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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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So I joined the monthly club at my wagyu butcher. It entitles me to a free 1/2 wagyu cheeseburger and crispy potatoes every month plus a 12% discount on purchases. It’s a pretty smart marketing move because I go there and enjoy my burger & potatoes I order an IPA or two and I leave with a cut of meat everytime. Today I picked up some A5 filets about .9 of an lb total for two 


took another stab at making my crispy potatoes cakes on the griddle. Used he food processor today to slice the potatoes vs my feeble attempt on the ma doling last time which resulted in a pretty cut up knuckle. Tossed the potatoe slices in olive oil, truffle salt, thyme & oregano, big slab of butter on top. Finished with shredded cheese. Pretty tasty. Made 4 cakes only needed 2 

wagyu filet with salt reverse seared in cast iron pan. 

sweet corn on the cob  

tasty little Zin & Syrah blend the wife had staged away. Solid meal 









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Picked up a Sirloin Cap at Costco last weekend for a pichana cook.  I did not know they were sold 2 per pack. Nice surprise. So, the pichana cook was delicious but didnt actually happen since I have no pics to share. 

I did take pics of the other cap i cooked on Wednesday. It went indirect at 230 to 250 to an IT of 112, rested it while my 23 came up to approx. 450 - 500 dome temp.  back in for a sear, fat cap down for less than a minute to get a little color, 3 to 3.5 minutes on the other side. 

Beautifully rare and delicious


The rest of the meal is just another fantasy, no other pics... except for the sandwich i had yesterday evening



Kook on fellow KK'ers


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Meanwhile here, finally took the plunge on my first overnight cooking session.

Black Angus brisket, 5.1kg (11 pound). Convinced the wife that an overnight cook was a better option as otherwise would’ve been a hot and fast session all day to get it done, with much smoke. So I decided that a year in to my KK experience, that I knew (enough) what I was doing. Lit the KK at 9:30pm, giving myself a couple of hours to be close enough to 220. Was worried that I’d end up hotter, so leant on the conservative side. Trimmed and rubbed with Meat Church Holy Cow. On at 11:30pm.

I was so stressed that I barely slept- kept dreaming of coming to the KK at 3/4am and finding 400f, and things done… obviously got to sleep eventually. Checked at 6am; 200F, stalled at 140F. Cracked the damper a bit; my little boy (who usually wakes the house up) slept in till 8am bless him… 220F; 145F on the brisket. Let it coast through the stall. Wrapped at 12.5hrs/ 170F. Cranked the KK to 300F to help grill some simple snags and burgers for the kids. Pulled brisket off after 19hrs of cooking. 2hr rest. Served with roast potatoes, horseradish cream and spicy salsa. Beyond delicious… not sure if it was the low/slow (previous have been also amazing but hot/fast), or maybe it was the new butcher…either way. Another win for the KK…










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On 6/11/2022 at 1:11 PM, jonj said:

@Troble I like living in the midwest but, boy howdy, I would love to be able to start a sentence with: So I joined the monthly club at my wagyu butcher.

@jonjwhenever I see your name I get wine cellar envy and feel inadequate with my 15 year old 150 bottle plug is fridge so touché my friend 

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Speaking of briskets - tried something completely new yesterday - PORK brisket! Yep, from Porter Rd. It looked very interesting, so I went for it. Cooked just like a beef one - 225F with the Guru, smoker pot with hickory and apple chunks, indirect. Rubbed with CYM, Dizzy Dust and Slap Yo Daddy. 

Going on the KK.


Out of the stall, 165F, ready to wrap in pink butcher paper, slathered with smoked pork leaf lard.


Done and unwrapped. Very juicy!


Sliced up like butter!


Plated with smashed roasted red potatoes and a Southern/Asian mashup of succotash - I don't like Lima Beans, so this one has Edamame. Seasoning of Sake, Mirin, Sesame Oil, Shallot Crack Sauce, Mala and Togarashi. Pretty good! But the star of the show was this pork brisket!! Better than pulled pork or ribs - juicy, soft texture without being mushy, almost buttery. Might be my new "go to." Just wish I could get it locally without having to order online.


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