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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Korean Pork Tenderloins - direct, main grate @ 325F, with peach wood chunks. Marinade was Bulgogi with some pineapple hot sauce. Basted the tenderloins a couple of times during the cook. A bundle of asparagus for good measure.


Plated with some pineapple fried rice (see the connection with the marinade hot sauce!) Did the fried rice in the paella pan to get a nice crust. 




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That video came through mcg.
Great looking cook.
Not sure why you want to remove the connective tissue. That’s my favourite, sticky, gooey, flavoursome, juicy part combined with the muscle.
The fat I understand.
If you want to remove the fat, it would be tricky to leave connective tissue behind.

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