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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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15 hours ago, BOC said:

Smaller corns are always the best ones! Looks great tekobo.

Thanks Brian.  Lot of benefits this year:  1) All the kernels formed.  Last year's were very patchy.  2)No critters got to them before I did.  3) I live a long way from Mac so I can eat them at my leisure. 

That said, I wouldn't mind living closer to @C6Bill although it does sound like he is very busy with his lady friend a lot of the time and wouldn't have much time for hungry BBQ buddies like us.  

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Speaking of corn on the cob and my stomach that is a bottomless pit for fresh corn on the cob - 

I need to find out when the next delivery from the farmer is so I can get it as fresh as possible. After 3 days 50% of the sugar in the corn has turned to starch seriously changing the taste and it also makes the corn tougher. From on the stock to pot asap is my motto for corn on the cob.





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Its been a bit wet and cold down here lately thought a cheesey meatloaf should warm me up .sauteed some chopped carrots,onion,celey ,bacon and garlic gave it a bit of purple crack and kosher salt ,Worcestershire sauce and tomato paste.. and mixed it into a kilo of 80/20 burger mince from my butcher with some grill mates rub ,whisked eggs,milk,cheese and some bread crumbs.. put it on at 300f and gave it some bbq sauce near the end.what can I say simple winter food yum.065559837591d374679d7a4ffdbd78d5.jpgd054a7162fbff147bc23060d7a513917.jpg1737bb2dbeb38f387d3db25754af204d.jpg27a56e3f418fcc8fe5f7ffdb1951e276.jpgb719d2227d56235f60aeab73ad230e17.jpg6ae1d7a196df6aa0b2541b3c539ce10b.jpg7c4d7035421d87475d769b320d0ab23b.jpg576061a3782988130013c85455c46dd5.jpg71dd06705dcb20f3eb773c205f781f44.jpg

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Did burgers on the KK last evening and turned them into cheeseburgers with chips.

Getting dressed.


Melted the cheese in the WFO.


Plated with chips. Homemade buns but store bought chips.


There was one burger leftover and no buns. Decided to have a burger sub for lunch,




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Made this potato side for tomorrow nights guest, it's grated potato, zucchini, cheese, parsley, broccoli, dill, chive egg and kielbasa...with a cherry tomatoe on top. To be served with a cucumber sour cream dilled dressing. Here's a pic, one batch on the 23 with a half basket and the remaining on another.  



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