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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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On 1/30/2023 at 8:11 PM, Tyrus said:

Neither had I, coincidentally it needs little if any water added to perform. Just place it on the top grate or indirectly and it works like an oven. Google search turned up only tangines and other clay pots, oh well the search continues.

It looks a lot (in many ways) like a Japanese Donabe. I’ve not seen one exactly like this, and if it is a donabe it may not be of Japanese origin. The best resource I know of (I own a donabe that I bought from them) is Toiro Los Angeles If you are still seeking an answer you might try them? 

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12 hours ago, Wobster said:

like a Japanese Donabe

Thanks Wobster for the kick, it got me going again and I followed the link. It took a few different sites to work through, one of which everyone was asking the same question, I have one of these and what is it? So it's a steamer pot, much like a Donabe but you would place your vegetables inside up to the final addition of fish, let it cook some, this was all described by woman on youtube making a clay pot as mine. Upon searching further, one video came up with 19K views from 13 years back describing how to use it, wouldn't you know it wouldn't play when I clicked on, the screen was all lines. Ahh, at least I'm getting closer, thanks.  
Unrelated and out of the corner of my eye, while looking into this I came across a story on Youtube titled, "UK bans wood burners." Did you know there are area's now in the UK set as smoke free, the wood you purchase has to be seasoned and the type of stove has to meet stiff requirements. If you don't follow the rules and there are many and extend into other fuel types, fines are in place to put you back in line. If they're going after wood burners, I wonder what they have in their sights for cooking equipment and if that idea could spread across the pond. Don't worry, I already think Dennis is working on the new smokeless KK as we speak, say it ain't so.  Thanks again for the interest

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Great photos Mac,
Wobster I had this Parilla Taylor made after searching and being underwhelmed by mass produced poor valued quality. I found an enthusiastic young stainless welder who love bbq and made it for me with a few tweaks- angle grill, removable drip tray, dishwasherable grill plates……. I might have made that word up? He enjoyed the creative design and delivered a great product. Calls himself 2js brewing

Tekobo, I really hope you have/ had a wonderful birthday full of enviable food and great company.

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Gosh, I am so sorry to have missed all your kind wishes for my birthday. @MacKenzie - a whole pork belly, no less, in my honour.  Thank you!  I took the tack of starting my celebrations a week early and am due to finish with a party tomorrow.  It has been huge fun, meeting up with small groups of friends every day in the name of my birthday celebrations.  All the 5's this time!

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