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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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If you notice my cooks, i tend to favor simple preparations but decided to complicate things a bit by attempting a variation on a porchetta. I thought my pork loin was too small to attempt a spiraling cut so i just made two slices into the side and filled with onions, yellow sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, kale, shredded Italian cheese blend, fresh basil, SPG, and sprayed with olive oil.

Roasted at 325* F with taters and asparagus underneath and used hickory pellets in the cold smoker.

The loin needed a bit more cheese and the asparagus was a bit over-charred but everything was still very tasty!

Yeah, i know i could do a more attractive plating but i was hungry!







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Friday night here is generally Steak Night. Last night was no exception. Prime grade ribeye cap, seasoned with Gunpowder and Dizzy Pig Raising the Steaks. Direct on the lower grate. For the "reverse sear," I went caveman on it and held the steak just above the coals with the tongs for about 30 seconds on each side - nice crust. (Note: I would have used the sear grate, but when I was setting up the grill, I noticed that it was not very clean, so I opted out of using it.)


Plated with cauliflower "rice," sauteed shrooms and side salad. Splurged and opened a 25 year old bottle of Ridge Zin from my cellar - still holds up!


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6 hours ago, Poochie said:

  Jeffshoaf, that bread is the star of the show for me. I just love that stuff. I wouldn't kick the ribs off the plate either. 

My bread machine is over 20  years old and still gets regular use. Bread and pizza dough are the only things I make on a regular basis that I always follow a recipe when making -- i just don't have a feel for how the individual ingredients affect the result. I went thru a period a few years ago when I made bread without using the machine but I didn't really enjoy doing it so I almost always used the machine.

I don't use the machine for pizza dough though; I use PizzaApp+ to calculate ingredient proportions and a stand mixer to do most of the kneading. I make pizza almost once a week but I don't think I've posted pics here since I don't bake them in the KK. I have a  relatively small electric pizza oven that will hit 750* F and an outdoor gas pizza oven that will go even higher.

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Yep, older wines like that can be hit or miss on how well they age and when they "peak" in maturity. A roll of the dice sometimes. This one was a hit! I actually have some 30+ year old stuff in the cellar. I'm surprised that I didn't drink more of the older ones during the lockdowns? :wynar:

Jerk pork chops last night. Chops were marinated all day. Direct on the main grate at 325F. Aluminum pouch of pimento wood chips, leaves and berries (aka - allspice) for true Jamaican flavor. Ya mon!


Plated with roasted Yukons (perfect!) and sautéed green beans with jerk seasoning. Sorry, no 25 year old wine tonight - just a "house" rose. 


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Made some pork belly burnt ends again - this time for a Halloween party. Were a hit! Smoked with cherry wood chunks at 225 for 2.5 hours (rubbed with meatchurch Honey Hog), then sauced with bbq sauce, butter, and honey in a foil pan and covered with foil for an hour on smoker, finished at 275 without the foil for another 30-45 minutes. 




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