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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Chicken dinner, always a winner. Used the upper rack to get the chicken skin nice and crispy using reflected heat from the dome. 



Crisped up these potato slices while the chicken was resting. New to me recipe from Francis Mallman's Green Fire.  Enjoyed by all. Worked well with chilli sauce and ketchup.




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so after smoking a small brisket point this morning, i proceeded to make ONE burger from scratch off 60-day old brisket trimmings.

i don't have a meat grinder so i hand chopped the meat to minced texture. it wasn't a great eating experience as i don't think hand chopping does a great job breaking down the hard bits and sinew. i told my wife i made just ONE burger to see if eating old pellicle trimming would make me ill. i'm still alive and now she's pissed because i didn't make her one...😂





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Haven’t posted a dinner for awhile, so here goes.

On the veg side: asparagus (lemon, olive oil, salt pepper), butternut pumpkin/squash (olive oil salt pepper), whole eggplant, corn on the cob in the husk

For meats: simple beef sausages for the kids, cevapcicci, pork loin (whole grain mustard, garlic, honey, salt and pepper marinade), lamb fillet (olive oil, salt pepper and rosemary).

KK wide open with a half basket split, mix of direct and indirect zones.







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Mixing magic with what you have. Here's a combo I found, the Habarnero Jam was around a while and gathering dust, a gift from some time ago. You get to a point where you have to use them, so I mixed up a sweet and tangy batch for these chops over the Kamado. It's all science, you know...flavor combination science.



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I was feeling really lazy in this heat today and decided to just let a chicken spin for dinner. I typically just spatchcock but I have to say this chicken was absolutely fantastic. I may be spinning more in the not too distant future 😁




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Lovely looking cooks all.  Veal steaks for lunch.  Indirect most of the way with a quick sear at the end.  One was thicker than the other so I was able to cook them in the same time frame with one rarer than the other.  Turned out really well with home made fries, mayonnaise, peas and hot sauce.  No plated pics, was too busy eating.




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Taco party yesterday. We make too much food, and it all went. This is what was left of carnitas from two kilos of pork butt.

Carnitas is typically a stovetop pork butt braise. However, it just felt wrong not involving the KK and smoke somehow, and one of my guests always want ribs. This could have been the best version I've ever made; I started by smoking 1 1/2" slices for several hours in a cazuela, using apple wood in a one quart smoke pot. The meat was easily trimmed of excess fat at this point, and the cazuela drippings replaced the recipe lard. Proceed as normal from here, stovetop recipe.

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