other day and it turned out amazing.  I can never go back to store bought.

Recipe and photos below for those who want to try.

Dry Curing Rub

Pork Belly (2.5kg)
40g salt
40g brown sugar
5g curing salt
5g ground white pepper
5g coriander seed
5g ground mace (nutmeg as a substitute)
5g onion powder
5g garlic powder
5g ground ginger
5g ground fennel seed

DAY 1:  
Remove skin from pork belly.  Mix the curing powder and rub pork belly thoroughly.  Place in a Ziplock or vacuum sealed bag.  Place in refrigerator.

DAYS 2-6:
Turn the bag over every morning.

Day 7:
Remove from bag and rinse pork belly thoroughly with cold water.  Pat dry and place on drying rack in refrigerator for two days to rest/dry.

Day 9:
Smoke on KK at 200-225f to an internal temp of 150f.  Hickory is great, but other woods are too.  Let the pork belly cool for an hour and them place it back on the cooling rack in the refrigerator overnight.

Day 10:


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43 minutes ago, RokDok said:

Thats looks brilliant, whenever I've tried it's been salty and only suitable for adding to stews etc.


Well done

How long did you brine it for? Cut back a day and see if that helps?

Did you rinse and pat dry the belly before smoking?

Those are my best suggestions to reduce the saltiness. 

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15 hours ago, RokDok said:

@tony b, @MacKenzie

It's been a while, I remember packing with salt in a cool box & draining off the fluid daily.

The has given me motivation to re-try and do the soak outs.

Didn't have the KK then and didn't try to smoke . but now keen to try this 



Hi @RokDok, I usually dry cure  my bacon.  Works well every time.  I buy the cure from Surfy's in the UK.  

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I have a big Igloo water cooler and just put the pork belly in that, fill with water and let it sit for 2 hours, dump it and fill with fresh water, the batch I just sliced this morning was only in the soakout for 4 hours, filled the cooler let it sit 2 hours, dumped the water out and refilled and let it sit for 2 hours. Dried the pork belly off and put it in the fridge for about 16 hours un wrapped. Stay tuned for pixs tomorrow. This time I was in a rush and only dry cured for 5 days and it worked just fine. Taste test tomorrow at breakfast. :)



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