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Software Defined Espresso

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21 minutes ago, Bruce Pearson said:

I guess your right Mac but it tastes so bluuuugh 


Bruce the problem is you haven't ever had a truly good cup of coffee. I'm not a coffee aficionado but there is a world of difference between a cup of coffee and a truly good cup of coffee. 



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36 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

Bruce, I was over 50 before I ever had a cup of coffee, a Pepsi drinker I was. There is still hope for you.:smt060


If he is a Pepsi drinker there is no hope. They don't call it Rum and Pepsi - LOL 


I'm just full of myself tonight. 


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my wife has an obnoxious shopping habit. she likes to taste things, a bite of this, a sip of that. and when she buys something she likes, its not “how many grams of this..”, but “how many kilos of that…”

and this is just tea. she’s really into chinese medicinal herbs. cordecyps, fish maw, birds nest. all this weird funky stuff in the cupboards is all hers. my coffee station pales in comparison to what she has…

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3 hours ago, jonj said:

Mine is wine, guitars, and woodworking hand tools...

After all, as @tony b always says, "Welcome to the Obsession."

any obsession is good as long as it doesn't kill you..😅


anyway, back to the 2019 old thread topic of the Decent tablet espresso machine. i believe there are newer iterations of this model now and when i was in the market for an espresso machine, it was on my radar to consider. but at the end, i just wanted a solid machine paired with an even more solid grinder. the endless customization to tweak pressure and brew times is interesting to me, but i would imagine if something went wrong, you'd have to troubleshoot not only the mechanical part of the machine, but also software. to me that's too much to deal with. 

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