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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Lovely day with my KK today, dodging the rain showers.  I tried to maximise the use of fuel so I toasted some nuts and refreshed some frozen baguette in the KK while it was warming up.  Then I roasted some veg and this veal chop.  No time and not the weather for any basting and clinching, just old fashioned throw it on the KK, move from warm to hot zone and eat!


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With the wife and kids out of town, decided on a boys bbq/ beers/ movies night.

Knocked out a 15lb brisket, given that I was at work during the day, with no one else home, I had to do it hot and fast from the morning. Cooked at 350F with post oak chunks for a bit over 6 hours, had powered through to 204F by the time I got home, so I wrapped in butcher paper and foil, and rested in the cooler for 4hrs. Bark ended up quite thick, but the brisket was still plenty juicy, and appreciated by the boys. By far the fastest brisket I’ve done, and you know what- it was still very good.






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Well now that whatever cold/flu i had over the holidays is done with I can get back to cooking and eating :)  As always my lady friend loves duck so as soon as i was feeling up to it i made some for her 👍 And cooked up some of the last winter squash from the garden. In my Christmas stocking was a maple bacon spice from Cuisinart that goes really good with the squash. As always I used Yardbird for the duck, I score the fat and season then vac seal and put in the fridge for a day or two before cooking. I flipped one breast over jusr for the pic, they don't need to be flipped when cooking, just keep it fat side down throughout the cook. 









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Feeling a bit rusty with this after 12 months without a KK.
I 6f158a20e7b6045a1d8771daa4402fcc.jpg
It took me a couple of goes to get the KK lit, the crust didn’t rise so I expect my yeast may have deteriorated??
It ended up ok, not great, but ok.
Still, it was enjoyable to potter around lighting the fire and prepping the crust……. And plenty of scope to do improve.

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After 3 weeks of rain decided to make some pizza with my girls this weekend. This time we stuck to the usual NY style pizza crust. They helped me make the dough Friday and then make the pies and toppings today Brushed the crust with olive oil and sprinkled sea salt and garnish powder on the cultist. Turned out great 

Two pepperoni & sausage pizzas and one with bell peppers, black olives and pepperoni 














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Ooooh.  Yummy looking cooks all round.  Making me salivate!  Your daughters look so proud @Troble.  It is great to have this time with them and even better that they are learning to handle dough so early in their lives.  I keep thinking that I should get into the habit of just making and playing with dough every week, just to start to get the feel and confidence that real bakers have.

Football cook this weekend owed a lot to the forum.  Small stack of chicken shawarma and a couple of octopus legs, both marinaded in @Troble's al pastor marinade.  Chicken drumsticks using rack from the KK shopping channel with Yardbird Rub as recommended by, I think, @C6Bill or @tony b.  Smoked with pecan wood chips in @Syzygies smoke pot. Delicious and kept me going through the whole weekend of games.  Fly Eagles Fly!


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Everyone's cooks look delicious. Pizza's, Lamb racks, octopus, I need to get busy. 

Today was cheese smoking day. I had so many requests from my kids, grandkids, in-laws, outlaws, and neighbors. The mailman even hit me up last week for some.

10 lbs of Xsharp, sharp, swiss, jack and pepper jack ready to go .


1.5 hours. Komodo Kold smoke generator worked like a champ.


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