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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Tri tip - rubbed with  Worcester sauce, dusted with Santa Maria rub & garlic powder. Marinated overnight and reverses seared at 350. Mesquite wood to add smoke flavor 

roasted potatoes tossed in olive oil, onion powder, garlic powder, truffle salt and fresh lemon thyme from the garden 

sweet corn on the cob 




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Yesterday was veg day in KK land. Bumper harvest from the allotment in the morning. Care for kale, lots of it, anyone?


The sweetcorn are now larger.  Still sweet but starchier.


Slow cooked some sweet potatoes and tried a new bake with cherry tomatoes, potatoes and baby onions.


Added in some cooked borlotti beans and charred the remaining corn.  That's me set for veg sides for a few days!


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Leftover center cut piece of medium rare Tri-tip, sliced thin. Sourdough bread with butter & garlic powder on the outside. Fred’s horseradish sauce spread on the inside with Muenster cheese 

pressed down on one of the greatest kitchen inventions known to man, the George Forman grill 


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On 9/4/2022 at 6:10 PM, David Chang said:

never cooked a tri-tip either. i have to buy this cut from a restaurant wholesaler. not really available in supermarkets..

We recently moved to AZ and I can’t find tri-tips here at reasonable prices either. I used to be able to get them in OR at a place called Cash and Carry in a huge bag of about 7 tritips for about $3-$4/lb. Here I can get them in stores but closer to $10/lb

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Decided to do something a little different, I smoked up an nice Alabama Round Steak (bologna) :) 

I started with 4 pounds of Seltzers Lebanon bologna, scored then rubbed with mustard and then Bad Byron’s Butt Rub. I smoked it for 3 hours at 270. 

Think of it like a big smoky summer sausage 😁







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