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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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Got some nice shorties and gave them some Grill mates steak rub and a bit of melted butter at the end .it always amazes me how these shrink and rise . They were falling of the bone gotta love how the KK keeps things moist.


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It was stuffed pasta shells night here, stuffed with fresh spinach and ricotta. Added a few more things, mushrooms, olives, German Butter Cheese, aged cheddar, tomatoes and some marinara sauce. Once baked added some chives and parmesan cheese.




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Is it ever a bad day to have sausage with peppers and onions ? I don’t think so lol 

Added in some mushrooms and a friend supplied potato’s from her garden. The sausage are Polish Sausage from Southside Market & BBQ in Elgin TX

i combined everything except the sausage in one of my Detroit Style pizza pans and seasoned with Lemmon pepper and herb&garlic seasoning both from Meat Church. Heated the KK up to 350 with a little post oak. Placed the pan in for an hour on the upper half grate with a drip pan under it on the lowest grate.

once the hour passed I placed the pizza pan on top of the drip tray under the half grate and placed the sausages on the half grate. After 15 minutes I rotated the sausages and left for another 15 minutes. By then I felt the potatoes were done enough to drop the sausages down on the lower grate right over the flames. Gave them a good sear then placed them in the pan with everything else. And for desert some friends gave me some fresh blueberries yesterday so I made Jordan Marsh Blueberry muffins. I haven’t had one of those muffins since I was a kid. And while everything was resting I dropped off half the muffins to the friends who gave me the berries 😁 it was a fun day of cooking !!!


EDIT: forgot to mention adding a little chicken stock to the veggies ;) 




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Looks terrific @C6Bill

ive been away from home for 3 weeks and drank a lot of beer on my trip so wanted some light and “healthy” today 

chicken schwarma with pearled cous cous , Mediterranean salad and fresh tadziki 



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Found out last night that the father in law was coming round for dinner today. Ducked out at 8pm and bought a 2kg pork shoulder and a small cabbage. Home made rub, 8.5hrs at 250 with Apple wood chunks (bit hotter when wrapped to get it sorted), made some coleslaw. Dinner sorted, everyone happy (like always with the KK).





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Did some pork back ribs on the KK, 240F all the way for about 5 hours and ever though there was little shrinkage, these ribs were delicious. Served with fresh from the garden beet greens, the first of the season.





Plated with rice and greens. 




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On 7/17/2022 at 7:46 PM, Troble said:

Hard to believe these are the first pizzas I’ve cooked all year.

You still have the touch. Great looking pizzas!

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