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Everyday Misc Cooking Photos w/ details

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I’ve been doing simple stuff lately, wings and steaks so decided to get back to a nice low and slow cook for the holiday weekend. I took a slab of SRF Black grade plate ribs out of the freezer. Started slow at 235 as we wanted to take a nice long walk on this beautiful spring morning. later in the cook I went to 250. Seven hours naked and two hours wrapped in paper. I really could have left them in an hour longer but IT was 200 and they probed like butter so I pulled them off. Rub was Holy Cow, it’s all I use on beef. So moist and tender, but so rich, can only eat so much. But I added broccoli to the plate so it was a nice healthy dish 😁








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On 5/1/2023 at 6:37 AM, tekobo said:

I bought a whole ex-dairy nanny goat and it arrived beautifully cut and just as I had asked.  Most of it is in the freezer but I had a load of cubed shoulder (bone-in) and cubed leg to turn into curries.  Had fun yesterday cooking four separate recipes.  


all of these look amazing and fun!  thanks for sharing!  

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Been awhile since I’ve made pizza and my two little sous chefs each wanted to make their own pie. KK ran a little hotter than normal and we were a bit out of sync on our timing of  pies so I got the first one a bit crunchy on one side but it all worked out and my 7 year old sliced all the bell peppers herself and did all the toppings so she was pretty proud 

two pepperoni & a bell pepper w/black olives 






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I asked for a rack of ribs from my Italian butcher yesterday.  When he heard they would be going on the BBQ he insisted on cutting them between each rib like this:


I suspect it is because they don't use smokers as much here and expect to have to cook their BBQ ribs a bit more quickly.  Anyway, I followed the Italian theme and marinaded with balsamic vinegar, peperoncino and salt. 

Had to cut the rack in half to fit it on my 16KK and it only took 2.5 hours to cook at about 150C.  A bit too salty and slightly dry so I think I may shred and eat with pasta later in the week. Fun to try but will need to take a different approach next time if I do go for the pre-chopped rack. 




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Had my neighbor and his family over today, asked him what he wanted me to cook he said brisket. So I made brisket again. This time I took a page out of @C6Billbook and used Holy Cow. Turned out great 

Caesar salad, rosemary/garlic/sour cream/Parmesan mashed potatoes & cornbread 






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Pork Rib cook today. The KK was rock solid for 5 hours at 250F.










 I hope these critters are not out tonight. I don't need them up at my KK. There are twins roaming around and a single bear. 







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Forgot about this page and made a post on KK cooks - sorry for the duplication!


Hello all KKrs. It has been a while since I've posted but not for lack of cooking. 

Did my first beef cheeks this weekend for the purposes of a good old barbacoa taco.

Smoked at 260ish for 4 hours with only an S&P rub, leaning heavily on the fresh ground pepper. I made an adobo with guajillo and ancho chilis, onion, garlic, fresh graded cinnamon, dried mexican oregano, salt, and white vinegar, and water. Since I couldn't find wagyu beef cheek and took whatever was available at the store (I assume choice), I added about 1/2 a cup of wagyu tallow to the dutch oven as it started heating alongside the cheeks the last 30 minutes of the cheek smoke. Put the cheeks in the adobo in the KK after 4 hours. I realized 3 hours into the adobo braise I'd forgot to put the lid on the dutch oven so the sauce had cooked down a lot. I added a couple of cups of water, put the lid on, then continued the braise in the KK for another 1.5 hours, 4.5 total. Then shred the meat, scoop off some of the extra fat from the adobo, return meat to broth. Before serving I'd put the meat in a bowl and mash with a spoon to get the liquid to the surface, returning the liquid to the pot and leavingn the meat flatted in the bowl. Finished off with a fresh roasted tomatillo salsa that was fiery from the serano. Canned charro beans from HEB (they're fantastic - just add some S&P while heating).

Smokey, rich with fat, spicy (not hot) from the adobo sauce - it is perfection on a corn tortilla :) 

Lunch is going to kick-ass for the next few days!


Making Barbacoa 2 of 2.jpg

Making Barbacoa 1 of 2.jpg

Barbacoa Tacos .jpg

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On 6/5/2023 at 1:24 PM, tony b said:

Looks like Yogi is searching for a "peek-a-nik" basket! 

As far as I could see it found no food. I sure don't want to encourage these visits, no matter how beautiful they look. :-D

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