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The Bear Cometh!

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54 minutes ago, Aussie Ora said:

Mate driving across my country was the most remarkable thing I have ever done when you get to the middle of Australia it's so clear no lights just stars it's an awesome experience. The sky just lights up its amazing no light pollution not anything just pure sky pure stars

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That must be spectacular with zero light pollution!  Those are the parts of the planet that fascinate me, not the crowded cities.

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Seriously well executed. Glad the move went off without incident. Can't wait to see that first virgin cook! I bet your Seahawks buddy could polish off a whole pork butt by himself! 

Brings back memories of moving mine from the garage, up a similar flight of steps on a ramp to the living room, rolling it across the floor and out onto the deck. Instead of the chain-fall and come-alongs, we just used refrigerator moving straps and 5 burly guys (OK, 4 burly guys and fatboy me - LOL!)

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Thanks Dennis!  "Final resting place" is almost true, the KK has wheels that allow for little old disabled me to push it around the patio by myself.  So far I have moved it once and there mat be another move in the near future.  Trying different locations for wind and aesthetic reasons.

Thanks for making such a nice machine Dennis.








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Thanks BillG71, it was an adventure moving it but the photos show how really east it was with a few simple tools, with the exception of the forklift which was overkill.  I am a believer in overkill rather than the opposite and something breaking and causing a disaster :-)


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Thank you Tony :-)  The next step is a method of storing the grills, stones, charcoal and smoking woods.  I have a plan but who knows when it will happen.  Our clothes dryer died yesterday and that means the washing machine is not far behind, they both are 22 years old so I figure they have lasted long enough and time to find new ones.  The fun never stops ...


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On 11/30/2016 at 6:14 PM, FotonDrv said:

Well, the BKK32 arrived today so now the unpacking has begun.  Wow, it was an engineering feat to get all that stuff inside the big shell, Kudos to Dennis and his team!


2 pallets arrived and I moved the big one and the delivery driver took the little one (240LB of goods) down my driveway.  I am super happy the way it went, nothing like heavy equipment to do the job :-) Now I need to move the gutted shell down a flight of stairs.


The next series of photos will have the process of going down the stairs.  Note the big fuzzy puppy supervising the forklift.  She is pretty good for a 17month old and didn't yap to much.




















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