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  1. Tony, I steamed them in the Vermicular, cooled them in the fridge and next day sprayed them with oil and cooked them in the Instant Vortex Air Fryer for about 8-10 min or so at 395 - 400F. Just winged it.
  2. An easy dinner and more squash. After all it is squash season. This time a very small butternut squash that I wasn't sure was going to even ripen before the killer frost hit but there it is. Served with chicken burger and roasted potatoes.
  3. Dinner in the dark. Hotel style pork chop, fried potatoes and squash seasoned with thyme, ghee and maple syrup. Plated.
  4. I'm glad we got that straight, Poochie.
  5. No difference in upkeep between pebbles and tiles.
  6. No question, pebbles all the way. Some folks have tiles and they say the same thing but what they don't tell you is that had to get tiles because Dennis was all out of pebbles.
  7. Beautiful cook, great colour on that chicken.
  8. That is a tough decision, my point of view would be get the largest size you can fit into your space. Better to have too much grilling surface than too little. Good luck and what ever you decide upon you are going to be in for a thrill.
  9. A friend gave me some of her first smoked meat adventure and I'd say it won't be her last, I sure enjoyed it. Loaded with Swiss cheese and some cold slaw.
  10. Tekobo, you are making my mouth water.
  11. Tony, that is a stunning pix. I love it.
  12. Jacquie, that sounds wonderful, let's hope Dennis has that option.
  13. Like a pro already. Lovely ribs.
  14. Don't tell me Tony is still pushing tiles, I guess what they say is correct, you can't teach a retired engineer new tricks.
  15. Beautiful KK, and just wait until you taste the food.
  16. That will be quite the way to start the new year off, Pouchie.:)
  17. Stunning, Troble. Thanks for the tour.
  18. remi, lovely cook and a bonus smoke ring to boot.
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