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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Brazilian BBQ night here yesterday.  Shoulder of lamb smoked with pecan and apple chips in the 32 using the double drip pan from the 23. 


Picanha prepared and then spun on the 23.



Nice spread.  There were just six of us to dinner.  Lots of lovely left overs for me to eat this week.


When I was cleaning the double bottom drip pan this morning I thought I ought to show it off again.  I soaked it with ordinary washing up liquid and it came up beautifully clean this morning with minimal scrubbing.  Never ceases to amaze me.  I find it to be a really good cooking utensil that doesn't warp and is so easy to keep looking good as new.


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I’ve been feeling bad about not posting any cooking pics for awhile and posting bora bora pics in here so I thought I’d throw up some “simple” chicken breast pics. This is a pretty standard cook for me on Sunday when I want to prepare food for the week. Especially coming off a big trip when I’m trying to save money. I did this last week and am doing it again this week.


im always amazed at how well the KK cooks chicken breast and how juicy they are. My standard rub is this “Chicken Shit”. Bought the value pack of chicken breast at the market and cook them Indirect at 325 with mesquite wood

so tonight I did my summer strawberry salad with arugula, candied pecans (usually do candied walnuts but Trader Joe’s has been out for months), strawberries, Parmesan cheese & raspberry vinaigrette dressing 

tomorrow I’ll use a couple breasts for a salad with spring mix, cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, avocados, apples & avocado 

Tuesday I’ll pick up some freshly made tortillas and will make chicken quesadillas (secret to success is adding garlic powder and oregano inside)

Wednesday I’ll use the same tortillas with a pre made Caesar salad mix and do chicken Caesar salad wraps 

side note….you know inflation is real when my normal package of handmade tortillas has been $2.99 for the last decade and now it’s $3.69

when you don’t see me posting I’m usually running this playbook for the week. One cook, 4 meals, budget friendly 





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Nice rack @Aussie Ora 🤪  Reminds me I have one of those folded away somewhere.  All round crispy drumsticks, what's not to like?

@Troble your budget friendly cook has some cool links for me.  I always buy whole or half animals and find it a cost effective way to get good quality meat. I recently realised that it wasn't quite as cost effective as I thought when The Husband worked out how much it cost to run our industrial scale freezer. 😱  We have now got rid of it and bought something that is much more energy efficient and I am focussing on using the space for things that need to be in a freezer rather than as a very cold and expensive cupboard for things like bags of flour!  The next step to value will be to finally get around to following your advice about solar and find out what's available (and viable) to install on our roof to help keep our energy bills down. 

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