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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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On 5/1/2022 at 10:16 AM, Troble said:

but because of this group on the forum and my KK I now have total confidence

All you brother, you think things through and advance it to another level. I think we're the one's that should say thanks. 

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10 hours ago, Tyrus said:

All you brother, you think things through and advance it to another level. I think we're the one's that should say thanks. 

Very kind of you sir. I’ve gotten a lot out of this group. Thankful to find you guys right before COVID too. You all put up with a lot of drunken typos during lockdown

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They sell pork loins in two packs at my butcher shop. Truth be told yesterdays was pretty plain by my standards. I picked the pork loins up at 2:30 pm out some honey mustard on one cooked that one yesterday at 5:30 and it didn’t really have the flavor I was Loki g gif and the carrots were a bit undercooked 


today I cooked the other pork loin that marinated yesterday in lawrys seasoning and brown sugar and I finished the carrots today in the cast iron pan while the pork rested much better result 





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@C6Bill every time I buy them I wonder why I don’t get them more often. They are an incredible value. Especially given the price of meat these days I picked up both those pork loins for like $26 including the 4 ears of fresh sweet corn. Grew the carrots myself and potatoes were bought. But two great meals for less than $35 for two people is pretty legit (helps balance out the Wagyu dinner from last weekend at least)

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It’s Mother’s Day here in Australia, I’m lucky enough to have my parents visiting from the UK, first time I’ve seen them since November 2018 - pre COVID!

We went out for a beautiful meal last night, but my girls and wife requested ribs tonight, served with cauliflower and broccoli cheese and corn on the cob.


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Yesterday I smoked a pork belly, actually I cut it into 2 pieces for easier handling. Smoked them separately too and right after the second piece came off the KK I put on some boneless skinless chicken thighs for some coconut chicken curry.

Didn't take many pixs and actually forgot to take any during the slicing. :( I did one with golden brown sugar and the other with maple sugar. Both tasted wonderful, I just ate a few odd ends for breakfast this morning.








Creamy Chicken Curry dinner.


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