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42 delivery

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New 42 delivered and placed.  @tekobo - this (42+16) has been the target setup for 2+ years - just took a while to get here!  Also, learned from building the ramp last time and had the crane do the heavy lifting today!   Great to see the tweaks and new innovations @DennisLinkletter continues to roll into the design - steel band on the lid, D gasket, firebox divider, etc.   Excited to break this in and get get cooking this weekend!
















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15 minutes ago, tekobo said:

Beautiful @Mcjudsten!  Seriously jealous of that combo.  The perspective on that picture makes the 16 not seem quite so small but we know the difference between the two is MASSIVE.  I am curious about these two pans.  What do they do?


Those are ss drip pans.  There is no double bottom for the 42, would be too big.  These are singles. 

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2 hours ago, tony b said:

That had to be "puckering" watching your KK floating in the air like that? Glad to see that it "landed" safely! You're going to have soooo much fun with this new setup! Can't wait to see pics of your first cooks on it! What's on deck for the virgin cook?

There were a couple of “moments” on this delivery.  The lift gate on the delivery truck was half busted and I watched the whole crate tip while being lowered off the truck.  And when the crane started the lift they were square side to side, but a little off center front to back- so it started to rotate to the back- had to call a stop and reset! 

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19 hours ago, Mcjudsten said:

Those are ss drip pans.  There is no double bottom for the 42, would be too big.  These are singles. 

I had no idea there were double bottom drip pans in that shape. I'll one of those would fit in a 32".  Right Dennis?  By the way, great setup you've got and good to have extra help when the goodies arrive. You also said you learned from building the ramp last time. Could you share what happened? I'm asking because I built a ramp for my upcoming 32".  Thanks!

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On 10/26/2021 at 5:36 PM, Basher said:

Awesome mcjudsten.
2 extremes right there.
Break in cooks? A lamb, a goat, a cow?

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The two things we really don’t even try on the 16TT are pizza and brisket.  The kids have been asking for kk pizza since it was dropped the drive- so that is on the list for sure.  

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A couple of low temp pre burn in cooks.  Chicken for a deconstructed pot pie and short ribs for a ragu.  Both were great.  Now we are 12 hours into the burn in/ venting process, stable at 750f and still “negotiating” with two spots on the lid that are steaming with tiles popped out.  All part of the process.  I see kk pizza in the light at the end of the tunnel next weekend!  





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Back to those drip pans...I'll bet one will fit inside the other to make a double bottom pan. And it's possible that they are full size steamer pans. If they are, you can purchase two more and make another double bottom pan. This is a plan I have now with 2 full size steamer pans and 2 half size. You can also buy covers for them if needed.  Good luck on your future cooks on it.

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