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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Went to Costco business today to pick up pork biutts for next weekend

ebded up leaving with 2 8lb pork butts, 4 pork tenderloins, a 15lb prime brisket and a bone in leg of lamb

marinated the lamb in my beef Schwab’s dub and then skin on the rotisserie and made a Mediterranean salad and dirty rice with red onion, salt, pepper, cumin, cardamom, all spices nutmeg mint 

Served with toasted pita and feta and homemade tadziki 




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Super Bowl Sunday (Yaaa Chiefs!) means wings! Dry Rubbed going on the KK.




Sauced (classic Buffalo) and plated with fries (sriracha ketchup) and veggie plate (horseradish ranch), with a Southern delicacy - Chiggers in the Grass (celery stuffed with pimento cheese and pimento stuffed olive garnish). Not to be confused with Ants on a Log! Ha, ha!


Andy Reid rocking the stache! LOL


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How did all y'all celebrate Mardi Gras? 

Cajun-blackened pork wings on the KK.


Plated with Dirty Rice made with duck confit and "hairy coats" (that's cajun for green beans, y'all!) with a shallot creole sauce.


And, of course, Hurricanes! Served in the appropriate Pat O'Brien's glass, circa 1977!


Bon Temps, y'all!


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Well, we finally had the time to have the neighbours over for dinner: given the success last time, I thought I’d knock out another Al Pastor. Picked up 4.5kg (10lb) of pork butt on my bike, marinated up and we were good to go. They loved it- and with 10lb of pork we’ve got plenty of leftovers for the week’s meals.

@Troble, I’m going to find an excuse to go to San Diego for a conference, and buy you a beer!











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@jonji have a feeling that could happen this summer. I started a new job and will be traveling to the Midwest more. I’m kind of targeting a business trip that coincides with the USA Copa America match in KC, but it’s Monday July 1st so will have to see 

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I’ve been experimenting off and on with a “Peruvian spiced brisket” over the past four years or so and today I got a little closer to truly nailing the flavors I’m looking for 

soy sauce pat down followed by Peruvian spice rub of aji Amarillo, aji pancake, salt, pepper, garlic powder, little brown sugar 

tasty bark!




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Don’t get too upset @Troble, but in the quest to utilise the leftovers, we had Al Pastor pizza tonight. All the trimmings on my side, but just the meat and cheese for the kids. They loved it.

I’m a firm believer that almost everything can be made into a pizza, and even more so into a toasted sandwich (I had an Al Pastor Toastie for lunch!).




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