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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Nice looking chop @CaptMorg82 inspiring me to do a chop this week.  Looks lovely 

@Basher kitchen looks great mate. I know it’s been a long pricess but the result looks fantastic. When are you going to do one of your famous lamb cooks? Cheers to your project being done and getting back in the house, I’m sure it feels great 

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Today is a special day so my lady friend gets her favorite meal, duck breast served on a board :)  Forgot to take pics while cooking and even when serving but I grabbed leftovers and put them on the board for a quick shot after lol I always cover the duck breast in Yardbird after scoring the fat side. Then i vac seal and let it sit in the fridge for 24 to 48 hours. We were put happy with the results ;)  Kalamata olives, caramelized walnuts, grapes, Beechers Flagship Cheddar and Prosciutto Di Parma. The grapes do a great job of cleansing the pallet. And of course the duck au jus  makes a great dip for all of it. It was a great day !!!!




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A typical winter Yankee meal. Tonight it was sirloin strip steak with steamed brussel sprouts dabbed with lemon dill Aioli. I actually bought the Aioli for salmon but it did go with the sprouts. Than aside all that were some beans. The steak was placed into the sous vide for a couple of hours at 121 degrees sprinkled with Maldon sea salt and lightly peppered.  Dry leak and parsley on top and fresh garden rosemary and tabs of butter were all added before vac sealing. I set the KK up with a pile of coals to the rear of the basket, this set up is fine for a vareity of cooks unfortunately it was cold outside and getting dark so I skipped the basket splitter. Well, I should have realized this set up isn't for searing, with the basket splitter in the top plate directs the air through the fire and with having an open basket I really couldn't get the heat to rise to the occasion because the air flow was incorrect. Any way, the meat was tasty and tender, it just lacked the char. We did have as starter a potato leek and Italian sausage Vichyssoise but it soon disappeared before captured on film. DSCF3926.thumb.JPG.0e1ff9b8e39356f1a252dd44d1dbbf99.JPGDSCF3927.thumb.JPG.59a0feddef6d450a0caec8dc1275bebf.JPG



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5 hours ago, tony b said:

Have never done chestnuts, so no help here. 

Curious as to your decision to use CocoChar for a pizza cook? As you noted, it's a fuel-intensive cook, and at least over here in the US CocoChar is a precious commodity, only to be used for special low & slow cooks. 

hey tony, this is not cocochar, but some sort of extruded bamboo charcoal i buy from china. this is the only charcoal available to me with no flavour profile. everything else we have here is lump charcoal from indonesia, which is quite nice on meats, but not for breads. image.thumb.png.88eddbbdde2313c823d681b808b2d763.png

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Stuffed Pork loin, 3 sausage 2 sweet and 1 hot, 1/2 large vadillia onion browned, 1 honey crisp apple grated, cooked rice, sweet and spicy seasoning and sweet chile sauce over mash with gravy. I did add a good bit of sage, with salt and pepper. 2+ hours at 320, it was pretty thick.  





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@Franck that hanger contraption is so neat, well done! I was just thinking today about whether something like that could be rigged up for tandoori chicken and the like. Should’ve known somebody here would have figured that out already

@David Chang Fuel intensive or not, that pizza looks mouth watering! Very much looking forward to experimenting with pizzas in the near future

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Pork tenderloin rubbed with honey mustard, lawrys seasoned salt, brown sugar. Cooked indirect with apple wood and reverse seared in the cast iron pan to finish with the marinade juice and Irish butter….really tasty

succotash of edamame, corn, red & yellow peppers, sweet onions, salt, pepper 

smashed potatoes with truffle salt, garlic powder, black pepper, thyme, rosemary and Parmesan cheese 







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I’ve been rooting for Argentina for going on 20 years now. Wanted to do a big cook for the game tomorrow but since it’s on at 7am that presents a challenge so I decided to do it tonight and eat leftovers tomorrow 

red & green chimichurri 

french baguette 

seedy sourdough baguette 

brisket rubbed with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, aji Amarillo and aji panca 

roasted cast iron potatoes with olive oil truffle salt, red onion, rosemary & thyne 

cast iron dried cheese with olive oil, salt and oregano 

black beans with red onions, carrots & bacon

dark chocolate brownies with French vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche

fernet y Coca Cola 















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Baby I’m back!
Missed the KK cooking sooo much.
Thought I’d forget all the little hacks….. but I nailed these beef ribs.
Sorry, I don’t have photos of the finish- the bones dropped out and ended up diving the ribs.
With a little eye fillet on the Parilla.

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