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Deck Reinforcement, Unboxing 23” KK, Customer Service

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For about $70 I was able to reinforce my 30 year old deck.  This provided me some security that it won’t collapse under the weight of the new grill.  The unboxing of the grill and accessories was a religious experience as I kept praising Jesus. You know you’re special when the owner of the new grill you just bought calls you.

Deck Reinforcement

I have a wooden deck that is about 30 years old. I’m an electrical engineer but thought I could be a civil/structural engineer for the evaluation of my deck. After the evaluation I, concluded the deck appears to be in good shape, but out of an overabundance of caution I decided to reinforce the deck around the area where the Komodo Kamado will sit.  I went to the local hardware store and purchased about $70 worth of supplies. I figured that was a cheap investment to ensure the stability of the deck to support such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I removed three of the deck boards to gain access to the bottom or underside of the deck. I installed about 7 precast concrete deck blocks. Normally, these deck blocks would be in mounted on top of a concrete footing that goes below the frost line.  But since the overall deck structure was sound and I was just looking for some additional insurance and decided to not dig the footings. In my area I would of had to dig about 3’ deep to get below the frost line. I then cut and mounted pressure treated 4X4’s, securing with SS screws to the joists. The deck only needs to last about 5 years, and then will be replaced with an outdoor lanai.

Unboxing 23” KK

I’ve been researching ceramic grills for about two years as an upgrade to my WSM. The research has taking me to the typical places such as Big Green Egg and the Primo Grill. Up until about six months ago I was set on the Primo because that was one of the vendors available locally and I was able to put my eyes on it. The Primo looked very nice at the time. Somehow I stumbled upon Dennis’s website with the Komodo Kamado. As anybody that comes across the Komodo Kamado website can attest to there has never been anything in the history of ceramic grill making that comes close to its build quality, craftsmanship, engineering and artistic style.  I was hooked the first time I saw the website. After some internal justification because of the price, I made the purchase via the website. I took the day off work to accept delivery of my new grill (unnamed at this point).  I’ve read on this forum where people just look at their KK for its sheer beauty and I thought those people were “wacked” or “paid advertisers”…well I may be “wacked” but I’m not a paid advertiser. I too have been induced by hypnosis to just look at its curves…I can’t seem to look away nor do I want to.  The included crowbar was a nice touch but I din't need to use it as I had my own.  Using the top as the ramp works very well and allowed me to roll the grill down to ground floor without issue.

Customer Service

A short time after my purchase Dennis (The Owner, CEO, CFO, etc.) called me to congratulate me on the new purchase and wanted to confirm appropriate delivery as all items except for the cover were in stock in California. I received several emails including instructions on how to accept delivery which proved very helpful. After unboxing the KK and accessories I thought I was missing parts for the right side of the rotisserie unit.  I sent a two emails to customer service, an online chat that for some reason didn’t work, and then an email to Dennis to address the missing parts.  Dennis responded by calling me to apologize for the missed communications and redirected me to look into the small box that came in the KK for the right side rotisserie missing parts. The rotisserie parts were not to be found in the small box and I followed up with an email to Dennis which resulted in a no fuss delivery of the parts. To be honest, at the price, I expected a phone call or some type of recognition from Dennis and I was not disappointed. 


Up next, my first cook...stay tuned as I thought about the first cook for weeks....





















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Welcome to the Obsession! Nice pics of the uncrating. Excellent choice in color, too! 

I had my deck rebuilt just before I got my KK (still had the old POSK), and did 2 things specifically for it - the joists in that part of the grill are on 8" centers (code is 12"), and the deck boards are ironwood, which won't burn. A necessity, since the rest of the decking is TREX. 

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First cook should be the highest purpose of a KK. Don't grill something...


Smoke a pork shoulder; and feed any and all who will show up some spectacular pulled pork. You will be the f...ing champion of the neighborhood. In perpetuity. All will bow to you.

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