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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Did lots of smoking yesterday.  Lamb shoulder in one KK, pheasant breasts for the neighbour in the other followed by a pork "hand" which I marinaded in jerk spices and rum.  Yum.  Here is the lamb.


Having been rude about air fryers, I bought one with some store vouchers that we had and am very impressed. I am also very happy to report that I have subverted the low fat premise of an air fryer.  Here I give you brat kartoffeln with lots of butter.




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Nice roadkills and that steak doesn't look too shabby either. I'd say that you're indeed getting the hang of it!

@tekobo - love my air fryer. Glad to see you jump on the bandwagon. Just be a bit careful with the extra oil/fat, as you don't want it to get pulled up into the heating element at the top and cause problems. 

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Jeez I hate coming to this thread, as it makes me hungry and jealous....LOL.  Sure hope the summer permits me to get back using my KK again.  Crappy weather has knocked ME (not the KK) out of commission for a long while.  Been dying for some smoked ribs.  Been working from home for several weeks and would have been the perfect time for all sorts of great KK meals.....sigh.

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I can't get enough of those crispy fried potatoes. Here they are again. I'm thinking I should keep boiled russets in the fridge so I can have these whenever I get the craving, well that might not be such a great idea.;)


Those potatoes stay crispie right until the end of the meal. :)


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On 4/14/2020 at 12:52 PM, MacKenzie said:

It is important to break the potatoes up with your fingers, you want to rough edge on every piece of potatoe.

Maybe I didn't boil it long enough, even though the knife went into it very easily, but it didn't want to break up with my hands the next day? All it wanted to do was peel the skin off. So, I just cubed it up. I understand the "craggy edges" idea of it, as one of my other fav spud recipes has you par boil them, and rough them up in a bowl with the oil until the outer part is starting to break down. Then into the air fryer. Will keep practicing!

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Dang Herbie, your hurting me, that looks like a fine meal, I love smoked oysters. 

Our good kook today were legs coated with Stubbs original BBQ sauce. Had this little fellow learning to fly a few feet away while I was cooking, Mamma was

very excited, flitting around, bringing him pieces of a worm she had. He finally made a few short flights along the fence line and was gone. He will be back at my feeders soon.  This is a Cardinal chick.


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