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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Scored a great tri tip from my local butcher and decided to prepare it for tomorrow. Injected it with my favourite koren bbq sauce then sprinkled it with the last of my gunpowder Tony b sent me .vacuum sealed it to marinade .fb759747414e045b4694197822c6d6e6.jpg62defaf926b1b81b40a2ba9c71621192.jpge0d7547597e85379c1389f68daa44a9e.jpg31ef2302f1061e0c2217930f15d4f7dc.jpg09a4fad083840505dea09cf659ebe803.jpg

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Pizza night here- first time in quite awhile. Ham/cheese for the kids; and four varieties for us:

- classic margherita with buffalo mozzarella

- potato/ mushroom/ truffle oil and thyme

- chorizo/ brocollini/ chilli

- anchovy/ capers/ chilli










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Hello Mac I haven’t been up to much, my daughter is visiting from Hawaii. I try to get to the forum at least 3 or 4 times a week just to look around and see the great cooks everybody has been doing. I haven’t cooked anything on my kamado in a long time. Maybe I’ll change that in the very near future. Happy grilling everybody!

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No KK cooking for me last week, this week or next week as I’m on a 3 week Hawaiian trip with my family. One week in Kauai, one in Oahu and one in Maui and I did get to eat some delicious pig that was cooked underground last week (two pics for reference)

but tonight I wanted to sneak in a non KK pic because of the setting of my “grill”. Teriyaki chicken cooked over charcoal with fried rice in my backyard here on Oahu. Was fun to cook with charcoal again as it always reminds me of camping, tailgating and my Weber Smokey mountain. 









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