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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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cold smoked salmon.

i can only do this during the cold months. too hot do do it any other time of the year...

switched to a battery powered air pump to reduce the amount of cable clutter. 

when the smoke generator gets going, the smoke is beautiful, but i find i have to keep lighting it every hour using wood chips. 




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Sausage and Salmon. Yesterday I made the sausage and a while ago I did this salmon 3 ways, the last a little nicely charred on the end was a Wellington. One thing I'll never order at a restaurant is salmon, after being disappointed so many times I've found it's always better at home on the KK. This sausage was incredible, used 1/2 cup of rub, hot sauce, Mexican oregano, paprika, garlic powder, dried onion, chopped Jalepeno and chesse cubes and a bit of Sant Fe powder. Remarkable, smoked over Maple and ready to grill. The cutting board was a gift recently for a belated birthday, anywho it says in Polish, "For my brother,"  Always wear under wear. 


DSCF3982 - Copy.JPG


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I’m sure you all are tired of my same old boring pork tenderloin cooks but given the price of meat lately I’ve been going to Costco Business a lot more and they sell these two packs (4 loins) for $16 so I grab one everytime I’m there 

tonight I did a pork tenderloin that was marinated overnight in a dry rub of salt, garlic powder & black pepper.  Cooked indirect and reverse seared in my cast iron with some Irish butter. Air fryer potatoes tossed in truffle salt, olive oil (didn’t have any duck fat), garlic powder and rosemary and topped with Parmesan cheese after frying  also tossed some green beans in panko crumbs, Parmesan, and salt put in oven at 400 for 15 minutes 

made a red wine reduction sauce to top the pork tenderloin. 




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Inspired by The old Spring Tavern tucked out in the mountains outside of San Fran there lies a restaurant that likes to make Tri Tip with horseradish sauce. I managed to take a few pics and although the meat got away a little it still made a great sandwich.




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First time smoking a meatloaf on the grill. Recipe from Meat Church...altered a touch as I didn't have the fancy worcestershire sauce they used. Just good ol' Lea & Perrins. Ground up a spare chuck roast for the ground beef, added some pork sausage and I used the Rufus Teague's Touch o' Heat BBQ sauce both in the loaf and for a glaze at the end. Tasted great. Definitely one of the best meatloafs I've had. I like the BBQ sauce touch over the traditional ketchup.





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Crazy weather this year. We had a t-storm last night about bedtime. Lots of lightning, but hardly any thunder. Managed to get this pork butt done and the grill put up before it started. Local market ran a pork sale this weekend - bone-in butts were $1.59/lb. How do you pass that up?? One went on the KK yesterday morning at 7:30am, with smoker pot of hickory and apple chunks, Guru set at 250F. Butt was injected the night before with Butchers Block pork injection. Rubbed just before going on the KK with a mix of Soo's Slap Yo Daddy and Fergolicious BBQ American Pie Luv Rub.


FINALLY Done after 11 1/2 hours! This was only a 7 1/2 lb bone-in butt, so I was surprised by how long it took to get to 195F internal. But, I did inject it, so those usually take a longer to cook. 


It was falling apart when I picked it up off the KK. Double wrapped in foil, then in a bath towel, into the cooler for 3 hours. Still just warm to the touch for pulling.


Put up in 9, 8 oz, vacuum sealed bags, with a bit left over for a sammie tonight. Should hold me for a while.

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2 hours ago, Bruce Pearson said:

Yum yum! That looks delicious Tony. I can’t believe the price you paid for that!

Not to steal Tony's thunder, but I recently filled up my little freezer with 99¢ /lb bone-in Boston butts... I now have 7 in there, plus one that is my sister's, plus a big rack of St. Louis ribs ($1.59 /lb), a turkey (my sister's), a turkey breast ($1.49 /lb I think), and some other odds and ends.

The butts are all around 8 lbs. I'll have to admit that Tony's looks better than mine right now!


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They put them on sale around here for 99 cents to 1.19 a pound. Prime briskets are 3.99 at Costco. Tri tip is $8.99. jYardbirds go on sale for 89 and 99 cents here. Pork belly is around $3 a pound.  I guess I got carried away. I buy so much meat that I've memorized the prices. 

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