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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Looks tasty Mac, that swiss chard seems to knock on the memory library. As a kid we we had that on the table quite a bit, your right, it is tender and good. Good with bacon bits too

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Wagyu Ribeye w/Peruvian pink salt & black pepper 

Roasted baby potatoes with lemon thyme & rosemary from the garden, garlic powder, black pepper & truffle salt 

asparagus wrapped in prosciutto drizzled with balsamic glaze to finished 

cooked with mesquite wood & served with Grgich cab 








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Smoked pork belly burnt ends used for bahn mi sandwiches! First time doing the bahn mi at home, really excited about how they came out. Did some quick pickling of daikon radishes/carrots/red onion, mixed up some spicy Mayo, added a tad bit of shredded cabbage, cilantro, and jalapeño. Pork bellies rubbed with onion powder/garlic powder/paprika/brown sugar/salt/pepper/cayenne/chili powder and smoked at 225-250ish for 2.5 hours, then glazed with honey, butter, fish sauce, soy sauce and wrapped in foil for another 90 mins. Took foil off for another 15 mins then made the sandwiches 




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Well done Mac, Troble, snake.
Gotta love the home grown Mac.
The same way you gotta love beetroot on a steak sandwich.
And hot english mustard with pear!
The steak was pretty good too.
Sliced thin.

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@Seasport my mother in law bought two of those for Christmas last year. She said she got them from Costco but that she’s also seen them at Cost Plus World Market


made pizza again tonight. My gurus are now officially off cheese pizza and on to pepperoni which is good. So I made two pepperoni for us and one pepperoni & black olive for my wife and mother in law. 







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Tonight- Bistecca Fiorentina. My first attempt at a slow cooked reverse sear steak. Around 1.1kg. Simple salt and pepper seasoning. 225F for 1hr 40min until internal temp was just about 50C; cranked up the heat while the steak rested for 20min. 5min sear on each side (2min 30sec x4 with 90 degree rotations), 54C when I pulled it off. Few foil baked potatoes (in the KK for the whole cooking time), simple salad and chimichurri. Best steak I've ever made at home bar none- no contest. Flavour, crust, and even a smoke ring despite no wood chunks/ chips etc. I am amazed- four very different meals/ meats/ cooking styles thus far, and all of them ridiculously good....









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After a nice long walk this morning we decided it would be a nice day to spin a chicken in the KK. I took some small potatoes and fresh zucchini from the garden and put them in foil with chicken broth and placed that in the drip pan. We put the veggies in while getting a good heat soak going as I wanted to cook the chicken for the last 30 minutes with no pan under it to try and crisp the skin. After doing it that way I don’t see any reason why I couldn’t cook the chicken for the last 30 or even 40 minutes without a drip pan or foil at all under it. the entire cook was done at 400 F. We were really happy with the results, unfortunately I forgot to take plated pics but here is the chicken 😁




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Nicely done! I'm on the other end of the scale. No grill pics, just one plated one. Grilled chicken breasts for tostada's. Grilled the poblano for the salsa. The corn that I got at the market the other day was Meh, so tonight I grilled an ear for Elotes. Nailed it! 

A couple of margaritas to go with it sealed the deal!

Gorgeous evening to eat outside, too!


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