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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Another family weekend- with the father in law visiting for the first time in almost a year.

Bistecca fiorentina for the adults- reverse seared over some peach wood chunks, regular basting with butter with a brush of bouquet garni from the garden. Some yoghurt and cumin marinated lamb ribs for snacks, roast potatoes and salad. Burgers and pork sausage for the kids. Local Italian butcher knew what to do- pulled the giant primal from the cool room and sawed the pieces to my preference... nice to have a butcher like that a 5min walk from your front door!

Possibly the most remarkable steak I have ever eaten- certainly the best I have cooked. Tender, moist, smoky and so full of flavour. Never considered a condiment as it would have been superfluous.

Really finding my groove here! Another win for the KK!











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This doesn't hold a candle to any steaks, etc.  However I did want to post since it was my first strictly grilling exercise on the KK.  The 42 is large, but when you're doing a simple grilling exercise like this and have the basket splitter set up with charcoal in the middle, it doesn't seem "too big".  Anyway - I did some pork sausages.  They turned out really well.  What is so awesome about it is that the refractory material all around the firebox and lower grate surface get heat soaked and radiate heat in addition to the direct heat from the fire.  I should have taken a picture of a cut sausage.  JSSG4.thumb.png.8067eda45cb140b7ff0b14b96b132fa6.pngThere was a pink ring around the outside.  I never got this on my egg.  Super simple cook - nothing fancy at all, but to me it was great.  If nothing else I got to look at my beautiful grill for a few minutes just sitting on my back steps.  This morning it's back to reality!!





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3 hours ago, Poochie said:

I'm glad to see you constantly using that 42" KK, johnnymnemonic. You'll be an expert pretty soon and helping the new guys. Keep it up and you'll forget your Big Green Egg's last name.  I'm sure you'll get a "Cooked to Perfection on my Komodo Kamado" plate too. 

Yeah @PoochieThis weekend actually was the first time that I looked at where my egg and my old gasser is and thought "I sure could use that space back".  The more I use the KK the better/faster I get at working with it.  Grilling is a pretty easy setup.  I can envision feeling like it's no more trouble than the egg is after a while.  Right now the KK seems like more of a "production" every time I use it.  One thing I figured out is - the bottom area under the firebox is pretty big.  Probably don't even need to look under there to get ash out until after 3-4 cooks.  Could maybe go longer.  

One thing I have come to appreciate about the 42 is that it's huge, but it really is very usable for a small grilling task.

We'll see if I get another cheesy serving plate.  I just instinctively grabbed that one b/c it hangs out with all my stuff.

Re: the BGE - I may keep it just b/c I may want two kamados from time to time. I can't spring for a 2nd KK right now but if I did, it would be the 21.

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7 hours ago, johnnymnemonic said:

Right now the KK seems like more of a "production" every time I use it.  One thing I figured out is - the bottom area under the firebox is pretty big.  Probably don't even need to look under there to get ash out until after 3-4 cooks.  Could maybe go longer.  

Johnny, your post reminded me of an experiment that Charles did many moons ago.  Discovering it freed me from the shackles of sweeping out my KK after every cook.  He went 15 cooks, just sweeping the ash towards the back of his KK.  And he only had a 19!  See below for link.  We haven't heard from him for a while but I am sure he is out there enjoying life.  Cheers @ckreef, wishing you and Mrs SK well.



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We do a lot of simple grilling with that configuration.  I leave the center rack flipped sideways unless we really need the space to allow easy fire access for starting or adding smoke wood.  Tonight was boneless pork chops, arugula salad, and roast butternut squash.  Sorry, missed getting the plated picture.   



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We're having a short run of unseasonably warm weather (upper 50s) and I took advantage to reclaim valuable real estate in my chest freezer by finally cooking this full packer cut brisket that I bought on sale back in September ($1.98/lb). Simple, straightforward cook - 250F with the Guru (it was an overnighter), with the smoker pot full of post oak, mesquite, hickory and apple wood chunks. Indirect with AL foil on the lower grate. Simple rub of Lane's Brisket rub with CYM slather. Was a 14 hour cook - I screwed up and didn't take it out of the freezer in time to fully thaw, so it was still frozen in the middle (37F) when it went on the KK @ 5pm. Had to get up @ 3am to wrap it in the pink butcher paper when it cleared the stall (173F) and slather on the Wagyu beef tallow (needed, as this was just a "choice" grade brisket - hence, the cheap price.) Finished @ 6am at 203F. Cut off the point and cubed it for burnt ends, which went back on the KK for 45 minutes. Rested the flat for 5 hours before slicing. And YES, there's pictures! 


The smaller piece of protein was a pre-marinated pork tenderloin (apple bourbon) that I did for dinner.





It's gonna be a while before I do one of these again! I'm sticking to pot roasts from now on - a much simpler cook and not as much BBQ to put up in the freezer.

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Well, one step forward, multiple steps backwards! With the big-ass brisket out of the freezer, I did a deep dive to see what’s in the bottom. Damn! 3 full pork shoulders and a ½ pork shoulder roast AND another full packer cut brisket (at least this one is Prime!) I guess that I was a shopping fool at some point! 😆

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I was inspired by the briskets@Lannoos did a while back where he had to cater for a large crowd. I have two small gatherings this coming weekend with very little time next weekend for cooking. I pulled out this old recipe that I love. My mom gave me a book 22 years ago by Bobby Flay. “Boy meets Grill”. In it is this great tenderloin recipe. https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/black-pepper-and-molasses-glazed-filet-mignon-recipe-1960605 . The glaze is a pain but it is so wonderfully good. And instead of flay’s sear first method I did reverse sear. I have these done tenderloins in the fridge now, whole. I plan to slice them into steaks first thing in the morning and vac seal, then warm them up in the sous vide next weekend. I have extra glaze to drizzle on the dish. Will update when I serve them. The smaller pan in the kk42 is some of the trimmings. I decided not to waste anything and just make some smoky beef nuggets I can use for a lunch or a snack later. When you have a 42 why not use up the space? I also threw some of the less usable trimmings into the crock pot and rendered the fat.

I had my hands full during the sear phase so I did not get a picture. I took the tenderloin off the upper grate, removed the middle upper. I put the left side of the lower grate on and seared on the lower grate right over the fire. The KK lower grate is perfectly positioned height wise. I think this is going to be really good.



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Did a rotisserie turkey tonight and it was amazing.

Salt brined the turkey overnight, Injected butter in the morning, secured turkey in the rotisserie cradle, set up the charcoal basket splitter half way, had the lump charcoal on the rear side / got fire going in 2 spots for even cooking, spun at 350f and then 400f for final 20 mins to crisp up the skin (action shot below towards then end. Flames started when I opened the lid).

Overall very happy - family loved it :)


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I really wanted pork chops today and I found these nice thick ones at the butcher shop. And they also had chicken breast with apple and sausage stuffing. Do I figured I might as well cook both 😁And I also found a local source for some decent BBQ supplies so I grabbed the sauce, I like it !!!!!






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