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Chimichurri Brisket

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No matter what time I start a brisket I always feel like it is not early enough.  I got up at 0530 to start the fire and things seem to be running smoothly at 145C/295F.   I just looked up other posts about hot and fast brisket and I see that folks go up to 350F for that method.  Here is hoping that things go well today.  I am following a recipe in Adam Perry Lang's book, Charred & Scrubbed.  His brisket was on the bone.  Mine is about 10kg/22lb and off the bone.


I aged it in the dry ager for about 2 weeks.  Looked good when I got it out this morning. Very little to trim off.


I made up and applied his four seasons blend https://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/four-seasons-blend-51103210.  He encourages you to create a "meat paste" by wetting your hands and working the seasoning in before leaving for ten minutes or so for the meat juices to form a crust with the rub.  He says this is a good starter crust that then develops further as the meat cooks.  I have used his blend and method with other meats and like it.  

I am never sure about cutting against the grain when the brisket is ready and so I have tried the trick of cutting the end of the joint before cooking to help me with slicing the cooked meat.  Not totally sure that I have got the right angle but it's close enough for Govt work.  


For once, I did make the dough ring to go round the top of my smoke pot as I was keen to make sure I got good, clean smoke.  I used a mix of apple and oak pellets - I just want a gentle smoke flavour.  The recipe calls for the meat to be cooked with strips of fat above the meat to baste it as it cooks.  I laid out the the trimmings from the brisket on a rack above.  More stages to come but all looking good for the moment.  





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I don't think I've ever heard of bone-in brisket.

I'm not a brisket fan but I've done the meat paste thing with pork Boston butts - that's one of the things that led to my prep gloves question in the banter section of the forum; salt and several types of ground pepper rubbed into all the nicks and cuts I always seem to have on my hands and fingers is not a lot of fun!

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I usually rub briskets and butts with CYM (classic yellow mustard) to make my "paste." Works well. I usually don't wear gloves for it though.

@tekobo off to a great start! If not too late, put some of that cut fat into a pan to collect the rendering and let it absorb smoke. Baste it onto the brisket just before you wrap it in the pink butcher paper. I'm liking this new twist on the standard Franklin brisket. 

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It was a hectic weekend in the end, hence the delayed post.  After about four hours the next stage for the brisket was to put it in a pan with a bit of water and to slather it in chimichurri sauce.  


Basted with more chimichurri roughly every hour with a brush fashioned out of rosemary.  I added more water to the base, probably too much but I was worried about burning.  Cooked for a further six hours or so to get to the right temperature on the point (88C/190F) and then wrapped.  Now I know why he leaves the brisket on the bone.   It was soooo soft that I needed to wrap my hands under the meat and get further help with a big spatula to move it without having it fall apart. 


Resting time gave me the chance to go and dig up some potatoes and harvest some beets.  


I followed three recipes from Mallman on Fire for the sides.  Here is an adaptation of his grilled endive recipe, using red chicory instead:


Potatoes parboiled and then roasted with rosemary and olive oil:


I was meant to roast the beets on the KK for the beet, arugula and orange salad but I didn't have enough time and ended up pressure cooking them.  I also used pink grapefruit segments in place of the orange.  They are in the top right corner of this picture.


The brisket was delicious.  One modification I would make would be to baste with some more fresh chimichurri sauce at the point of serving to brighten things up in taste and colour.


We finished with grilled peaches and figs topped with mint, amaretto and lemon zest.  Another Mallman on Fire recipe.




Matched with plum ice cream


I enjoyed the day.  My normal mode is to throw a party for a minimum of 50 people and to spend ages making a variety of protein dishes.  A COVID aware 20 made this much easier all round and everyone got the chance to sit around and chat late into the night.  


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