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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Super Bowl Sunday tradition. Going on 20+ years now. Pulled pork served on Hawaiian rolls and homemade coleslaw. Marinated in mustard and rub for 3 days then smoked for 15 hours. Let it rest 90 minutes then spritzed with apple juice, dusted with brown sugar, hit with rub again and slathered in siracha and finished under the broiler to crisp it up 

With Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce












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The Super Bowl feast has been delivered and we have consumed our dinner. I don’t know what was better, the chili or the chocolate cake lol. We always make enough for some friends and family. This years meal was brisket chili, Texas hot links, coleslaw, stuffed cherry peppers, cornbread and chocolate cake 😁








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No in-progress photos because it was spitting rain outside, but did my first “real” cook for the game today. Made a spinach artichoke dip and a pile of wings, half with Holy Voodoo and half with Texas Sugar, both of which I purchased on a whim when I went to pick up more charcoal. I under-seasoned and had trouble getting to the right temp, but learned some and still wound up with a delicious end product.


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I made chili with the sirloin steak I had grilled the day before in a last-minute decision. Mostly just to have something to do while waiting for the game to start. Only a finished picture this time.


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21 hours ago, jonj said:

Mostly just to have something to do while waiting for the game to start

I know the feeling Jon.  I was all jittery before the game started.  Had wings here but no pics.  It was a great game, shame about the ending for my Eagles.  I do like Mahomes and the Chiefs so it was difficult to wish them ill but I do hope that we will meet again in a future SuperBowl and that we come away with the victory.  Same time next year?

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21 minutes ago, jonj said:

It's a date!

As steam escapes 😤 from the nostrils of fans of all of the thirty other teams in the league.  What fun!  A date it is, sometime in the next three years I reckon.  

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C13B0DBB-E8BF-4AC9-ACB3-31DDAD498F5E.thumb.jpeg.abd020b056d52ecaf91cb7a618d72e65.jpeg22297B9B-F698-4459-B069-46BBA45CFBCF.thumb.jpeg.bf35e567ecf5ad0c892f49cefe390909.jpegMy girlfriend requested pizza for Valentine’s Day, a perfect excuse to fire up my new KK! I’ve made plenty of good pizza we a baking steel in my oven, and I’ve seen the recommendations to use a steel at around 450 in the KK. But like driving a new sports car I felt the itch to pedal down and see how she fares.

Preheated between 600 and 650 for an hour or so. First dough broke so it became a calzone. Second went as intended. Both turned out light years better than any of my previous gas oven pies.


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Tonite was Cheeseburger Wellington with Truff hot sauce (not too hot) liberally spread, a slice or two of thick cut bacon and a slice of onion with a nice piece of Swiss cheese all wrapped in pastry dough. The side was Pineapple slaw. I used the skillet as a test and the control burger by itself was uncovered.  The burgers prior to wrapping as the bacon were both cooked, seeing how the burger came out towards the well done side, it should have been cooked a bit less, but they were tasty and moist just the same. Pictured you'll notice the skillet pastry browned quite a bit more than the control burger. Both were cooked @ 350 for 35 mins using the KK23 with a full half basket, I was also using a perforated deflector.




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