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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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My first pizza cook on my KK turned out great, not perfect but very good. Some observations:

-Getting a KK to 500-600 degrees is way easy compared to a ceramic Kamado and quick. Lots of charcoal, lots of lighting and voila!

-This was my first cook above 400 and I’ve never done the so called burn-in. I was cooking between 500-600 degrees and didn’t really smell anything venting off. I will have to check the grill for venting. I don’t think I’m ever going to do a formal burn-in just little by little over hotter cooks.

-I used a forum members sourdough crust recipe (happy to share). I think the pizza toppings cooked before the crust, so I think the stone needed to be hotter, I did preheat the stone in the oven while the KK was coming to temp. My OO Caputo flour was the flour designed for cooking at 500 degrees, I think for home ovens, this may be the culprit over the stone. Any thoughts?

-I used the Ooni sauce recipe, very good, happy to share.

- I want to try another crust recipe, what had been your favorite recipe for those of you who do pizza regularly?

-Overall the pizza was awesome and I got many compliments.

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Looks good @MacKenzie

@Forrest I got this recipe from @MacKenzie so credit goes to her but it’s pretty easy to make in a food processor. 

Some of the things I’ve learned as I’ve gotten better at the crust is the following 

1. weigh your dough ingredients, be exact 

2. try to focus on getting even dough ball once removed from food processor, then slice that dough ball into 3 smaller ones

3. take your time trying to get the three smaller balls even, the better I do at this stage the more even the crust comes out when I cook it 

4. Refrigerate dough minimum of 24 hours up to 72

5. Take dough out 3-4 hours before cooking 

6. once removed smash down  on ball with hand a few times to flatten 

7. Then carry edges of dough in hands, let dough stretch as you turn it

8. roll with rolling pin to get it nice and thin and evenly spread

9. twist crust 

10. brush crust with olive oil

11. sprinkle sea salt on crust 

12. add sauce and spread thinly 

13. Leave pizza stone in KK (at cooking temp) for at least 60 minutes prior to cooking 

14. place pizza on parchment paper on KK

15.  I cook my pizzas at 500-515

16. cook approximately 10 minutes each, rotating the pizza every 2-3 minutes as there’s always a hotter part of the Kk, remove parchment paper last 1-3 minutes 

17. I use the double drip pan for indirect heat 

pizza sauce recipe here (I double the amount of garlic)


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Used the rotisserie for first time tonight. I used basket splitter on my KK23 so only had back half lit, dome temp 400 (meater probe showed consistent 350 ambient) for about 1.5 hours. 6lb roasting chicken with a simple chicken rub. Came out great!! Super fun. 

didn’t use the drip pan, used foil to cover the half of the basket that was covered. Threw in a few cherry and apple wood chunks. 



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Troble, one thing I'd like to add, I never use a rolling pin, just my fingers to flatten it out, I don't want to squish all the air out of the dough. :-D 

Exactly the same here Mack, I’m very careful about keeping a nice airy rim around the pizza, it gives great results.

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Nicely done! I'm on the other end of the scale. No grill pics, just one plated one. Grilled chicken breasts for tostada's. Grilled the poblano for the salsa. The corn that I got at the market the other day was Meh, so tonight I grilled an ear for Elotes. Nailed it! 
A couple of margaritas to go with it sealed the deal!
Gorgeous evening to eat outside, too!

Nice looking cooks by everyone. Tony was yours delivered or was it take away?…… no cooking pics!
I’m feeling inspire for more chicken!

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On 7/13/2021 at 6:06 AM, Basher said:

Tony was yours delivered or was it take away?…… no cooking pics! emoji33.png

So tonight's dinner has cooking pics, for the skeptical among you! 😝

Smoked wings, with another ear of corn for elotes, and a nice slab of grilling cheese for an app!


And because it was National French Fry day (I bet you didn't know that?), I did a nice batch in the air fryer, with a nice side of jalapeno mayo. Beer is from a local brewery run by one of my homebrewing club buddies.


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Grabbed a 3lb cowboy prime from Costco (first time) last night.

cooked at 300 dome temp for about 1 he 10 until it hit 118, pulled and cranked to 500-550. It only took a few minutes to get the fire roaring, then seared on lower grate over fire 1.5 min each side. Pulled and center was 135 on dot basically! No other wood, just used coffeechar. 




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