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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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1 hour ago, Tyrus said:

Looking great mon ami, nothing like a good salmon, only better if you caught it yourself. Is that cous cous mixed in the veggies with poppy seed or ground charnushka seed, almost looks like a stone ground mustard. Give it up.

It’s Tri-color quinoa from Trader Joe’s with sautéed sweet onion, carrots and celery. It’s a staple in this house 

i did not catch the salmon but I bought it directly from the guy who did! It comes from the border of CA/OR a big fad from where I live but the season is in full swing so the boats are coming back full of wild salmon and bluefin tuna 


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5 hours ago, Troble said:

i did not catch the salmon but I bought it directly from the guy who did!

Well that's almost "just as good" so to speak. Tomorrow is Sunday otherwise known as salmon day so I'll pickup the trail and introduce another path, Trader Joe's is a bit far to travel too on short notice. Think some fresh herbs in a blend of cous cous or pilaf will set the side with those veggies. Definitely keep the suggestion in mind Troble next time I'm at Gillette where Trader Joe's is, you know, where the Patriots play. Don't think Jonj is a fan of Quinoa and thennnn Mac, well she's a carnivore no fish for her, we'll all figure it out..no doubt

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Well the veggies are done, summer squash, zucchini, red potato and some sort of purple string bean that turns green when you cook it. There is also some assorted spices and herbs with a little broth. The next steps sear the steak 😁



and a little topping for the veggies 😁





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Last week I did nt have my usual yeast or flour and I had a hard time getting the KK up

to high temp due to excess ash in the bottom. so This week I picked up my usual flour and yeast and I cleaned out the charcoal ash and I turned out some magnificent crust if I do say so myself 










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17 minutes ago, Tyrus said:

You know it's been so hot lately you cold have put those veggies on the back steps and they'd cook themselves. Going to have to check on that Hanover store, if it's closer, I'm in. Did all the veggies come out of the garden?

Oh yes, all veggies right out of the garden this morning. And the steak was from Previties, it was real good 😁





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Cooked a nice simple tasty lunch on the 16 today. Cooked direct 300-325, thighs were marinated for a couple of hours in teriyaki. I hit the poblanos with a torch to blister off the skin, stuffed with tomatoes, onion, italian seasoning, topped with mozzarella 



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