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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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21 hour smoked brisket with mesquite wood. Sweet corn on the cob and fingerling potatoes with truffle salt, olive oil, rosemary, thyme and black pepper 

no plated pics but here’s the rest  

also made some bbq sauce using @Syzygiesbourbon recipe. I don’t normally do BBQ sauce on my brisket but I wanted to try a run before my whole pig cook in a few weeks. Sauce was tasty, could’ve been a bit thicker but I probably should’ve started it an hour earlier. Curious to try it again after it’s been in the fridge a few hours, I really want to develop my own signature BBQ sauce for pulled pork and ribs 









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Just a steakd4280742c0d06d438d5bc678ca63953c.jpg
2’’ AAA NY strip seared on the low grate then finished on the half main grate. With homemade chimichurri and grilled roots veggies (carrots, potatoes and eddoe). Some champs also on the grill and a nice toscan wine.
It doesn’t need to be complicated.

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Funny, but I had poutine for lunch yesterday (sans ketchup!) at a local spot that I just found out about. Great food and lots of good beers on tap, too! Is this Heaven? No, it's just Iowa!  🤣

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Mac I’m liking your Chook thighs- undoubtably the best part of a bird.
I don’t often roast beef.
Here it’s plated with kk roasted spuds, Brussel sprouts, and par boiled/ roasted broccoli.

The gravy was superb. Flambé cognac with green peppercorn, bacon, with beef gelatin.

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Cheese pizza & 2 sausage, mushroom and  pepperoni 

I picked up a couple medium spicy Italian sausages and cooked them in the KK while it was pulling up to temp. They got a little crispy on the outside but tasted just fine on the pizza. I also diced your some baby Bella mushrooms and cooked them with olive oil, truffle salt and thyme 

I brushed olive oil on the outside dough on the cheese pizza forgot on my 2nd pizza then did olive oil and sea salt on the crust of the 3rd. All tasted great 







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Friday afternoon here, lit the fire, called into town for a beer with mates, came home to 180c ( 360f), salted lamb shanks and placed them over low grill while I chopped veges and

Ground herbs- cumin, garlic, coriander seeds, purple crack, peppercorns, pepper, bay leaves,
I let the veges take on some smoke and direct fire then threw it all into the camp oven.
Tossed in some canned tomatoes, and later beans
Tekobo I will be trying most cooks now with the half basket- thank for the tip and reminding me. 58de627a164ff111c38977d7a94fe4cd.jpg
This lamb stew was very tasty.
Tasty enough where my vegetarian mates were eating this by trying to pick around the lamb.

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Good luck [mention=3733]Forrest[/mention] how big is it?

It was 16 lbs I believe before trimming. It was a long brisket. I laid it over a rib rack.

I never knew chad white had a rub. Have you used it before?

First time using it, excited to try it. I bought a set of rubs, there are two others from him.

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