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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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I haven't posted in a few weeks but not for lack of cooking!

Here are several items I've done during the holidays and recently.

1st two pics - Tenderloin stuffed with Fior di latte, parrano, and roasted red bells. Smoked over coffee char (I think - probably also leftovers from other cooks) then final sear on the evo. A tad overcooked but its tenderloin so still very good.

3rd - greek lamb chops, green beans, and (over-cooked) greek potatoes.

4th - pork belly burnt ends and a few thick slices for tacos. Fogo yellow and a chunk of post oak. I pulled the thick slices before done to use for tacos.

5th - Finished pork belly - I also threw some brisket in after the last pic. I'd picked up a brisket point for my wife to use for her Vietnamese soups.

6th - Guajilo salsa cooking!

7th - searing the pork belly and tortillas

8th - Final product of the smoked/seared pork belly - tacos w/guajilo salsa, pickled red onions, Mexican creme, and cojita cheese! Also grilled some corn to make elotes! We prefer to remove from the cob before coving in mayo/mexican crema/cojita/and spice.

Hello 2021, goodbye resolutions!

Edit: The order wasn't what I expected but put your elementary caps on and draw lines from the picture to the description :)









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Here been busy but continue to be inspired by y'all.  

Chicken shawarma inspired by @Troble.  Just four thighs made a good meal for two.  I used a shop bought ready mix of shawarma spices. Delicious.  


The chicken went into tortillas made to @PVPAUL's family recipe and method.  I cooked them first in a cast iron pan and then passed them directly over the flames.  All topped off with a hot pepper mash sauce inspired by @tony b.  See?  I've been thinking of you. 


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It’s 86 degrees here today in January. Peach tree flowers are opening. Feels like summer 

I’ve done the lobster cooks 3x now. First time I paid $16/each, then it was $24/each. Then they disappeared for about 6 weeks cause China was buying them for $65/each. Now they are back for $30/each but after a long week here in the US decided to treat myself and the wife 

one of the lobsters had this pink stuff in it I guess it’s called a tamale, highly sought after in sushi restaurants I was told but that one was incredibly pink and tasted like Maine lobster claws 

grilled over coffee char with garlic, butter, parsley & chives 

slow baked sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt and grilled asparagus 







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6 hours ago, Troble said:

Question though - which KK did you do that on? I can’t fit anything below my rotisserie on my 32

Surprised by that.  I have not tried this in my 32 but here are clearer pictures of the setup I used in the 23 in the summer.  In the summer I used the upper/pizza grate turned upside down in the 23.  In the shot above I just used the lower grate throughout.  


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Nice lobsters. I can just see MacKenzie's face as she sees those pictures - LOL!!!

Last night was a pre-marinated pork loin (Local supermarket has been running BOGO sales on them just about every week lately!) This one was garlic and herb, which I rubbed with Sucklebusters Lemon & Garlic. Direct, 325F, apple wood chunks. 


Plated with curry rice and a Greek salad.


These things are super juicy. And a 2-4-1 deal to boot!

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4 hours ago, Troble said:

@tekobo I’ve tried 3x previously but I can’t use the lower grate and rotisserie at the same time with my 32. Perhaps using the pizza grate flipped would work, but now that I bought that Trompo King accessory it’s kind of a mute point. 

I guess you are saying there is not enough room?  Too dark and cold here for me to go out to experiment in the 32 here.  

I did look up the Trompo King.  Why don't I have one yet?

1. The UK site doesn't have any supply

2. The US site won't ship to the UK even though their help folk said they would

3. I wonder if I really need one and whether the "self basting" in the horizontal rotisserie format is a better solution.

Rest assured, reasons 1 and 2 are the prime reasons.  I am wondering if I can adapt make something similar here.  We do have a local blacksmith who made our staircase and gates.  I wonder what he (a vegetarian) will think of a commission to make a shawarma spike. 


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1 hour ago, BOC said:

Not as easy as buying one, but the internet wins again. [mention=3070]Tekobo[/mention], I think you can buy one that ships to UK on Etsy too.



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Hi BOC, the UK site says shipping Oct 12th!  In any case, I don't really want something with a permanent spike in it hanging around my kitchen. I like the DIY version.  I have all the components bar the pineapple.  Can get one of those next time I venture out into COVID Central i.e. outside my front door.

In the meantime, KK23 is lit.  Wingfest for tonight's football.  It is that bittersweet point in the season. Lots of great football but the knowledge that it will soon be all over and your team won't have won. Yay all the same.  

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26 minutes ago, tekobo said:

 In any case, I don't really want something with a permanent spike in it hanging around my kitchen.

It seems to me the Trompo King version has at least four interchangeable spikes of various lengths which screw into the base dish, if I remember it correctly. @Troble probably knows for sure. In any event, it would be a nice feature of a DIY version.

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Since @tekobo mentioned football, I'll share my cook for the weekend's games. I made chile verde, starting with turning 6 pounds of pork loin and pork shoulder into carnitas yesterday, finishing up this afternoon with the rest of the cook. Four pounds of tomatillos, 1 1/2 pounds of tomatoes, 1 1/2 pounds of Hatch and poblano chiles, etc. Game one is about to start.


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Pretty cold here today at just on freezing and with pretty heavy snow so my enthusiasm for being outside doing a cook was not at its peak. 

So we decided to go for Okonomoyaki tonight. Can't claim credit as it was Mrs BQ on the grill. If you don't know the dish - this describes it and what goes into it. We tend to do Osaka (authentic style) and use all Japanese ingredients as substitutions do compromise it. We tend to do ours with a combination of sliced belly pork (have to get it from a Japanese butcher as our local butchers can't seem to get it looking like the picture attached, even when cut slightly frozen). 

Cooked on our teppanyaki grill which is the equivalent of a KK in terms of build quality and design. 

The domes are burger dome covers and are used to help generate steam which cooks the mixture through without burning the bottom.

You then finish with Kewpie mayo, Okonomiyaki sauce, Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), Aonori (dried green seaweed). They can be incredibly decorative but in my enthusiasm to dig in, I forgot to take a picture. 

I'm tempted to do a version in future with left over pork or brisket but will probably do it with a schichimi togarashi rub so the flavour profiles work together. I'll just buy it in versus making it from scratch. 






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Non KK cook 

my wife’s parents are visiting from LA so I made my wife’s favorite Peruvian dish Aji de Gallina, which is essentially Peruvian curry 

boiled chicken breast, pounded and shredded. Sauce consists of red onion, cumin, garlic, oregano, cumin, Aji Amarillo paste 

you take take a loaf of white bread and blend it with some of the chicken water, walnuts 

add blended mixture, add chicken broth,  add evaporated milk, add 2 chopped Aji Amarillo, add shredded chicken 

serve with white rice (traditionally they also serve it with 1/2 hard boiled egg but I hate hard boiled eggs and don’t do that 

always a little added pressure when I’m cooking for the parents who are from Lima but fortunately they said I nailed it and it’s better than they can find in LA gave them both to go containers to take home 

father in law made Chicha Morada which is a sugary purple Peruvian corn drink that the kids love 




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