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KK Hi-Cap 22 is home! (lots of pics)

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The delivery truck arrived today and this time it had the KK crate on it as well as the charcoal. :) The driver was very helpful, he backed up to the house without being asked and after I bribed tipped him he was happy to roll the crate the 25' or so to the patio. It helped that I had 3 sheets of plywood laying on the grass for the pallet jack to roll on.

Last Tuesday when they arrived with just the charcoal pallet(I refused delivery), I had one of my framing crews working on the sunroom so I had plenty of manpower on hand. Today they're 75 miles away generating income and it was just me so I was happy to tip the driver and even happier when he agreed to haul it around.

First pics:

KK 22 Is Home-1.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-2.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-4.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-5.jpg

I know all about taking out the lag screws and lifting off the top of the crate but it's kind of hard to do that with no help. So I proceeded to demolish the crate:


KK 22 Is Home-6.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-7.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-8.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-9.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-11.jpg

So the KK gets it's first glimpse of Georgia Sunshine! :D Now I just have to figure out how to get it onto the patio.

To be continued....

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So I made a run over to my storeroom and found an old block and tackle(funny how those things you haven't used in 20 years come in handy), did some rigging and came up with this setup. McGyver would be proud! :)

KK 22 Is Home-13.jpg

But I hadn't noticed the bottom support box under the cooker, it hung up on it after getting off the plywood blocks under the front casters:

KK 22 Is Home-14.jpg

I could have pushed it off but I was afraid it would get away from me so I called my brother-in-law and asked him to stop by on his way home. In the meantime I cleaned up, unwrapped the charcoal pallet and unboxed the accessories:

KK 22 Is Home-15.jpg

He showed up after an hour or so and rocked the cooker off the box while I pulled, KK came down the ramp and touched down on the patio as sweet as could be:

KK 22 Is Home-16.jpg

To be continued(part 2)...

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So now all that's left to do is unwrap, unbox and assemble:

KK 22 Is Home-17.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-18.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-19.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-20.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-21.jpg

KK 22 Is Home-22.jpg

Now I just have to do something with the remnants:

KK 22 Is Home-23.jpg

And clean the brick! There used to be a planting bed at that part of the house before I dug it up and laid the patio, I hadn't realized all that green gunk was behind the grills.:(

Oh, and put some charcoal in the grill and fire it up! :D Almost forgot....


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12 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

Gorgeous, and with all those pixs no worry about the chip kicking in and turning it into a single gasser. You must be absolutely thrilled. I'm looking forward to the first smoke. :) :smt023:smt023 :drinkers: :smt038

Thanks, I AM thrilled! It'll be a bit before I can smoke anything, I have a photog's pass to the Wings Over North Georgia airshow this weekend and I work too much to do one during the week. :(

I might just skip Sunday and get the cooker dialed in, maybe smoke a pork butt. But the first real smoke is definitely going to be the Aukashi brisket from Heritage Foods that's been sitting in the freezer whispering "Cook me."



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