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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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22 hours ago, MacKenzie said:

While I was busy tending my KK a couple of months ago my squirrels planted these for me. I knew there was a good reason why I feed them. 


What a day it was today and another one tomorrow. Here's where it got the seeds I think.


MacKenzie, if your squirrels are like mine, you don't have much of a choice about feeding them. They never give up and usually win at least a partial victory.  That squirrel on your feeder sees a squirrel feeder. 

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Very nice @C6Bill!

Last night was pizza night here. Hadn't done any in ages and got a wild hare (hair?) Upfront - storebought pizza dough and sauce (Trader Joe's). Did 3 personal sized ones - Margarita (homegrown basil), N'duja and mushrooms, and a no-sauce one with slices of fresh homegrown tomatoes, bacon and caramelized onions. 






Sampler plate with a very nice local beer!


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21 hours ago, MacKenzie said:

I love my Octoforks, mind you you do have to be careful of the points. :smt060

It's not the points that's the problem, but the sides of the tines - they are razor sharp and very close together, so trying to push a chicken thigh down far enough so it doesn't come off in the cook almost guarantees you'll slice yourself doing so.

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On 8/26/2022 at 2:14 AM, C6Bill said:

I want more info on the scoring of your birds please 🫣

The Japanese Grill book includes a recipe in which you slash chicken thighs, apply marinade and then cook relatively quickly.  I applied that principle to the whole bird and came out with good, juicy chicken in less time than normal.  And you get more surface area exposed to your marinade.  Yum.

I used two KKs to cook the five birds but I do have the BIg Bad rotisserie cradle and wonder if I could have got more chickens in and got as good results using that.  I must remember to use the cradle more often!

@tony b I went searching across the forum for references to octofork and finger.  I was sure I would find 20 and that they would all have your name on them.  The search function can't be working that well this morning.  I only found two.  Like Mac, my fingers are fine.  

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Sunday roast chicken. Marinated in butter, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh lemon thyme from the garden and fresh rosemary. Stick of Irish butter tucked under the skin over the breasts. 

yukon gold mashed potatoes with more Irish butter and fresh rosemary 

sweet onion, celery & carrots roasted under the chicken in green cast iron and sprinkled with momofoku savory spices 

gravy made with chicken juices, lemon thyme, savignon Blanc wine, Irish butter 






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Someone asked recently about searing and it was mentioned that many use the top grate turned upside down right over the firebox for searing. So i figured i'd do that and take pictures for the person who had asked, then i couldn't find the thread so here i am lol

This is how i reverse sear, others may do it a little differently but there are a thousand ways to cook a steak. I started at about 240 degrees. it settled there so i left it. Then after an hour and 10 minutes take the steak off to rest, i had an internal temp of 115. Then while resting i opened the bottom vents all the way and opened the top vent 3 full turns. That was plenty to get flames coming up through the grate. Then i seared 30 seconds and rotated the steak and seared for another 30 seconds. Then flipped the steak and seared it again in both directions for a nice XXX. I forgot to take any real plated shots cause i was really hungry by that point lol

The burgers in the first shot were for the dogs, one isn't feeling well and i needed to get him to eat something. I couldn't give a burger to one dog and not the other so ........ lol







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