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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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kitchen is still under construction so got tarps all over while they are restaining the cabinets but I picked up some pre-marinated  and pre-sliced garlic & rosemary bone in leg of lamb. Did some slow roasted carrots with sea salt & olive oil then did some baby potatoes in the oven with olive oil, rosemary, truffle salt & thyme. Whipped up a little mint chimichurri on the side. Not bad




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Super simple meal today. Boneless pork chop seasoned with a simple rub of Lawry’s seasoned salt & brown sugar. Turned out amazing. Gonna use this on my next pork butt. 

reheated some potatoes from yesterday and grilled some asparagus with garlic powder, sea salt & olive oil. 

Indirect @ 350 with apple wood chips. Wife loved it and kids loved it. Oldest (6 year old)  said “daddy this part tastes like ham and this part tastes like bacon”


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@johnnymnemonic I just cover the surface with lawrys salt then repeat with brown sugar on top. I did that yesterday with the pork chop, let it sit overnight and turned out amazing today. I don’t skimp on rub. Probably need to use some Dijon mustard though on a pork butt to help the stick, should’ve done that on the chop but forgot 

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Wet brined 22lb turkey. Smoked with apple wood. Homemade stuffing, sweet potato mashed potatoes with coconut milk and maple syrup, Yukon good mashed potatoes with sour cream, parmesan & chives, green beans with Parmesan & bread crumbs, homemade gravy. Not pictured homemade bread pudding 









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Thanksgiving dinner last night. Turkey breast (11.8 pounds) dry-brined overnight and grilled at around 325°F for 4 hours with one small chunk of apple wood. Being just the breasts, it keeps falling over sideways (in the KK and on the board - I should have thought of that earlier). Plated with mashed potatoes, dressing, beer bread and creamed greens, accompanied by Abiouness Rose and Schramsberg sparkling wines. Turned out very well.



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Great looking turkeys! Did y'all use drippings to make the gravy? When I tried in the past with the single layer pan, the drippings always burned solid; I got the double bottom pan a while back but haven't used it too attempt gravy yet since my sister insists on doing the Thanksgiving turkey. I bought a turkey breast while on sale a few weeks back but haven't cooked it yet.

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