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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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My 5 & 7 year old girls were home sick all last week. So we started watching Masterchef Junior on Hulu. They got really into it abd are all about helping Daddy cook and they want to start making meals on their own because they are ready😀


so tonight I had them help me light the KK and season the potatoes as well as boil the green bean 

we did trio tip, marinated in Worcester and Montreal steak seasoning . Cooked in direct then finished/seared on lower grate 

tri colored potatoes with olive oil, truffle salt, rosemary and thyme. Cooked in the cast iron on the KK for 40 minutes then finished in the broiler in the oven 

green beans with sea salt and Parmesan cheese 

my 7 year old told me she wished the meat was less chewy (it’s not fillet mignon or wagyu beef….she notices) and that  the potatoes needed to be more crispy but “it’s still good daddy”

tough crowd……pork tenderloin coming tonight….hopefully I’ll do better 







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Pork tenderloin. Marinated for a day. Rubbed some honey mustard on it, dusted with Lawry salt and brown sugar. Cooked indirect with apple wood and reverse seared to finish. Extremely flavorful. I do the lawrys and brown sugar regularly but added the honey mustard base this time. My oldest daughter had a huge second helping she like it so much 

Microwaved last nights potatoes

rainbow carrots with some spices and olive oil 





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Decided to make some pork chops today, I believe it was Tyrus who initially posted the info on how to brine them ? Well I was only able to brine for a few hours but the results were really good. Next time I’ll get a good 24 hour brine on them 😁 I patted them dry and used Lanes Apple Pie seasoning 👍




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Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I did a 21 lb Turkey on the 23, putting it on at 200 and let it rise slowly to about 300 for 2hrs, then finished at around 340  just over 3hrs.  Surrounding the turkey were a few Texas twinkies wrapped in bacon as appitizers.  



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Great looking bird @Tyrus It was just me today so why bother with a 20 pound bird when you can have 3 pounds of meat on a stick 😀 I made butternut squash, Brussel Sprouts, baked potato and homemade cranberry sauce to go with it. Happy Thanksgiving everyone !!!!! 







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I popped these out of the freezer quite late so they went on the KK with a 2 hr frozen marinade being flipped a couple of times on plate with some fork poking for penetration. The coals were set to the rear of the basket and the chops were placed in the front for indirect heat. After 1/2 hr or so they were moved to rear over the heat and brought to 145 for a tender/moist chop. No searing, the sauce had a sugar content and I was content with the look it presented, so no pushing the limits. We've mentioned frozen steaks and getting it done, why not a nice thick chop



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40th birthday brisket. First time really cooking for more than just my wife and I. The brisket came out excellent and everyone really enjoyed it. Got enough seasoning on it this time for a very flavorful bark and went fat side up (Costco USDA Prime). I think I prefer it that way so you get a nice undisturbed fat layer that presents well. This cooked a lot quicker than I thought it would so I blew through the wrap stage while I was sleeping. Bonus though as it was done a lot earlier and was able to carve it up for lunch rather than dinner. It resulted in some spots of the bark getting a bit tough as you can see by the pieces lying in the forefront but it wasn't much of a problem at all.

Just advice if you ever do the candles. You gotta be quick! The candles were melting in the meat lol. And my other vice....watches. The Navy Exchange had a big sale so we picked up the Cherry Red dial Oris Aquis as a 40th birthday memento. Can't stop looking at the dial when in sunlight....









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