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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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There appears to be something wrong with the site C6Bill, I attempted to quote you, but was denied. I think the site may be going through some cha, cha, cha changes.   HOWEVER,  In accordance with grabbing two, I have too agree...two breasts are better than one. Although the one I had was quite sufficient.

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A handsome looking plate Troble, like that cast iron, what brand is it. Sorry to say my dinner was a bit hard tonight, thought I'd smoke up some cherry chunks on the off set. 5 and 1/2 hrs at 275 they still wouldn't probe tender. Actually they were a bit high in water content, so I kiln dried them for smoking chunks. My next cook will feature smoked cherry wood, you might say it'll be double smoked. These pieces will provide some nice smoke in the smoke pot.




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    No bark on my cherry chunks, you know bitter taste and all. Well, it was a first for me, I had a rack of beer, some free time and an open road for this little experiment. Just remember now, you go to far you got charcoal and don't worry about rushing to take them off the grill long after the fire dies, there fine, they won't spoil.

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