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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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"Oregon Country" tomahawk ribeye from Town & Country grocery tonight. First steak on my 32" KK and this one was definitely worthy. Fantastic marbling made it super juicy. And a really thick cap.

Coarse kosher salt and garlic seasoned for the dry brine for about 3 hrs. Adds fresh cracked pepper once I brought it out of the fridge to warm up a bit. Did a reverse sear baking it at 300F dome temp (using the half grate on main grilling level) to an internal temp of 120F. Pulled it off and let it rest while vents were opened up wide. Once the coals were ripping seared it on the lower grate for 1.5 min each side (rotating @ 45 sec).

Wife and I agreed that it was right up there with the best I've made. Seasoning, crust, and done-ness were all perfect for our preferences.





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A few pics while wrapping. It is in the cooler now. Party is at 2 PM. It probed like melted butter so i think it will be ok ;) 





EDIT: And the finished product, with bread of course. It was by far the best brisket i have ever cooked and i've cooked some decent ones in the past. This one was so tender and juicy, it wasn't a big party but we ate the entire thing :) 



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