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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Today was steak day, I’d been a little under the weather the last few days but feeling better today so went and got a nice thick porterhouse 👍


cooked at 250 until internal temp got to 110, then rested before searing caveman style. 





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6 hours ago, C6Bill said:

No posts today, everyone must be on a diet after binge eating all weekend lol


Ha.  I eat all week too!  No on-KK shots for this but it is too tasty not to share and @C6Bill's post gave me the push I needed.  I used my smoke pot in the 23 KK to smoke new season garlic cloves in olive oil at 130C for an hour and then added in chopped onion for a further half hour.  I used hickory pellets in the smoke pot.  The oil and alliums came out fragrant and delicious.  I am going to be adding this to everything until it's all gone.  


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Hey all, Hope you all had a great Easter!

Sorry for my absence lately, we’ve just had the back yard completely re-done. I’ve been KK-less for just over a month whilst the new patio and flooring were installed.

Glad to be back on board now! The first cook was a shoulder of lamb, no on KK shots unfortunately, but it was delicious as it always is!


Followed up with a few crafties for Easter.


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