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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Hey all, I hope you are all well.

I recently made some sausage with a friends, Italian hot links and Borewors


Whilst making the sausage, we thought we’d make a day of it and cooked a large suckling pig, this one was a fairly big one and just barely fit in the 32BB


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I bought a whole ex-dairy nanny goat and it arrived beautifully cut and just as I had asked.  Most of it is in the freezer but I had a load of cubed shoulder (bone-in) and cubed leg to turn into curries.  Had fun yesterday cooking four separate recipes.  

First I started by browning the meat for my Nigerian goat stew in the KK.  Came out very well and with much less mess than browning in a pan in the kitchen.  I missed a trick though.  I should have put a touch of smoke on the meat at the same time to create the "authentic", cooked over wood smell from party food back home. 


I bought the Grill Rescue grate cleaner a while ago, as recommended by the KK shopping channel.  I have not been hugely impressed in the past but it did work well for cleaning off the grates before the next stage of cooking.


This is the Nigerian tomato and scotch bonnet based stew, cooked in a tall pot in the IDK. All the big bones are the stock bones that I left in to add flavour.  Fished them out before packing into freezer containers.


And three tasty dishes, cooked over 2-3 hours in the KK.  Top left in the blue cast iron Le Creuset is the sauce for a goat biryani, to be layered in with rice and crispy brown fried onions. Bottom left in the green cast iron Le Creuset is an Indian goat curry with spinach added at the very end.  To the right in the La Chamba pot is a deeply flavoursome West Indian goat curry.  I normally avoid putting my Le Creuset stuff in the KK for fear of getting the exteriors blackened but using the KK as a large oven with a steady heat but no flames meant no blackening to worry about.  And yes - all four dishes are super tasty.  Most packed away in the freezer now, waiting to dispense joy at a moment's notice!image.thumb.jpeg.735fffdd6001c6162c5f57a2396563d4.jpeg





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Lovely cooks all around! Nice job folks! Making me hungry. I do like a Carribean goat curry.

@alimac23 is that a Cavalier in the piggie picture? I've owned 4. Sweetest dogs around! Unfortunately, they don't live all that long typically. This is my current baby - Buddy. He's about to turn 2 years old.


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On 4/30/2023 at 6:24 PM, MacKenzie said:

I did two batches of Wings and Tater Tots for dinner and some first of the season spinach. :) 


MacK I think I can physically feel the crunch of those wings just looking at the photo. What was your method? I’ve always gone very minimal with my wings but seeing those I think I might have to step it up next time around.

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Thanks, Bunji. :) I used my little KK, the 16 inch one, set temp about 390-400F. If i recall correctly it took about 30 mins, flipped them once. Before putting the wings on, I marinated them in Frank's Hot Sauce for a few hours, then rolled them in Panko before setting them on the grill. :)


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Scored some big-ass beef brontosaurus ribs at CostCo.


Did one rack yesterday. Trimmed up and rubbed with yellow mustard and Meat Church Holy Cow.


On the KK for 6 hours at 250F (w/Guru), drip pan, smoker pot of post oak, coffee wood and apple chunks. Glad that I opted for the drip pan over just a sheet of AL foil, as these ribs rendered out a LOT of fat, despite me trimming off at least a pound or two before rubbing them. 


Plated, with the corn (from FL - not bad. I won't see local corn until late July) and homemade cole slaw that I "Mexi'ed" up for Cinco de Mayo (added some jalapeno and the dressing had some Tajin tossed in.)


These things were huge and so rich that I didn't finish mine. 

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Cinco de Mayo has been the official kick off date for pool season here in San Diego the last few years since I remodeled my yard. I was golfing all day yesterday so today we did a Taco bar 

marinated carne asada, homemade guacamole (with my first 3 avocados from the trees I planted 3 years ago) red onions, cilantro, roasted bell peppers, radishes, Mexican salsa, cotija cheese, toasted flour tortillas. Mexican rice, refried beans 

San Diego staple dish







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23 minutes ago, MacKenzie said:

@Troble, what a fantastic spread and to think you even have your own home grown produce.:cheers:  :smt060  :mrgreen:

I’m getting there. I got a total of 6 avocados from two trees this year out of a total of 6 trees that planted bud only 3 flowered last year. This year they all flowered and are much larger so I’m hoping for a bumper crop next year. All my plants exploded this past 4-6 weeks due to all the rain we got all winter. this is year 3 for all my trees and avocado trees really take 5-7 years down here to start really producing 

Next year I should be in great shape with my avocados but my citrus & peach tree are so overrun with fruit that I’ve had to thin some branches so they didn’t break 

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