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  1. Just another steak night but this time it was a Solo campfire cook. My first one of the year.
  2. A friend with KK envy gave me some smoked sliced goose breast meat. The season just opened here on Monday and her husband got the goose.
  3. I know this is not a KK cook but it does keep me going so I can cook on the KK. Fresh from the garden except the celery and the shallot.
  4. Pouchie, you could name the person to whom you want to send the comments. Example - @ Tony, then make your comments
  5. I think I need my head examined. I cooked this on the KK and I was so shaken up by the experience that the pix is even blurry. Haddock on the KK.
  6. @CBill, apparently you've never cooked on a KK with pebbles.
  7. Tony, I guess you are going to have to do this dinner over and get it right.
  8. I'm looking forward to the unveiling.
  9. Can you use wood as a fuel instead of gas? Looks like lots of fun.
  10. Looking goooood, Troble.
  11. We certainly owe Troble a great big thanks and thanks again.
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